After spending almost the entire day trapped under the hood of a car, a cat in Yaroslavl was finally rescued

Miraculous salvation in Yaroslavl . A huge cat climbed into the engine compartment of the car. The owner of the foreign car did not immediately notice the secret passenger. As a result, the animal rode around the city under the hood for almost the whole day. At the same time, the heated engine was only a couple of centimeters away.

From under the red-hot car engine – only a loud meow. A huge red cat hid in the engine compartment and does not want to get out. People in white coats armed themselves with gloves, mops and brushes. However, all efforts are in vain. Not even a kind word helps.

The owner of the foreign car also takes part in the rescue operation. The man tells. Most likely, the cat climbed into his car in the morning and – scary to think – almost the whole day he rode around the city under the hood.– I don’t know how it ended up under the hood. Opened it up and it’s already there. I went to work, then I went to Lenin Avenue. He opened the hood, and he was there, – says Denis Safronov.

When the secret passenger was nevertheless discovered, Denis Safronov headed for a veterinary clinic. Its employees are trying to get the animal. Ginger has to give an injection, and only after that he manages to grab his paw.

And finally, the cat is free. Veterinarians provided medical assistance. Now his health is not in danger. Now the red-haired extreme lover has already found a new family.