7 tips for maintenance of MTB bikes after off road

7 mẹo bảo trì xe đạp MTB sau off road-3

You have spent a lot of money investing in your mountain bike, after each trip you have the excitement and joy that the bike brings. Maintenance work Mountain bike Regularly helps your primary protection last longer. How to maintain the simplest and most cost effective way. It’s easy to maintain your bike, let’s get to work with Bike World maintenance for MTB bike of you!

1. Clean your bike

If your bike wants to have a long life, the first thing is probably always clean.

-What must you do?

Use clean water and specialized detergents to wash away dirt and grease on frames, chains of belts, belts … No need for jet jets but only pressure hoses. drips or buckets of water to wet the parts and wash away the mud.

Do not use soaps and harsh cleaning agents as they can discolor paint and abrasive parts. Use the special cleaning tools to remove dirt and dirt, then Clean thoroughly to dry, add a little oil to parts such as chains and racks to make them work more smoothly.

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2. Check your brake

7 Tips for Off-Road MTB Bike Maintenance-1
Bicycle maintenance is usually done regularly before and after off-road trips to get the best performance possible

Bike braking is an essential part of any bike, but for mountain bikes it is a very important part. Because when traveling on technical terrain, brakes play a big role in the performance of difficult techniques. Make sure they can perform perfect angles and controllable costheer to avoid serious injuries.

Keep the brakes running smoothly and check before and after each off-road trip.

-What must you do?

Immediately check whether the brake pads, metal surfaces as well as the rubber surface of the brake pads are really close to the disc or wheel rim. Usually they wear out and emit squeaks over time that need to be replaced. Use a flashlight to check whether the gaskets are even or not and if there is excessive wear replace them immediately.

3. See your wheel

7 Tips for Off-Road MTB Bike Maintenance-1
Check the wheel and rim-related faults

A good wheel will provide stability as well as smoothness while you ride. When the wheel unit is adjusted properly and correctly (do not shake or rub the brake). If it is rubbed, it could be caused by a dirty wheel or by dirt between the tire and the bumper.

-What must you do?

Raise the bike and turn the wheels, watch the wheel movement smoothly, if they move in a straight line, it’s okay. If the wheel is reversed, you should re-weigh the rim or turn the center wheel with a wrench.

Check the rim if the rim is bent or there are cracks, so replace the rim immediately to avoid causing damage to the spokes, tubes and tires.

4.Check the steering system

7 Tips for Off-Road MTB Bike Maintenance-3
The steering system is a very important component because it is closely related to the movement of the vehicle

The powertrain of a bike consists of pedals, chains, disc thighs, front and rear derailleur. This steering system is important because it passes the movement from the foot to the rear wheel, allowing the car to move. Therefore, it is advisable to perform maintenance on the steering system on a regular basis to make them operate more smoothly.

-What must you do?

You can do this by hanging the bike up, lifting the rear wheel and spinning, releasing the chain back to the smallest disc and smallest sprocket. Carry out the chain transfer through all the spindles from small to large a few times if you detect a noise or the chain is being rubbed on the inside of the axillary then continue aligning the MTB pedal. Chain parts are very important, in addition to cleaning and maintaining the chain then after a period of time the chain is usually replaced after traveling 2000- 3000 miles. It is necessary to determine the elongation as well as the wear of the chain, instead, to avoid damage to other parts.

5. Check both tires

The tires of a mountain bike are specially designed to allow your bike to travel on a variety of unwanted surfaces such as mud, slippery rocks, trails, stairs, and cliffs. They have quite good elasticity to the terrain and allow you to move more comfortably on the trip.

– What must you do?

The first thing is to check your tire pressure. See ideal pressure differently according to the terrain you are riding. As a general rule ideal pressures are typically 30-45 psi. Lowering the psi will provide more traction (clamp) over engineering terrain (ledge, sand and gravel), but more prone to punctures. Air will naturally come out of your tires, so be sure to invest in a good car pump equipped with a tire pressure gauge and check regularly. Second, check your tire for cracks especially along the tire rim (where the tire does not hit the ground) Check if the tire is too worn, replace it easy to puncture, sometimes losing control and quickly puts you in potentially dangerous situations.

6.Check the cable

7 Tips for Off-Road MTB Bike Maintenance-4
Make sure your car has a better experience with regular maintenance

The cable is usually made of metal wire that is tightly wound with a band and inserted into a plastic case. The cables connect the levers and the steering wheel brakes to the brake lever and brake pads. They connect diverters that assist in moving from the wheel to the other and assist in stopping when the brake is pressed.

-What must you do?

Immediately check the cable and the surrounding rubber sheath for cracks, rust and dirt. Add brake fluid to increase vehicle smoothness and performance. If the brakes are not optimal, replace your cables, or change the brake fluid. If you don’t have the best mechanical knowledge, take it out to your local bike repair shop. Usually cables are replaced after 2-5 years based on frequency of use. If the network is cycling year round, consider replacing the cable and oil annually.

7.Add lubricant

Chain lubricants help the moving components to operate more smoothly and flexibly. Reduces dust build-up and enables you to increase the efficiency of moving parts.

-What must you do?

Use specialized, evenly small, line lubricant while slowly turning the pedal in an anti-clockwise direction. Remember to wipe off excess oil with a clean, dry cloth, especially on the line. A properly lubricated bike makes maneuvering and braking slippery, thereby increasing motion efficiency. You can repair the rust on the chains by using specialized cleaning agents, then lubricating them.

Please often mountain bike maintenance for them to work best. If you have any doubts about using a bike starter kit you can consult these Technical advice for mountain bicycles of experts and experienced people to be able to maintain their bike better!

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