Avoid 5 mistakes that cause disc brake to be damaged

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Bicycle disc brakes are more complex in structure, disc brakes are often used with a greater degree of complexity than the rim brakes. Usually new buy a sports bike , the brake works quite well, but after a while of riding, the brake performance drops significantly, which can be clearly felt at this time need maintenance or brake repair. When the disc brake fails, maintenance is difficult and leads to very costly replacement. Therefore, how to keep the brake always lasting, avoid the 5 mistakes below to help keep the brake working better!

Avoid 5 mistakes that can cause disc brake to fail -1
Disc brakes have a complex structure with rotor, brake pads

1. Avoid touching the rotor surface

Avoid 5 mistakes that can cause disc brake to fail -2
Avoid touching the rotor surface when servicing the brake

The structural principle of the disc brake is different from the rim brake. If the rim brake uses rubber gaskets to create the brake pad against the rim, thus creating a choice of braking speed of the car. But the disc brake is made up of circular rotors with holes located in the center of the wheel and away from the rim. Braking force is generated when the brake pads are applied to the surface of the rotor, allowing the wheel to brake. The rotor plates can heat up when braking so touching one after descending or at the end of the ride can make you feel uncomfortable. Second, your fingertips can cause pollution to the rotor and lose brake power and cause brake noise.

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2.Accidentally taking lubricant, degreaser, or brake fluid on the rotor or gasket

This is even more certain than causing electrical brake problems from the skin of the hands. If you accidentally lubricated some lubricant or other liquid on the rotor, immediately remove your wheels from the vehicle and clean the rotor with isopropyl alcohol and a clean cloth.

If you see oil on the brake pads it is best to replace them. It is possible to replace them by sanding the top layer of the cushioning materials but often oil or liquid can spill into the material and then can continuously contaminate the rotor, which has a major effect to the braking.

3. Turn the lever with the wheel out of the car

If you do this with the hydraulic brake without a cushion between the pads they will push until they stick together and retract enough to get the rotor in place. Fortunately, fixing is easy. If the splitting doesn’t work, remove the gasket and use something thin and flat like a screwdriver to push the plunger back to the body of the brake. Put the gaskets on the wheel, squeeze the lever a few times and you’ll be all right.

4.Forget to check brake pads thickness

Avoid 5 mistakes that can cause disc brake to fail -3
Perform regular brake pads thickness checks for timely replacement

Disc brakes require little maintenance, but gaskets are prone to wear. Therefore, when the brake surface material is thinner than 2.5mm, replace the gasket. Make exchanges with the blades when the width can reach 1.5mm.

5. Incorrect use of tools or liquid

Using mineral oil in a brake means giving brake fluid DOT (or vice versa) is a recipe for failure. So do not use a torque to tighten screws. And use your finger to straighten a twisted rotor?

Avoid 5 mistakes that can cause disc brake to fail -4
Use special tools to service and repair the brake

So if you plan to maintain disc brakes, it’s best to determine the properties of your brakes, use a torque and a tool, not your fingers to make contact with the rotor.

If you are a newbie and do not have the best mechanical knowledge, take your bike to a professional bicycle repair shop. Or thanks to experienced players technical advice to use bicycles to be able to absorb and cultivate better.

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