5 reasons why road bikes should use disc brakes

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Disc brakes have been used quite a bit on sports bikes but on Bicycle racing it remains a controversial point among riders. Although disc brakes are becoming more and more familiar, providing bike endurance and can give us better control, resistance on many roads remains strong. In fact, the debate about disc brakes is getting fiercer more and more and it is certainly a concern for all riders. In the article below we will give 5 reasons why road bike should use disc brakes so you can better equip your disc brake.

1. Ensure your safety in an accident

Accidents are inevitable and unfortunate injuries will happen to you but the use of the disc brake does not think it will make you worse. Take a look at mountain bikes and even motorbikes and you can see that fortunately direct injuries that can be related to brake discs are very rare and very rare due to handling efficiency on disc brakes. very high.

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Road bicycles use bicycle brakes

Many hands road bike racing can be of concern and concern for burns, and that is true with disc brakes. Because basically when the disc brake rotates, the brake pads to the disc and the rotor can seriously heat up. But I think manufacturers will come up with the best improvements, to be able to easily make better-protected rotors prevent surrounding injuries. But also don’t forget the superior brake control provided by the discs so that it is easy to crash in the first place.

2. You can still change a car brake quickly

This is especially for riders on flat terrain Concerns like this disc brake can slow down the wheel change, brake and slow your race down. full or not.

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It’s not entirely difficult to replace disc brakes on wheels

Don’t worry too much about that, although there are no definable standards for road bike axes, many have been designed to keep the wheel as variable as possible. possible. Position a disc in a chuck and do it quickly, actually making changes easier.

Of course, the way to deal with this is very gentle and not as difficult as patching a hole in a bicycle tube.

3. The technology isn’t really new

You might be surprised that the disc brake is patented as an invention. The answer is 1902 and you know what that means, it’s been around for quite some time and probably thrived since the Victorian era.

Only mountain bikes have successfully used brake discs for more than 20 years, and that doesn’t change anytime. Although the components are not the same, it has improved performance and is greatly enhanced. It is not re-inventing.

4. They perform better in bad weather

As for rim brakes, it can perform quite poorly in bad weather when slippery roads cling to the rim and brake pads causing the brakes to become slippery and the braking performance is reduced, the brakes do not eat at the exact stop As for disc brakes, since the wheel center is not in contact with the rim, they are always cleaner and able to retain better performance.

The rotor surface usually contains exit holes so that dirt can be released without affecting the brake edge performance. But with rim plates alone is not entirely true. All of this for added reliability, so remember not to touch the rotor edges as they can sweat your hands and reduce performance. .

5. They will only get better performance

Even the most developed road bike discs available today are only in their second or third iteration. I was fully hoping the road bike disc became lighter. more powerful and more aerodynamic and generally better.

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Race bike Shimano 105 disc brakes

It is important that high-end products such as the Shimano 105 disc introduce the hydraulic disc brake for road bikes to become lighter, stronger and more aerodynamic and will generally be good for the future.

Like every Shimano hydraulic brake, they will use Shimano mineral oil and work with the piping filter option. The current RT81-SS 140mm rotors are the right rotor for the new brake. These technologies use ICE heat management technology, which weaves an alloy core between the steel brake surfaces.

If you are a new roadier then you should consider and use the right brakes for your racing bike. Please consult the advice from experienced cyclists to be able to make the right decision!

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