A beginner’s guide to different types of bicycles

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If you are new to cycling, there will be confusion with the vehicles. To help you see the difference between street racers, sports bikes, adventure bikes and more … We’ll provide you with useful information you will be able to grasp. and know what I will choose what is appropriate, if you are wondering what to buy, you can also know what is best for you.

1.Car racing (Roadbike)

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Slender, very light frames these are race cars often used in many racing events. They are supplied with drop handle, tires are usually thin, narrow with widths of about 23mm to 25mm.

Of the road bike racing High-end especially professional racing bikes, whose frames are made from carbon fiber composite to reduce weight. The frame can also be made in the form of titanium, aluminum and steel, and each has its own characteristics that add to the feel of the frame.

Road wheel commonly used size 700C this is a name coming from a French system. What you need to know is an almost universal size for an adult road wheel.

The brake on road bicycles is more common, and disc brakes are not commonly used in racing bikes. Aerodynamic priorities are often taken seriously and are today increasingly designed to best enhance and improve performance.

2. Sports bicycle

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Sportive bikes

A sports bike is a fairly light version of a track bike that enhances comfort for riders engaged in a challenging event. Sports bikes typically have a more upright riding position, achieved with longer head piles and shorter ducts.

These are still street bicycles but they have wider tires than race cars and can hold more comfortably. Because they are not for racing, sports bikes have wider tires than race cars for better balance when riding in wet conditions. Disc brakes fitted to them help control all weather conditions. Also has features for absorbing vibrations. Sports bicycles tend to be lower than racing bicycles to enhance rider comfort.

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Instead of using the 53/39 disc like a racing bike, you’ll often find a compact 50/34 machine, and bigger gears at the back. You can also see the full range of bike frame materials. sport from custom steel to titanium and lightweight carbon fiber or aluminum. Aside from the riding position, the details discussed above sport bikes that share many of the same characteristics with a road bike such as 700C wheels, tires, saddle and drop-down steering wheel.

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3.Touring bike

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Touring bikes

Touring bike, also known as touring bike, is often used in long trips. It is equipped with a rack system and a support frame for carrying luggage. Tires of the car usually reach 32mm, increasing the width to help with a large load.

The chassis is long and strong, not as slender as the Roadbike line of bikes. The brake system used on the car is the disc brake, which improves the braking performance better. The duct is shorter while the head tube is longer and provides a vertical riding position.

Steel is the material used in the manufacture of touring frames but also aluminum frames are used. You can take long trips, instead these cars help you to experience better health and sturdiness than the aluminum frame.

4. Cyclo-cross

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Cyclo-cross bikes

Cyclo-crosses are more commonly used for racing, they are slightly taller than racing bikes and have plenty of space around the tires. They come equipped with discs with a 46/36 ratio for fast, hassle-free transfers.Some riders always use a single disc, and that’s becoming more and more popular as 1x technology has passed. mountain bikes.

The ability to run at very low pressures with less chance of flattening is still common for cycle -cross, although off-road bikes. Steel and titanium are still used occasionally on cyclo-cross bikes but the need to keep the bike moving in pass means aluminum and carbon fiber still dominate.

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In the last few years racers have realized that cyclo-crosss have the capacity to hold larger tires. That also results in these soft bicycles with racks. With changing tires these cars can tackle any terrain.

5.Gravel / adventure bikes

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Gravel / adventure bikes

The bike that converges the advantages of cyclo-cross, sports bike, touring bike is an emerging model and is known as a car commonly used for adventures with multi-handle system. most powerful.

The bike’s distinguishing features are known when it travels on dusty roads or crosses potholes in the pavement with great flexibility. Although the wheels of this series are not as wide as those of the touring, they can handle it quite well.

These adventure bikes often use disc brakes more commonly. The chassis is made of aluminum and carbon materials for light weight. And recently the steel variants and Litespeed recently launched a titanium bike frame.They are now using standard tread rods and other parts, it’s a It is safe to bet because as this bike is developed we will see changes in areas such as the width as well as the shape of the handlebars. Manufacturers tried to combine the SRAM with a very wide range of single and single rear cameras for even more speed.

6. Mountain bike

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MTB bicycle

Mountain bicycles are specifically designed to ride on technical terrain such as trails, rocky cliffs or steep slopes. The MTBs usually have quite wide handlebars, thick and spiky tires. More front and rear gears for more powerful climbing.

There are many types of mountain bicycles, including those designed only for downhill. But usually they have some common traits like ultra-wide tires, which come in three wheel sizes: 26-inch, 650B (or 27.5 inch) and 29 inches in increasing order of size. Big wheels tend to roll better, while smaller wheels are easier to handle and maintain. Nowadays in the mountain bike boom era mountain bicycles are more popular when brought into urban traffic. With strong tires and upright riding position, it gives a pretty strong style.

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7.Car Hybrid

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Hybrid cars

These bikes have not received as much reception as other bicycles, but in reality they are the best-selling bicycles in the UK. With the combination of features Roadbike and MTB. They also have a slim frame like a road bike and have large 700C wheels. They use the V brake instead of the brake disc

Tires city ​​bike typically between the width of a road bike and a mountain bike for greater comfort and handling that is capable of handling even on trails.

The chassis is almost always made of aluminum with a combination of low power and weight giving the operator flexibility. They have additional conditions such as cart, very convenient frames to be able to travel in the city.

8. Folding bike

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Folding bicycles

If you want to store in a small space or travel in places like the metro during rush hour, this is one of the solutions for you. Of the folding bicycles with convenient folding feature, with small wheels about 16 or 20 inches, but the rolling speed is always high. Vehicles usually have a steel or aluminum frame for light weight that is easy to carry. Along with that is equipped with advanced movement systems for a large transmission ratio, reaching speeds equal to that of conventional sports bicycles.

The horizontal latch design on the frame allows for flexible folding and removal. Thanks to that, you can completely solve the folding problem within 10 seconds. If your home space is too narrow, or you simply want your travel to be more enjoyable, bring a folding bike!

Above are the popular bicycles today, if you are a beginner, you should also grasp these basic bikes to choose a suitable bike!

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