9 indirect ways to make you destroy your bike

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For your bike to run smoother and more flexible, you should take the time to care and maintain it more thoroughly. But it’s possible that what you’re doing could indirectly cause these parts to significantly shorten their lifespan. From destroying racks to helmets. And right away here will be 9 things that you should avoid as well as instructions on how to fix them so that your ride can work better.

1. Ignore any noise

When you ride your bike there will be many times or sometimes you will hear the persistent noises or squeals emanating incessantly, sometimes the more you pedal, the more uncomfortable and now it is the cause. Potential multiplication for larger problems. Or even the creak you can’t keep track of is whatever comes off when the bolts are loose and make the parts become loose.

What should you do now? You can use a number of inferences as well as diagnoses for what you hear. Does it happen all the time when you pedal. It can come from the front or rear of the vehicle. These questions will help you narrow down what the strange sounds can create. The type of sound can also be helpful so that you can discern which part they failed. It could also be the sound of bolts rubbing against the vehicle part. Even if you are fixing it, get a mechanic to help you get it fixed faster.

2.Let your bike in the rain

9 indirect ways to destroy your bike -1
The impact of rain water causes the bike frame to rust faster

Rust is likely to happen when you leave your bike in the rain, which is faster on steel frames. Scratched frames or if left on for too long could indirectly damage them. Carbon-frame bikes won’t rust, but they corrode and can affect virtually all metal to some degree. Especially steel parts like your chain and sprocket. Another rust-causing mixture for frames is moisture and acidity. So if you live in an area with snow, use sugar salt and magnesium chloride, and anticorrosive salt water to clean the frame.

When you return for a ride in the rain, put your car in a dry place. If your bike doesn’t have drainage holes in the bottom chassis. Pull on the seat belt and turn the car upside down to allow water to drain out of the chassis. This is done as soon as possible, wash the car with a series of mild detergents that should not be washed with soap because they have quite a strong chemical impact that causes the paint to wear out and peel off. Use chain chain lubricants and important components such as derailleur, pedal springs.

In the end go buy a fender if your car doesn’t fit the front brakes versions without tools will mount like SKS’s RaceBlade setup will be mounted for a few seconds and help keep the worst road. while running.

3.Run a dirty drive system

How long has it been since you cleaned your bike. Maybe a month or more since the last time. Place your bike upright and look near the wheels where the rear starter is sure to have a lot of dirt on them. At first they are smooth and fluffy on the chain and sprocket, but after drying they become trapped in the links and layers and render the conversion ineffective with friction that causes the transfer of threads to fail. exactly.

9 indirect ways to destroy your bike -2
Dirty drive system results in poor conversion efficiency

It is advisable to clean your bike using the leash gauge so you can check the leash condition if they have stretched too much so start replacing it. The powertrain should be scrubbed clean while washing the bike. With a small flat blade screwdriver is ideal for lifting the chimney off the pulley wheel. Rinse the drive thoroughly by running the chain through an old rag or cloth until it doesn’t leave any black marks, using a special chain cleaning solvent to completely remove the oil. fat. Allow the transmission to dry completely, even overnight, before lubricating the chain.

Examine the teeth of your disc thigh and shaft. If you find spots similar to shark fins you should replace them. Use specialized lubricating oil to lubricate the sprocket and chain. It is recommended to drip slowly to lubricate the roller bond. When you’re done, turn the pedal back to allow oil to get into the links. Use a soft paper or soft cloth to dry until your chain becomes cleaner.

4. Remove your stand

The rack is designed to be attached to the vehicle so you can load more items. In fact, it is more popular for touring vehicles.

Performing checks on your rack for signs of corrosion such as foaming at the end of powder coating also means these metals are likely to be worn from the inside. Keep them clean, along with a quick rinse with soap solution you will be able to spot potential problems. Check the hardware inside for signs of rust on car repair bolts, on racks, check spindle, fixing bolts, welds. Perform grease on the bolt and shaft. Finally take the rack out of the car if you use it, you will save more wear and tear. The newer designs use lighter materials to remove 10-15 pounds without sacrificing stability they are easier to install and control.

5. Wrong tool used

9 indirect ways to destroy your bike -3
Misuse of the tool may cause the parts to fail

Nothing turns a simple fix into chaos like you misuse the tool. Using the after the tool can damage the screws and components on your bike. You should use the right tools and don’t need much to get started, A quality wrench usually measures 2-10mm in size. Torx-head Y-3 wrench (T10, T20 and T25 include most bolts), some tire levers, a box of versatile tools, and a good floor pump will cover 75% work you need or want to do on your own bike and costs around $ 100- $ 125. You will want a good chain. A job position is quite important, but you can work without a tool if you are careful.

In addition, for parts such as chains and sprockets you need the sprocket and torque wrench toolkit you need advice. Take a look at for better maintenance. If you go too far do not hesitate to go to a bicycle repair shop to get professional help from the repairmen.

6.Do not wash the clothes for the ride

This may describe the travel habits of some people, take off your sweaty riding suit and throw it in the laundry basket so you can dry it right away. If you don’t wash, bacteria are more likely to thrive in warm and humid environments. The smell and mold make washing and removing more difficult. Almost fabrics for the manufacture of clothing are good and standard materials. They make washing easier.

Keep your clothes in the laundry bag sets so that they won’t curl in around when turned. Completely clean the detergent, do not use the iron that is too hot as this could be because the heat could cause them to shrink. They are often designed to save the fragrance on clothes. These residues can cause problems with moisture absorption and heat transfer in technical apparel.

7.Do not read instructions

9 indirect ways to destroy your bike -4
Using the guide makes the assembly and repair process more correct

A little knowledge can sometimes be dangerous if you miss it. If you work on your own bike, you might think you know exactly how to maintain and repair it, but when component manufacturers come out with new versions. Install and perform any modifiable maintenance.

The manuals give you an idea of ​​recommended maintenance schedules and what to avoid. Check out the manufacturer’s websites or manually on Google the names of bicycle components and parts. Components such as the body, clamp bar as well as the seat post are printed on a board. Your adventures can seem like crushing kinds or venturing out to crush expensive carbon frames. You should carefully read the detailed maintenance instructions. Some big companies like SRAM do this very well as they post step-by-step videos about specific products.

8. Ignore your brake

Some customers carry bicycles as they may make noise when braking. The disc brake pads are completely worn with metal brake pads that can crush the rotor discs. Those are pretty extreme examples when we often ignore braking.

Rim brakes can be fitted with efficient aluminum-lined pieces, but they can form grooves on the rim over time and shorten the life of the rim. The rim and disc brakes need to be replaced when worn.

Always keep an eye on the gasket and keep the brake surface clean. For rim brakes, clean with a rag so that dirt can be removed. For disc brakes you can use a special cleaning solution to clean.

For disc brakes, check the wear of the gasket by removing it from the brake pads or lighting only. Please clean the rotor with alcohol so that the buckles of the bolts can be checked.

9. Problems from your helmet

Not leaving your helmet in sunny places such as a bicycle seat may be indirectly reducing the safety of your helmet. Because the ultraviolet light can completely impair the protective shell’s ability. Your bike’s body can also overheat and deform the foam lining in the hat. Extremely cold can lead to reduced performance in accident situations, so do not leave helmets out in the cold.

To remove dirt, dirt and white stains on gaskets and straps, wash your helmet with warm water and soap, never using solvents or other chemicals.

Above will be what you need to avoid, be sure to know how to preserve the car better. Above is what we hope to be useful to you.

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