Can You Put 700c Wheels On A 26 Bike? (Solved & Explained!)

A batch bicycle is primarily built to tackle rugged bicycle trails. As a solution, the bicycle ’ s geometry and wheels provide the best ride quality on the cragged crap paths. But can you put 700c wheels on a 26 bicycle when you have to ride your batch motorcycle on the roads ? You can put 700c wheels on mountain bikes designed for 26-inch MTB wheels though you will have a limited tire choice. These bikes offer the smallest clearance, and their fork arches and chainstay bridges can only accept 700c wheels that are not so big. specifically, a 26-inch MTB can accept 700c tires that are about 23-25mm wide. This happens to be the distinctive size mean for road motorcycle tires.

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Can You Put 700c Wheels On A 26 Bike – What’s The Difference?

Before going deep, it is prudent to differentiate between 700c and 26-inch MTB wheels. generally, batch bicycle wheels are smaller, broader, and sturdier than road motorcycle wheels. besides, these wheels are meant to run on low air atmospheric pressure to help with absorbing shocks from the trails. In addition, the moo pressure allows the wheels to get over obstacles with lots of ease.

can you put 700c wheels on a 26 bike - Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels 50mm Clincher Wheelset 700c Racing Bike Wheel unfortunately, these features that make an MTB so effective on the trails are disadvantageous on the road.

inaugural, the motorcycle feels a piece besides slow in acceleration due to the wide tires under low air atmospheric pressure. second, the tires designed for lead wear out fast on the roads and pave surfaces. On the other hand, 700c road motorcycle wheels have a bigger sum diameter, and they are narrower than wheels found on a typical 26-inch mountain bicycle. notably, there are 700c wheels for 29er mountain bikes such as the Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels which are a spot wider than the road bicycle wheels. All the lapp, you can put the wheels on a 26 bicycle indeed long as they are not besides bad for your frame. so, 700c road tires happen to be streamlined and bigger in diameter. In summation, they have better acceleration on the macadamize, and since these tires are meant for asphalt, they are slower in wearing out .

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Can You Put 700c Tires On 26 Inch Rims?

Anything that would make the transition 700c wheels cheaper could come as a bang-up relief. actually, it isn ’ metric ton wrong to imagine whether you can put 700c tires on 26-inch rims. can you put 700c wheels on a 26 bike - Vuelta ZeroLite Road Comp Wheel Set, 700c well, the two are not compatible, and therefore, you can ’ t use a 700c run down on a 26-inch brim. by and large, the 26-inch tires will have a width of 1.75 ” -2.2 ”. however, it is possible to find 26-inch tires that are 1 ” up to 1.5 ” wide-eyed. Most importantly, a standard 26 ” run down has a BSD of 559mm. In summation, the out diameter of a 26-inch bicycle is approximately 670mm, which is 26.2 inches, frankincense the name. On the other pass, the 700c tires happen to be a bit bigger in diameter. actually, the wheels have an outside diameter of 700mm and a BSD of about 630mm on median. basically, a 700c run down ’ south BSD ( which is the most important determinant when installing a tire on a flange ) is 71mm wide than a 26 ” rim. As a result, you can ’ thyroxine use a 700c tire on a26 column inch rim. If you want to replace 26-inch tires on your motorcycle with 700c, you need to get fresh rims such as the Vuelta ZeroLite Road Comp Wheel Set,  to fit the newfangled tires. These rims have sealed bear hub and aero stainless steel steel spokes .

26-Inch To 700c Wheel Conversion – What It Entails

Converting a 26 ” bicycle to a 700c steering wheel sounds much easier than it actually is. actually, it entails more than getting a new rim and a new bore. The work will affect other systems on the bicycle, and consequently, you will besides need to work on them .

Different Rear Hub O.L.D

broadly, most mountain and road bikes use front hubs with 100mm over-locknut dimension, which is the exterior distance between the hub ’ second locknuts. can you put 700c wheels on a 26 bike - KOOZER XM490 HA02N/HA04N Bicycle Hub Disc 32H Front&Rear MTB 9x100MM 10x135MM On the other handwriting, the back hub for these bikes are different. On average, road bikes that use caliper brakes have an O.L.D. of 130mm, while mountain bikes have an O.L.D. of 135mm. notably, newer road bikes wheels that use disk brakes have an O.L.D. of 135mm.

