Are German sports bikes good?

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Cycling is not only a fuel-saving solution, but also improves health and protects the living environment in a more positive way. Nowadays, bicycles are becoming more and more popular in cities. That is why the large and small bicycle companies in the market have the opportunity to compete with each other with a series of models and products launched on the market each year. A lot of Vietnamese are used to the presence of patterns German sports bicycles for decades because of the right price and the durability of quality. For motorists, one thing to wonder is whether German sports bicycles are good. Let’s take a closer look at World Bikes to find out why Vietnamese people love German bicycles so much!

1.Bicycles development history

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The first wooden bicycle model invented in Germany

The first bicycle invention appeared in the early 19th century by a German baron named Baron von Drais. This carriage moved very quickly and allowed him to walk around the royal garden. With the first experiment, I reached a distance of 13km in an hour.

Over the centuries, Germany has become a giant not only with cars, but bicycles have become a major industry with annual revenue for this power equivalent to more than 5 billion euros of bicycles. and spare parts.

In the city of Berlin, bicycles have become a popular means of transport even by government officials to businessmen and parliamentarians using bicycles to work .. it is not only culture but also features Modern civilization in a powerhouse of great development like Germany.

2. The German sports bicycle market in Vietnam

There are many German bicycle companies that have penetrated the Vietnamese market for a long time. Speaking of durability, people just cheered to buy German bicycles !! Speaking of German sports bicycles, of course, it is impossible not to mention the line Twitter sports bike . If you do not know about Twitter, let’s find out!

2.1 Twitter recognized German bike brand

Twitter is a famous bike brand in Germany that was born in 2008. By 2012, Twitter officially opened headquarters and manufacturing factories in China and acquired the Asia Pacific market. With a scale of more than 10000m2 and equipped with modern technology transmission technology transferred from Germany.

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Twitter bike with unique and outstanding design

The complete production and assembly process is conducted with a strict production process with guaranteed technical standards, tested before assembly to ensure technical standards of the European Union EU. . That is why the quality of Twitter bicycles quickly asserted and prevailed in the hearts of consumers around the world and in Vietnam, Twitter was a German sports bicycle company that was highly appreciated by consumers for its quality. as well as models.

The design of Twitter bicycles has always had a variety of designs and types. With many different designs bring more diverse choices for users. The popular bicycle lines that Twitter produces such as: topographic bike , racing bicycles, folding bicycles … tend to reach the market from the low-priced segment to the mid-end and high-end segment to satisfy the tastes of customers.

Twitter German sports bicycles are produced by cheap labor, cheap materials, so the price of this company is often lower than other sports bicycles such as Bianchi or Giant, but compared to quality. quality is not inferior at all.

Many people wondering between Twitter and Galaxy, Bicycles World must confirm that the cheap Galaxy series has the same segment as Twitter, but compared to design and seniority in the sports bicycle industry, Galaxy is behind. Twitter. The quality and design of Twitter must assure you of the best and most durable in this segment.

That is why those who are new to sports bicycles, who love German sports bicycles, when it comes to buying bicycles, they will buy Twitter because they are assured of the brand and are implicitly satisfied and satisfying the quality that Twitter delivers.

In recent times, because Twitter is so famous and hunted around the Vietnamese market, there is no shortage of small businesses selling low-quality floating goods. When shopping, you should pay attention to designs: counterfeit products often have faint designs, weak cars and often fail, fault problems.

To be able to buy good quality imported Twitter sports bicycles, you should go to reputable sports bicycles to buy. Bicycles World is proud to be the distributor of Twitter sports bicycles of Germany in Vietnam market. buy a sports bike At World Bicycles, you will have the opportunity to choose quality and guaranteed sports bicycles.The diversified line of bikes suitable for all types of students, students to folklore room, the elderly …

2.2 Some sports bicycle Twitter models are storming the market today

Twitter TW3000XC 2018 version has just hit the market. This is a cheap popular off-road vehicle for students, students and beginners.

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Twitter TW3000XC sports bike

The chassis is made of 6061 aluminum alloy without strong weld joints, withstands strong impacts, suitable for use in sports. TW3.0 aluminum alloy chassis is equipped with a customized adjustable locking lock. When traveling in different terrains, the SHIMANO EF51 speed lever provides up to 21 speeds for the maximum user experience.Following issue SHIMANO TX50 helps to change speed smoothly, flexibly and accurately. -7S speed for more powerful, smoother transmission The PYC-7S chain combined with the 42-34-24T front disc thigh provides a strong and stable high gear ratio.

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TW3700XC sports bike

Launched in 2016 with a sporty design that stands out by a painted frame that is bold. In particular, the car is equipped with a genuine Shimano M310 24 sp movement system combined with Tektro oil brake to provide a perfect and safe experience.

Launched in 2016 with the Twitter 3700XC, this bike is the go-to choice for those in the mid-tier category and already decent sport cyclists.

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Twitter sports bike 3900XC

Just like the sporty matte frame design like the 3700XC, the Twitter 3900XC has a 27-speed Shimano M370 movement with Shimano M355 oil brakes. At the mid-range price, it is difficult to find a car with a huge configuration like the TW 3900XC

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Bike racing Twitter R730

Twitter R730 racing bike is designed with a welded ultra-light aluminum frame for elegant and sophisticated design. Configuration R730 has many outstanding advantages equipped with a Shimano Claris 16sp speed converter. Winzip C’s rim brake system gives users a safer state when using. Especially, taiwan restropec bearings are loud.

Twitter Hunter racing bike is designed with a super light aluminum frame without weld, reflective paint in the night when there is reflective light. Designs bring sophistication and elegance.

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Twitter Hunter racing bike

Configuration of Twitter Hunter is evaluated with many outstanding advantages when equipped with SRAM APEX 20SP speed version. The SRAM APEX gold brake system gives a safer state. Users unleash passion experience with 20 speeds on the journey they love with the assurance of safety and a very enjoyable experience.

Above are the sports bikes Twitter are selling well at Bikes World. If you are in need of sports bicycles, go to the Bicycles showroom right away to be advice on choosing to buy bicycles and choose for yourself the best sports bike!

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