10 super foods that energize your trip

The power supply and replenishment play an extremely important role in delivering good performance to those ride a sports bike . But perhaps not everyone knows these superfoods. In the article below, we will introduce to you 10 superfoods with the best energy for your ride.

1. Celery: enhances cardiovascular activity

Celery essence contains a lot of inorganic nitrates, explains Andy Jones the experts in performing nutrition at the University of Exeter explain. In our body, nitrate is converted to nitric oxide (NO) a molecule involved in the regulation of several biological processes.

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Celery can be processed into drinks or stir-fried dishes

For a cyclist, eating a few celery plants about 30 minutes before a race can have positive consequences.With a high concentration of nitrate (250mg / 100g) of beetroot sauce, it will not cause your urine to turn red.

During exercise, the ability to produce NO appears to be related to increased blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles, as well as more efficient muscle contraction. “In combination, these effects can lead to an improvement in performance,” says Jones. During Jones’s study higher nitrate levels were associated with a 5% increase in power output over a 4km test period.

Recommended use:

It is also an important ingredient for a tuna salad with fat-free mayonaise sauces or blended into a drink with beets, carrots, cucumbers, ginger and pineapple juice.

2. Hemp seeds: food is good for muscles

The inhabitants have long awoken the ability of hemp to cycling, providing the iron and magnesium needed for oxygen transport and muscle contractions.

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Hemp seeds are good for transporting magnesium in the blood and for muscle contractions

Because of its origins, some people might avoid these, in a prison where hemp seeds are used as a healthy nutrient, they have an interesting effect on ghost tests. random drugs take place there. Nigel Mitchell, head of nutrition explains at Team Sky and advises CNP Sports Nutrition. But dosage shouldn’t be an issue for amateurs and like so many other nuts.

Spicy hemp may also provide even more protein. A serving of seeds can provide up to 11g of protein. It includes up to 20 amino acids required by the body and the ratio of essential fatty acids. The 3: 1 ratio of omega-6 / omega-3 fatty acids according to a study in 2005, it is believed to be a nutrient source “an ideal blend for the body”

Recommended use:

Mix them into a type of milk or sprinkle them on a salad or add them to a stir fry.

3. Beet cabbage seeds

Gluten free is not really but a dietary choice for those intolerant to the gliadin proteins and glutenin tolerated in wheat, barley as well as rye but for some groups to ride Bikes including Garmin – Sharp, switching to a gluten-free diet during the race season were also made to assist in energy transfer and digestion.

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Amaranth seeds contain more protein than quinoa

Amaranth is not new in the culinary scene, it is a Central and South American dish from the Incas. It contains more protein (16g per 100g) than quinoa and gluten does not mean no gas recovery and faster for drivers who eat it – a point supported by findings in the Journal of Agricultural Chemistry. and Food.

Recommended use:

You can buy sauerkraut seeds mixed with milk or eaten with cereals.


The super-fuel possibilities for America’s favorite dessert are being tapped to the fullest, new-style syrup energy gel bars created by professional cyclists like Ted Kinh. Among its nutritional pluses are a variety of minerals along with electrolytes including sodium that is said to maintain fluid levels in the blood and exercise and potassium helps prevent these. muscle symptoms.

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Use of syrup has the ability to enhance muscle symptoms

One of the 2011 studies at Rhode Island University highlighted the anti-inflammatory properties of syrup on par with those found in berries, teas, red wine and almonds.

It’s a very simple sugar, ”says Mitchell, although the intestines can be digested more slowly.
A 2011 study from the University of Rhode Island highlighted the anti-inflammatory properties of maple syrup – on par with those found in berries, tea, red wine, and flaxseed.

Recommended use:

Stir the mixture with the porridge into an energy meal before the race.

5. Scallops and crabs

Scallop is one of the high quality seafood dishes that anyone wants to enjoy while going to the beach. These are good sources of protein.

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Scallops and crab are foods that contain a lot of protein

“Crab meat is good for lean muscle mass as well as contains minerals and omega-3 fatty acids,” says nutritionist Tim Lawson, founder of Science in Sport. This is considered an excellent source for the omega 3s EPA and DHA chain. They have powerful anti-inflammatory properties while their high protein content speeds up body tissue repair and makes your weight easier to control.

Scallops contain about 15g of protein in 100g while they only contain less than 1g fat.These mollusks are rich in minerals that boost immunity as well as provide copper. Zinc, essential selenium for the body.

