5 simple steps to stay comfortable in your bike saddle

5 simple steps to stay comfortable in your bike saddle

What is the key factor in maintaining the rider’s comfortability? It’s the saddle, if you can set the saddle position correctly. Low setting is not too difficult, you can immediately find the difference on position after setting up. As with anything try it and run the tests to find these. What can you do for your car.

1. Choose the right saddle

This is of primary importance to having comfort on itself. This means that with hundreds of choices, you have to choose how to find the best starting point when starting a trip is to choose the right saddle.

With different types of bicycles such as mountain bicycles, road bikes, recreational bikes will also have different designs to match and increase their performance for increased power. rider on different types of terrain.

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Different types of bicycle saddle with different design

Once you know what you need you can completely consider choosing your saddle size like width for your buttocks. Because the top of the pelvis has a direct impact on the saddle and is under great pressure. Especially for women whose pelvis is usually larger, the selection will be different than for men.

At many stores they have a fairly simple device that can measure the width of your bones, it can be designed in the form of the gel or sponge you sit on, then shows the area where there is. Great pressure relative to the position of your bones. That will give you a measurement you can use to choose the right seat size and give you more comfort.

2. Set the saddle position to correct

Once you have selected the correct saddle the next thing you need to do right now is to set the correct saddle position. This also makes a significant difference in handling comfort.

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Setting the correct saddle position will give you a good driving position

One of the main factors caught here is bicycle saddle height , inclination as well as front and back position. A saddle too high will cause the rider to tilt his hips from side to side when pedaling. For those too low, of course, it causes discomfort in the knee that causes them to not stretch and this is considered one of the possible causes of high risk of arthritis more.

During a ride, if you feel discomfort or pain in another part of the body, it is the cause with regard to the car’s fit. A bike with good quality can also happen when the seating position is not right. Therefore, you need to have more precise settings to be able to bring real effect when using the vehicle.

3. Choose the right underwear

Padded shorts are also available in different types and at different prices. Strap-on bibs are popular with long-distance cyclists or you can also wear plain shorts with thinner inner underpants. It is one of the key components that provide a protective barrier as well as absorb impacts between your sensitive areas and the saddle system.

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Choose the right overalls to protect your skin from rubbing against the saddle

If you cycle a lot, choose expensive shorts that provide extra cushioning and support, such as materials for better comfort and quality to keep them at a higher price. both.

Depending on your bike preference, you can get designer pants with different thicknesses. In particular, the pads are designed to lie deeper capable of giving you an upright position found on mountain bikes, city bicycles, etc.

4. Use gels, lubricating glue

This is a cream designed specifically for the skin so that it can be lubricated while riding. Cycling is a repetitive movement of the legs with the ability to rub inside the groin and saddle area.

The cream can ensure that the skin of your feet as well as your genitals can move smoothly through each other and that the fabric of the paint does not stick or rub. That’s especially worth using if you are planning on riding for longer distances.

In the essence of this cream, there is often a combination of antibacterial essences such as oil plants or silver. This helps to prevent bacteria from building up and possibly leading to ulcers on the saddle.There are many different types available and one of them has a fragrance, some of which have added coolants that help. for the best ride comfort and performance.

You can use the cream by applying it directly to the skin of the thighs or a combination of the two. You should see efficiency in the first few kilometers.

5. Keep everything clean

You may hate everything that interrupts and disrupts the comfort of your trip. Indeed, it is extremely warm and humid and it is possible that there are bacteria there to seek opportunities to multiply and thrive. Discomfort like a urinary tract infection also has chances of causing pain and discomfort.

Another cause is an infection of a hair follicle, so keep everything clean and minimize the likelihood of an infection.Wash out as soon as possible after your trip, you should also avoid wearing them. second shorts without washing them, even if you are only going out for a short distance as they will likely contain germs.

Although these are not problems caused by the saddle as it does not come into direct contact with your skin unless you ride the bike in a naked position, you should also keep it cleaner and free of dust. Poor sitting in the mud won’t do anything in favor of your comfort level.

6. What if you still have pain?

If you’ve just played a bike then unfortunately even all of the above steps the first few times you ride, you’ll experience a bit of discomfort until your body gets used to sitting. the other way. If your pain or discomfort persists after the first time, then there will be larger problems going on. You may also need to consider changing the settings on your saddle or trying a new one or going with a more suitable bike. Alternatively, you can get advice from experienced cyclists.

There are also plenty of innovative and unusual saddles on the market that might be worth considering if the regular saddle you’ve tried not to help.

Overall your cycling will be a pleasant experience with more comfort if you don’t experience pain or numbness, both will indicate whether your setup is comfortable or not. ever suffer in silence.

Above will be extremely useful shares, if you are new playing sports bike It is best to have prior references to prepare your trip.

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