A guide to basic bike maintenance before and after the trip for newbies

Hướng dẫn những bảo trì xe đạp cơ bản trước và sau chuyến đi cho newbie -Ảnh 2

In the process of using the car, the most crucial thing is how to always maintain the car with the same durability over the years. So you need to know how to maintain the bike Basically, it is important for all new players to get the hang of it.

Have you ever asked a question that how can you keep your bike as durable as new after a period of use? Here are some of the top tips to keep your car safely protected over the years.

1.Pay maintenance on the bike before starting the trip

1.1 Check the tires

Tires have a huge impact on your riding performance because they are the part of the contact between the road surface and the bicycle. As an important part of a bicycle, the tires withstand a great deal of friction as well as absorb the shocks caused by the road surface. Therefore, for many different terrain conditions, you should set the tire pressure to match.

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+ When traveling on mountain roads, many gravel are already slippery, so it increases the friction contact area between the tire and the surface by reducing the tire pressure.

+ When traveling on flat roads to be able to achieve higher speeds, the tire pressure increases, reducing the contact area between the road surface and the tire to help the car glide faster to reach higher speeds.

1.2 Check the brake system

This stage should be checked immediately. For cases when going downhill, you will not have too much time to change and reset. Do a round of testing around your home to detect technical failures that need immediate maintenance like the bicycle brake is ringing , the brake doesn’t eat …

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If you feel that the brake pads are worn out, you should replace them with a newer one to make the brakes more secure.

1.3 Test your conversions

Important and decisive for the whole trip was the transfer system that included the chain, the sprocket, and the gear. Ensure the plaque has flexible operation, faulty chain in the chain or not? If chain or gear is broken, it should be replaced to get smooth movement in all movements.

An example of worn brake pads. The XT nail pads are easy to replace

1.4 Check your pedals

One of the 3 most important contact points between the bike and the person is the Pedals. This is an important intermediate contact point. Check the pedals to see if the Pedals are working properly.

In some cases the Pedals get trapped or broken, or are attached to mud, causing this footing point to become unstable and have a significant impact on the performance of the vehicle.

1.5 Check the suitability of the saddle and control bar positions

Do a test ride around your home to make sure your bike is working properly this last time. Synchronous check for such essential things readjust the saddle position or the control bar was suitable for the body or not.

Note that

+ If the saddle is too high, it will lead to lower back, causing pain in the upper back muscles

+ If the saddle is too low, it will cause the pillow to overlap, causing the knee muscles to ache for a long time causing arthritis.

1.6 Check all of your bolts and screws

This is a step that almost everyone ignores. But few people know that, during the ride, screws and bolts can be loose and fall out at any time, so it is necessary to re-check them regularly to emit loose and timely warning. maintenance.

Use multi-function repair kit with corresponding torque so that they can be tightened. Do not use torque that is not the same size because it will easily cause them to squeak and thread.

1.7 Check the center shaft

There’s nothing bad about having your wheels off the axle along the way. That is why you need to check the most detailed, then tighten them and remember to bring a few more bolts just in case.

2. Maintenance of the vehicle after each trip

2.1 Test your bike

Make sure that after riding your car will not encounter any cracks in the frame or handlebar position .. especially with carbon frame. This will double if you crash into a car because small cracks can also leave unpredictable catastrophes. It is also important to check the movement system, brake as well as other components. A better thing is to check before you should use the car to be able to continue.

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Parts made of carbon material are strong and durable, but fail if you do not take proper care. If any damage is detected, it should be replaced immediately to ensure safety for the next trip.

2.2 Clean your bike

After each trip, there are many factors that make our car get dirty like mud, rain water … Regular washing is also a concern for many people but it is even more dangerous if the car is not cleaned because Vehicle parts can easily fail in unison without taking care of them.

You can wash it lightly if the car is not too dirty, or you can wash the car after each trip if there is a lot of dirt. Using soap will help you clean the car faster.

Note: Do not use high pressure hose to wash the car because they may deform or damage some parts. Be careful with soaps and harsh detergents, as these can interfere with the exterior paint.

After washing the car remember to dry the parts. Especially chains and chains should re-lubricate them to work smoothly.

2.3 Apply oil to the chain

Chain slugs should be regularly oiled so that they are lubricated and flexible. If you are not familiar with this, you can get help from a bicycle repairman.

This is done 2 times / month. Not necessarily too much. If you experience a lot of dirt on the chain you may be using a lot of lubricants. In the case of oiling you should apply a moderate amount using absorbent paper to absorb the excess oil.

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Bicycle maintenance should be done regularly every season. Usually in late winter or in spring when the training season begins MTB bicycleYou can do the maintenance on your own or rely on the help of a bike service shop.

Regularity will help your car to have endurance along with better and smoother performance at all times. Hope you will have a happy trip.

To be able to maintain the off-road vehicle you need to know the basics, if you do not have any mechanical knowledge, you should watch more videos on youtube and sports car consulting guide from cycling experts or experienced people to perform better on your own.

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