“Adorable Aquatic Adventure: A Baby Elephant’s Joyful Soak”

A delightful scene has been captured on video, showcasing a baby elephant enjoying a playful dip in a water tub. The adorable moment took place in Kanchanaburi province, situated towards the west of Bangkok in Thailand. The footage showcases Choojai, a seven-month-old elephant, happily splashing around in a plastic container while an off-camera zookeeper sprays water on him, further adding to his merriment. The overall display of pure joy is a sight to behold.


In Kanchanaburi province, Thailand, a mischievous seven-month-old elephant is having the time of his life as he frolics in a tub of water. Choojai, a lively Asian elephant, finds pure joy in his aquatic playground. He playfully dips his head underwater, then lifts his trunk over the edge of the tub, creating waves that spill out. Choojai is not satisfied with just splashing around; he can be seen lying in the cool water, flapping his ears in happiness. The elephant’s keeper ensures there is a constant flow of water to maintain the fun. Asian elephants are an endangered species and are the largest land mammals, with three subspecies – Indian, Sumatran, and Sri Lankan.

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The creature extends its leg and rests its trunk on the side of the bathtub, relishing in the refreshing water. Unlike their African counterparts, these animals are slightly smaller in size and come in varying shades of dark grey to brown, with pink patches on their forehead, ears, and trunk base. Similar to other hairless mammals such as rhinos, elephants use water, mud, and clay baths to cool off during hot summers and provide protection from the sun. An intriguing study conducted by the University of Geneva uncovered that an elephant’s deep skin wrinkles serve a clever purpose in regulating their body temperature. These folds allow water to spread evenly, effectively reducing the animal’s heat levels.

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The pachyderm remains seated in the bathtub, enjoying its playful splashes in the chilly and rejuvenating liquid.

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As the keeper sprays water on Choojai, the elephant stands up in the bathtub.