Recommended use:

Scallops should be marinated with salt and pepper oil, then put in a hot pan or grilled over charcoal.

6. Legumes

Researchers at the University of Sydney have also compared four pre-race fuels, versus using potatoes, sports drinks or syrups versus using legumes that will make people Cycling at up to 117 minutes of endurance, sports drinks for 108 minutes and potatoes for 97 minutes.

Blood sugar is also completely higher with 20% in people who eat legumes after 90 minutes when compared to sports food groups showing that legumes can actually help you gain gain, too. performance as well as durability.

Nuts are snacks that provide a source of protein and fiber as well as lots of natural minerals that provide resistance to oxidation and provide healthy carbs. They also contain very few calories and minerals, especially iron, which can form hemoglobin in the body – red blood cells that help provide muscle with improved endurance.

Recommended use:

Lentils may work better than a gluten-free substitute while chickpeas can have great anti-inflammatory effects by adding to stews. It will help to quickly increase proten in when you cook it and eat it for breakfast.

7. Coca water

Although the coca cola content contains a certain amount of caffeine, it does not have the same effects as the catalyst that causes acne. It’s seen as a pretty popular drink with a lot of riders by all standards, ”says Mitchell.” It’s a caffeine and sugar blend that can work well at possibly high pH if it’s fizzy and leads to bloating.

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Coca helps increase fitness if in the late stage

The caffeine in coca cola causes the release of hormones, epinephrine and norepinephrine, which help increase blood sugar and muscle spasm.

There is also about 11% of the carbohydrate content in a can, which is slightly higher than the sports drink that the researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine suggest that can provide what you need for ultimate growth. . They measured the results of eight experienced cyclists over two hours and found that drinking a carbonated drink during the last 15 minutes of the ride increased energy on average by 8%.

Recommended use:

Drink directly 1 can in the last 15 minutes and snack.

8. Sports drinks such as chocolate, milk

In chocolate milks there are two of the essentials for great nutritional supplementation, says Mitchekk: their delicious taste can make you want to drink more and of course this is a good source of muscle food. corn and easily digested.

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Chocolate is a delicious drink that many people love while cycling

According to a new study from Indiana University that breaks new ground almost by accident when it highlights the regenerative power of chocolate milk when used against other restorative drinks. Endurance cyclists who drank between various servings of purposeful sports drinks were found to perform better than riders. It’s all an almost magical formula with a 3: 1 carbohydrate: protein ratio with a great taste.

Chocolate milks have the ability to boost as well as replenish glycogen and provide important nutrients like kalu, calcium and vitamin D along with protenin that can be absorbed faster.

Recommended use:

Get the optimal ratio of carbohydrates and proteins in the first two hours after riding – that’s when you have high blood flow to the muscles and greatest muscle glycogen replacement.

9. Coconut oil

You know all instead of getting acquainted with a particular fat, coconut oil. The fats commonly found come from coconut meat.

Lawson says it’s a type of triglycerides that are quickly digested and converted to ketones so that they can form an immediate energy source.

MCT levels have also been shown to decrease blood lactate levels and notice an increased rate of exercise among cyclists as well as increased fat oxidation.

Coconut oil is also an energy food that contains a lot of micronutrients including zinc, vitamin C and electrolytes.

Recommended use:

Grab the coconut pieces on the ride for an instant energy source. Oil can be used for cooking in stir-fries.

10. Curcumin with curry dishes

Most curries are spiced with turmeric. Turmeric has a bright yellow color similar to the taste of earth and mustard smell. Turmeric contains curcumin essences. Those are the things that give you the ability to increase muscle repair. ”Kimberley Taylor, a clinical nutritionist who has worked with cyclists and endurance athletes said,“ It’s an anti-inflammatory and Antioxidants are powerful, as well as good for the liver – all of which are important in muscle recovery after exercise. ”In a series of studies published in the American Journal of Physiology, studies Components on muscle tissue have been rapid – a study by the University of South Carolina found that curcumin reduced muscle inflammation by more than 20% within 24 hours of riding.

Recommended use:

You can eat a teaspoon of honey turmeric powder for breakfast or add turmeric powder in curries that are both delicious and attractive.

Hopefully with the above sharing, you can prepare yourself and provide the necessary energy for your trip to become more efficient.

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