3 factors to keep in mind when choosing a bicycle saddle

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For sports bicycles, a suitable frame will give you more comfort while riding, but besides that the saddle is also the second most important part when choosing a bike you should pay attention to. Italy. So how to choose the saddle to be most comfortable? Pay attention to 3 important factors when choosing sports bike saddle below!

1.Size is suitable

The comfort of a sports bike saddle should first be taken into account, and the size of the saddle should be exactly the same as the size of your body (i.e. the size of the buttocks and pelvis).

For men, the saddle of a sports bike is narrower and for women the saddle is usually made wider because the women’s pelvis is larger than the men’s, so a wider saddle is needed for avoid pain and numbness during the ride. If you are a man you can also completely choose female saddles to sit more comfortably.

3 factors to keep in mind when choosing a bicycle saddle
3 factors to keep in mind when choosing a bicycle saddle

In many cases seat width is also considered and optional:

-In the case of racing cars are often designed with small saddle parts to reduce the contact area and avoid good winds. Helps you narrow the thighs, creating positive dynamics to help create force and good speed.

For relaxation purposes, you should not choose a too narrow saddle, but choose a spacious and comfortable surface with a soft leather padded surface with felt to reduce pain and feeling of buttocks.

– For mountain bicycles, you should choose a saddle that has a moderate surface, so it is not too narrow, it will be disadvantageous when traveling on a flat road is too wide, it will be difficult to create momentum.

2.Your height

A comfortable sitting posture in which it is indispensable to adjust the height of the saddle accordingly. The position of the saddle has a great impact on the distance you sit from the saddle position to the handlebars, making this distance most comfortable.

Depending on the height of each person is different, there are tall people with short people who need to sit and adjust the most suitable position to avoid situations such as the saddle is too low, causing the seated person to hunchback, back fatigue. If the saddle is too high, it will cause the occupants to be too high to reach or pedal with, in many cases, they cannot handle the steering wheel in time, leading to an accident ..

3 factors to keep in mind when choosing bicycle saddle-2
Seat height adjustment

But one thing is that for different terrains, different riding purposes, adjusting saddle height doesn’t seem to be the whole thing. That’s why you need to choose and customize it more appropriately.

When you first buy a bike, perhaps the comfort will make it easier for you to adjust. So how to know if the height of the saddle is suitable for the body or not? We give you the method as follows:

First, sit on the saddle so that the heel rest entirely on the pedal in the lowest position

-Sitting upright so that your toes must touch the ground at this time

-Depending on your cycling purpose in what conditions you can adjust your posture accordingly. For example, in some specific cases, if you are racing at a high speed, your posture should sit with your back slightly bent and forward. If you go for a walk, you should sit in a straight-back position. If it is for racing, the posture is slightly hunched over and the arms are closed to create an aerodynamic position.

Because the very important posture of the saddle has a great effect on health, especially on the joints and ribs. Therefore, you need to choose the right one, you should not be too high to make walking posture uncomfortable and lose more energy.

3.Yes bsaddle adjustment parts

The saddle is a very important part, so should you pay more attention to whether the vehicle has a saddle adjuster or not? If not, you should avoid buying those cars. A saddle equipped with a saddle adjuster will make it easy to customize and achieve the desired position. Instead of trying to squeeze on a bike with an unsatisfactory saddle height, you lose too much effort when you pedal, resulting in poor performance. Or go mountain climbing.

3 factors to keep in mind when choosing bicycle saddle-3
The narrow saddle is only suitable for racing bikes

The multi-part adjustment unit includes lever and easy screw position. For those with no mechanical knowledge, the easier the parts are to adjust, the better you can be.

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