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Nuts and bolts on your bicycle should constantly be tightened to the manufacturer ‘s specifications. Most bikes these days come with ’ 21 speeds ’. however, this doesn ’ thyroxine mean you have 21 available gears. actually, on a 21 rush system it ’ randomness closer to 13. A lot of people get confused by all of the gear combinations available. I myself didn ’ triiodothyronine understand it when I beginning started using a multi-speed bicycle, so today we ’ ll learn how to use your gears most effectively .
It ’ randomness very authoritative not to shift under blackmail, as this will cause switch problems and damage your drivetrain. If you ’ re going uphill and you need a lower gear, keep bicycle, but ease murder and pedal thinly while you shift .
Most systems have three gears on the front, which are controlled by your leave gearshift. The buttocks gearing cluster normally has 7 gears, with some systems having 8 or 9. not to worry, the concepts hera are the like.

Reading: How to Shift Your Gears (with Video) | BikeRide

For most everday ride, you ’ ll want to keep your chain on the center band on the front, or number 2 on your entrust sceneshifter. This allows you to use the full roll of rear gears. Number 1 on your right gearshift is the easiest gearing for climbing hills, as it puts your chain on the largest rear cog. Number 7 on your correct sceneshifter is the hardest gear for going truly flying, and it puts your chain on the smallest raise cog .
I find it helps to think of numbers 1 and 3 on your leave sceneshifter as options for extreme circumstances .
If you ’ re climbing a very tough hill and your forget 2 and right 1 combination aren ’ thymine easy enough, you can shift your front derailleur to number 1 which drops the chain down to the smallest front chainring. While you ’ re in the smallest front gear you can shift the rear gears between 1 and 3 for a finer range adaptation, but you should always shift the front back to 2, or the center chainring before using gears 4-7 on the rear.

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If you ’ re going in truth fast and need a harder gear, and your left field 2 and right 7 combination international relations and security network ’ thymine fast adequate, you can shift your front derailleur to act 3 which pulls the chain up to the largest front chainring. While you ’ re in the largest front chainring you can shift the rear gears between 5 and 7 for a fine crop adjustment, but constantly shift the presence second to 2, or the middle chainring before using gears 1-4 on the rear .
never use the full moon range of buttocks gears when you ’ re in either the small or big front sprockets ( phone number 1 or 3 on the front sceneshifter ). This causes excessively capital an lean in your chain line, which can cause noise and shifting problems .

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