Are Taiwanese sports bikes good?

Are Taiwanese sports bikes good?

Mention Taiwan sports bicycles Perhaps a lot of people are familiar with Giant. This company has penetrated the sports bicycle market for a long time and the quality has made a very strong impression on customers who love Giant in Vietnam.

There are many questions about quality How good is the Giant sports bike? For those who just started playing sports bike. In order to make it possible for everyone to choose good quality sports bikes, let’s take a closer look at World Bikes about the quality of this bike!

1.What is the origin of Giant sports bike good?

Founded in 1972 in Taiwan, so far this brand has nearly 40 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and manufacturing bicycles. Also known for its high workmanship, ingenuity with seasoned experience, creativity in the design of Giant bike can converge many advantages of famous sports bicycles in the world.

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Giant is a major player in the sports bicycle industry in the world market

Compared with famous car manufacturers in Europe and America, Giant has not been outdone but rose to become the second largest man in the world bicycle market.

Giant’s market share as well as quality has been confirmed in the international market with a variety of models offering more choices for users.

Currently, along with the increasingly strong development, the brand Taiwan’s Giant bicycle has set up factory headquarters in many countries including China (the cheapest factory in the world) and NotherLand in order to be in charge of distributing widely worldwide markets.

This is also the reason why when going to buy Giant bicycles sometimes come across the label Made in Taiwan or Made in China because of that. China is known as a country with high labor force, cheap price, abundant fuel resources. From China can exchange goods and many countries to bring more convenience for the distribution. The car is produced at a cheaper price, which is more suitable for consumers’ money.

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2.Is the quality of the Giant bicycle good?

Possessing a youthful, sporty and luxurious design, this is a car that can converge all the most beautiful and advantages of current sports bicycles.

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Aluminum pipes used in bicycle production are displayed at the Giant factory in the Kunshan area of ​​Suzhou, Jiangsu province, China.
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Giant bicycles are manufactured on modern technology lines with European standards and are tested very rigorously
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The production of the carbon frame is meticulously carried out

Standard manufacturing process ensures high quality from Europe. All production processes are strictly controlled and strictly controlled, especially for the chassis. This part is mechanically tested to check the rigidity and perfect bearing strength of the frame. If the test is passed, it will be completely assembled.

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The process of assembling Giant bicycles goes through a lot of stages by skilled workers
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Giant’s parts and accessories production area

The components equipped for Giant are mostly genuine accessories of Giant or from big brands such as Shimano, Sram, Kenda … Therefore, Giant’s configuration is always appreciated higher than the Chinese brand cars. like Trinx.

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Check the strength of the frame before assembling
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After going through the rigorous and rigorous testing stages, it is then brought to the market

3.How much does Giant sports bike cost?

Manufactured and processed in factories like in China, the labor cost is cheap, the raw material price is cheaper leading to Giant bicycle prices cheaper and considered by economic experts as well as leading experts in the field of sports bicycles to suit the economy of consumers not only in Europe, America but also in Asia. .

Giant offers products suitable for the consumer segment from low-cost cars to mid-end and high-end lines with a variety of types and designs so that buyers have more opportunities to choose.

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4.Some models of Giant bikes are selling well in the market

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Giant ATX 610 sports bike

The design of the Giant ATX 610 is quite neat and elegant with sporty colors such as Green, White – Blue, White – Orange to give users more choices.

The chassis is constructed with an ultra-light ALUXX Grade aluminum alloy chassis that ensures the most rigidity and stability possible. Giant genuine forks provide better absorption, components such as handlebars, saddle piles or Giant’s stem with high durability.

The movement system is equipped with SHIMANO TX35 handlebar combined with the SHIMANO TD-TY10 front and the SHIMANO RD-TZ21 rear axle, providing a smooth coordination for more accurate transitions.

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Giant ineed 1500 city bike

With the design of the Japanese mini car line in the past, this model was designed exclusively for women. The highlight of this car is that the movement is equipped with the innovative speed-resistant Shimano 7s. The car is loved by many female friends and housewives with youthful colors such as blue, moss green, orange, pink, and milky white.

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Giant ATX 618 sports bike

Giant ATX 618 2017 terrain bike brings new breakthroughs when equipped with Shimano HD-M285 oil brake system. Normally, models with oil brakes are only found in models with prices from 8 million or more.

The frame is made of ALUXX aluminum alloy, Giant genuine fork is able to absorb shock well, Shimano M310 thread offers 21-speed movement providing maximum experience. The 24/34 / 42T diaphragm fits seamlessly for precise movement when shifting threads, creating greater ride performance.

Giant ATX 700-S bike 2018
Giant ATX 700-S bike 2018 Black-Blue version

This is a new version released by Giant in 2018, but has received a lot of positive feedback. All-new strong design, the vehicle is equipped with Shimano Altus M310 24-speed handpiece combined with Shimano Altus front and Shimano Acera rear axle to provide the most user-friendly maximum speed experience. than the 2017 Shimano Touney theme version. In addition, the vehicle uses Tekro oil brakes for a new experience that is safer, quieter and easier for maintenance.

Giant ATX 735-2 sports bike
Giant ATX 735 sports bicycle White – Red version

In the 2018 version, Giant ATX 735 has many breakthroughs with the design of high-tech ALUXX aluminum frame, Giant genuine hydraulic fork with control lock suitable for all terrains.

The movement configuration is equipped with the Shimano M370 27-speed combined with the M355 hydraulic disc brake for smooth, quiet and safe operation.

Giant ATX 830-2 sports bike
Giant ATX 830-2018 sports bike Black – Green version

Giant ATX 830 -2018 brings a whole new experience to the user when it is equipped with Tektro oil brake, Shimano ALTUS 27 speed thread for the experience of the trail. The strong Giant can withstand strong impacts. Another plus point is that the 315 hydraulic disc brake ensures safer riding in different terrains and weather.

5) Where to buy Giant sports bike from Taiwan?

Along with the development of Giant in the global system, Bicycles World always wants to bring customers the best quality products. Pride to be a distributor of Giant sports bicycles. Genuine, you can feel secure when buying at Bicycles World with warranty up to 5 years.

If you are still wondering, you should choose buy a sports bike Please go to World Bikes to see more Bike selection advice sport and experience the latest in bikes in our showroom system.

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