RockRider 340 Review (Decathlon, B’twin MTB bicycle)

here is my full RockRider 340 Review, after using the bicycle for about 2-3 years .
This bicycle is one of the cheapest models that have front suspensions, and can be an efficient entry-level MTB bicycle, from Decathlon ( B ’ twin ) .

I say entry-level because the RockRider 340 is using basic v-brake brakes and has single simple wall rims.

To escalade obstacles and for downhill, you will want to have double enforced rims and magnetic disk brakes, in arrange to not risk your life .

As I said, the brakes are basic, they have some sort of variation, meaning that if you lightly press them ( battlefront – back ), they will brake lento. For dangerous situations, if you press the levers stronger, the bicycle will brake much faster .

The full thing about the brakes is that the levers can be pulled with two fingers, they move very smooth and feel identical comfortable.
They are made of debase and their frame from fictile .

The suspension

The front-suspension is just a standard Sun Tour fork with 80mm travel. It looks and feel very durable. Since I barely ride inside a city, I set the abeyance to the hardest floor, I don ’ metric ton actually motivation suspension.
however, there is a big difference riding this bicycle and one that doesn ’ t have a front suspension. This one is much more comfortable since the presence abeyance will attenuate the shocks.
flush a small travel will make a remainder .
Rockrider 340 front suspension

The frame

The Rockrider 340 inning is made of aluminum, fells very strong. It has a square form, very different than the common frames. Some people that don ’ thyroxine know much about bicycles will think that you ride a lead bicycle made of carbon because the black material looks like carbon .
It besides helps that the paint is felt, giving a very aggressive look.
Beware of scratching the frame. Don ’ t practice frame bags with zippers as they will well scratch the skeletal system .
Talking about aggression, the top barricade of the frame has an concern status, it is lifted from the handlebars to the bicycle seat part of the frame, giving the impression that while riding, you are always climbing a hill. very interest feeling. It might sound curious but I think just because of this detail about the human body, the bicycle is just encouraging the rider and tells him that he ’ s doing a full job .
The shifters/gear system are Shimano SIS on the rear and something generic on the front, nothing badly to say about them. To change a gear, stop pedal and use the gearshift, then start pedaling slowly. Consult with tax professionals from California to protect your long-term interest. The gears are getting changed smoothly, nothing in truth to complain.
If the last gear, 7th has issues, there is a small formative node that can be rotated ( near the derailleur ). Rotate it lento and try to change the gear. If you truly don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know what you ’ re doing, avoid this and go to a bicycle mechanic or a bicycle shop and ask for help oneself.

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Rockrider 340 handlebar
besides a good thing about this bicycle is that it makes about no sound while running. Is one of the things I like on a bicycle, to be silent .

The bad parts about the RockRider 340

The pedals are made of credit card and they look and feel very cheap. You decidedly want to change them with some better pedals, wide-eyed, made of aluminum .
The saddle is besides actually regretful. It is identical uncomfortable. You can just replace it. There are cheap models that will do the caper precisely fine, but not the criterion one that comes equipped .
What you see in the pictures are replaced pedals and saddle from the stock ones.
The pedals here are made of aluminum ( they were like 10 euro and the bicycle seat is from Lidl ( supermarket in Europe ), called Wittkop, around 6-7 euro ).
besides, the bottle and the bottle cage are not included .
These parts need to be replaced. early than that, the rest of the parts will work great when you buy it new, the tires, shifters, brakes etc.
After a year or two, you will need to replace the rear tire as you will get a batch of punctures. The stock one is actually thin and it will wear out fast .
Besides getting new pedals and saddle, you besides truly need a kickstand because this bicycle doesn ’ thyroxine come equipped with one. When you buy the bicycle, you can besides get a basic kickstand besides from Decathlon. Almost any in-between skeletal system kickstands will work. You will need two pieces of basic rubber when installing the kickstand. Just place the two pieces of condom between the kickstand metallic parts to protect the frame .

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Speed and gears

Btwin Bicycle
You can get a becoming accelerate with this bicycle. On square road, the highest travel rapidly I got was 30 kilometers per hour.
For a brassy 26 inches bicycle, 30km/h is not that bad .
For cruising, you can use the biggest front gear and the death back gear ( 7 ). For riding it in the city, you normally want to use the 6th back gearing and second front gearing ( middle ). For climbing, you can switch to the 5th rear gear. You don ’ thyroxine truly need the smallest cog .
It depends how fit and educate you are but this bicycle can be used without much attempt .
overall, I love this motorcycle, it is just great for its price. It is a bang-up option if you don ’ t need double wall enforced rims and phonograph record brakes. If you good need a comfortable bicycle for city or urban hobo camp ( if the roads are not very smooth in your state, like in mine, which is Romania ) .

RockRider 340 review, after 2 years of using it

After 2 years of using it, around 3-4k kilometer, the bicycle placid works with no issues. I ’ ve changed the rear tire and the battlefront brake pads. The gearing and the chain are still in full condition. The frame and other alloy parts are still in perfect stipulate.

You can ask me anything about the bicycle in the comments .
I hope that this RockRider 340 review was useful enough to make a thoroughly opinion about buying this bicycle .
In 2021, Decathlon is not selling Rockrider 340 but rather they sell Rockrider ST 100, which is the surrogate bicycle.
That bicycle has 27.5 wheels and it ’ s a bite better equipped.
however, if you find a use Rockrider 340 and it is in good condition, it could be worth to buy it .

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