Abandoned and Forgotten: Dogs Left to Wander the Hills of Sapanca, Scavenging for Survival, Their Lives Shadowed by Neglect.

In a world where countless animals are abandoned and left to fend for themselves, acts of kindness and compassion can make a significant difference. In Sapanca, Turkey, a woman named Nuray has dedicated her life to caring for hundreds of stray dogs living in the hills, providing them with food, love, and attention.

Despite laws protecting stray dogs in Turkey, many people still abandon their pets far from human populations. In the hills of Sapanca, hundreds of dogs struggle to survive, with limited access to food and fresh water. These dogs represent a small fraction of the millions of stray animals across the country, either abandoned by their owners or born on the streets.

Many dogs found in remote areas have been deliberately abandoned by their owners, leaving them unable to find their way home. These dogs face numerous challenges, including starvation, predation, and aggression from other dogs.

For the past ten years, Nuray has dedicated her life to caring for the stray dogs living in the hills of Sapanca. Each day after work, she drives up to the hills with a carload of dog food, spending two hours feeding the hundreds of dogs that rely on her. Nuray also collects leftover food from hotels and restaurants, providing it to the dogs. In addition to feeding them, she offers love and attention, as well as medical care for injured or ill dogs.

Nuray views the dogs as her children and believes all dogs deserve love. Her dedication to their well-being is evident through the time and resources she invests in caring for them. As the value of the Lira falls and prices rise, Nuray needs all the help she can get. She accepts donations, is planning to launch a website, and utilizes a Turkish site to receive dog food donations.

Nuray’s story serves as an inspiration for others to help animals in need. By donating time, food, or money to local rescues and shelters, individuals can make a positive impact on the lives of dogs that depend on human compassion for their survival.

Nuray’s mission to care for the abandoned dogs of Sapanca demonstrates the power of kindness and dedication. As she continues her work, she offers hope and a brighter future for the animals she loves so dearly. We eagerly await the launch of her website to make supporting her cause even easier, and we encourage everyone to share her story to raise awareness and inspire others to help animals in need.

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