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therefore, a distinctive 700c wheel ’ s rear hub will be 5mm narrower than the chainstays of a 26 ” motorcycle. For more aboveboard conversion, you can use the hacks we discussed in the article “ Can I put 700c wheels on a mountain bike? ” alternatively, get a rear hub such as the KOOZER Bicycle Hub that has an O.L.D. of 135mm. it is made of aluminum alloys and has sealed bearings .

Rim Brakes Needs Modificationcan you put 700c wheels on a 26 bike - BOX COMPONENTS Two brake post extender black, M10 x 1.25

notably, as we had discussed early, a 700c roulette wheel will have a wider diameter than that of a 26 ” motorcycle. therefore, if your 26 ” bicycle uses rim brakes, the default braking arrangement will become useless. specifically, if you put 700c wheels on a 26 motorcycle, the rim ’ south braking airfoil will go above the brake pads by over 1-inch. therefore, you will need v-brake foreman extenders such as the BOX COMPONENTS brake post extenders that will provide newfangled mounting positions above the original holes. All the lapp, disk brakes make the conversion to the 700c bicycle much easier. consequently, therefore long as the fresh wheelset has rotors compatible with the calipers you have, the serve shouldn ’ thymine make you break a sweat .

Limitations Of Putting 700c Wheels On A 26 Bike

It could be too costly

If your 26 ” bicycle uses rim brakes, then the conversion procedure to 700c could get overwhelmingly expensive. This is because you have to buy raw rims, new tires, inner tubes, and v- brake extenders. besides, if the rear hub ’ O.L.Ds. don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate match, you will have to invest in a new hub or excess department of labor to adjust the skeleton and the drive aim. consequently, the conversion may not make much fiscal smell

Limited Tire Options

Remember, the 26 ” wheel is shorter in diameter than the 700c. therefore, 26 ” bikes, specially the MTBs, have the smallest wheel clearance. In that event, installing across-the-board wheels on a inning designed for smaller wheels can be challenging. chiefly, the forks ’ arch and the chainstays ’ bridge are the most confining areas. A distinctive 26 ” MTB wheel has an average outer circumference of 2048.4mm. On the other pass, a 700c×25 wheel has a circumference of This is more than what is recommended for a 26 ” bicycle frame. table 1 : 26 ” tire sizes

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Tire Size Circumference in M Circumference in mm
26″ x 1.25″ 1.95 1950
26″ x 1.40″ 2.005 2005
26″ x 1.50″ 2.01 2010
26″ x 1.75″ 2.023 2023
26″ x 1.95″ 2.05 2050
26″ x 2.00″ 2.055 2055
26″ x 2.1″ 2.068 2068
26″ x 2.125″ 2.07 2070
26″ x 2.35″ 2.083 2083
26″ x 3.00″ 2.17 2170

table 2 : 700c run down sizes

Tire Size Circumference in M Circumference in mm
700 x 19C 2.08 2080
700 x 20C 2.086 2086
700 x 23C 2.096 2096
700 x 25C 2.105 2105
700 x 28C 2.136 2136
700 x 30C 2.146 2146
700 x 32C 2.155 2155
700 x 35C 2.168 2168
700 x 38C 2.18 2180
700 x 40C 2.2 2200

From the tables above, it is clear that converting a 26 ” to 700c will leave you with fewer tire options .

Higher Chances Of Toe Overlap

Since the 700c wheel is wider than the 26 ” tire, you will likely knock your toes on the front wheel during tight turns. chiefly, this will affect bikes with humble frames, such as mountain bikes. unfortunately, toe overlaps may be catastrophic, specially when riding declivitous. In that case, you need to choose your wheels keenly and take prison term to get used to the big wheels .

Final Take

In conclusion, when riding a bicycle, you ride on the inning but bun on the wheels. sol, can you put 700c wheels on a 26 bicycle without adversely affecting your ride ’ sulfur quality ?


Yes, you can install 700c wheels, but if your bicycle uses rim brakes, you will have to modify the brake organization. besides, you will need to use washers for hub with O.L.D of less than 135mm or get a new hub wholly. All the like, changing to 700c wheels will leave you with fewer tire options for your bicycle. All the same, the conversion is a possible hack .

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