Castelli Pioggia 3 Shoecover

‘Pioggia’ is the Italian word for ‘rain’ and that tells you what these overshoes are all about. They’re made from a polyurethane-coated fabric that won’t let water through. And when I say that it won’t let water through, it really won’t. Believe me, water doesn’t soak through here.
The waterproofing extends to the battlefront seam which is internally taped to prevent leaks and the zip code is waterproof besides. Well, it ‘s about a waterproof as zips get ; about nothing gets past it .
2021 Castelli Pioggia 3 Shoecover Unisex - detail.jpg The polyurethane-coated fabric used for the main body is very stretchable so you can get a close fit all circle and it moves easily with your ankle as you pedal. It ‘s lined with a dilute fleece layer to provide extra heat .
improving peak, the Pioggia gets a silicone bead inside the manacle to help seal water out, and a addict and closed circuit blockage that allows you to finetune the fit.

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The lone is enclosed with barely a hole for your cleat to poke through and another for the heel tab key. The sole material is pretty hard wearing stuff. I ‘ve been using these on and off for a couple of months and there are good a couple of scratches on the bottom from walking over perplex – nothing much. The improbable the heel pill on your shoes, the less likely the sole is to come into contact with the crunch. As with any insert overshoes, you ‘ll want to keep walk to a bare minimal to avoid wrong, but these should concluding yonks if you ‘re just tip-tapping to and from your motorcycle .
2021 Castelli Pioggia 3 Shoecover Unisex - side.jpg In showers and even steady rain, these will keep your feet dry, and they could n’t care less about road spray. If it absolutely hoses down, your feet could start to get damp ; that ‘s merely the way water is … it gets places. It soaks into tights and percolates down. But water ca n’t get through the fabric or, in my know, through that front wrinkle. These keep it out a well as any overshoes I ‘ve used .
In terms of heat, Castelli gives these a temperature range of -2-12°C. For me, that ‘s a piece on the abject english, although I’ve used these comfortably in temperatures of about 4-5°C and I ‘m neither built for the cold nor stoic. Any colder than that and I ‘d be thinking about swapping to some thick neoprene overshoes for a little more insulation, although we ‘re all unlike in that respect .
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You can buy cheaper overshoes than these, of course. The DexShell Light Weight Overshoes that Stu reviewed recently were £35, for example, and they kept water out impressively. The DexShell design is reasonably alike to that of the Castelli Pioggia 3, using fleece-lined polyurethane fabric, a water tolerant nothing and a Velcro tighten at the exceed, although the Pioggia 3s have a a lot more extensive sole section to keep affectionateness in and water out .
overall, the Castelli Pioggia 3 overshoes provide excellent security from rain and atomizer. There are warmer options out there but these still provide a very good level of insulation, and reasonably hard-wearing excessively .


very good overshoes with several high-quality features ; they keep water out in truth well
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Make and model: Castelli Pioggia 3 Shoecover
Size tested: forty
Tell us what the product is for, and who it’s aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?
Castelli describes the Pioggia 3 as : “ An all-around protective bootee designed for besotted conditions. The stretch suit and fleece lining make it a strong, comfortable bootee in dry conditions, while it ‘s made for utmost auspices in wet conditions as well. ”
Castelli besides says, “ We call it the Pioggia shoe report, and although the name is italian for rain, that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate in truth capture the perfume of this bootee. certain, it ’ s wholly waterproof, with sealed seams, a raincoat zip up and a silicone-sealed top edge to keep water system from entering .
“ We ’ ve backed the PU-coated framework with overcharge to make this bootee warm in the cold conditions, while the gamey stretch besides gives it a conclude, comfortable and aero fit. ”
Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?
Castelli lists these features
– waterproof PU-coated stretch fabric with fleece level inside
– silicone bead at inwardly top of cuff to seal water out
– wrap handcuff construction to optimise fit
– waterproof slide fastener
– High-durability material under foot
– -2°-12°C / 28°-54°F
Rate the product for quality of construction:

These have some truly high-end features including
– a waterproof zip up
– a dither over the crown of the zip up, a snatch like a chinguard that you find on mnay jerseys, to prevent damage to your tights
– excellent fabrics

– Hard-wearing sole
– Reflective shave presence and rear
Rate the product for performance:

These keep the rain out arsenic well as any overshoes I ‘ve used, and they provide a good level of heat besides .
Rate the product for durability:

The sphere that wears out first is closely always the exclusive ; the sole hera is bully and should last for ages – I ‘ve been using these for a copulate of months switching between them and the Castelli Diluvio ULs and the soles have picked up a pair of scratches, but not a lot. The energy is in truth good quality besides so I do n’t see that packing up any time soon .
Rate the product for comfort, if applicable:

Some overshoes can feel restrictive as you pedal : these are thin and supple so they do n’t. They besides keep your feet dry longer than most others, which is where they truly score .
Rate the product for value:

Yeah, £60 is quite a lot to spend on overshoes but you ‘re paying for truly utilitarian features like the waterproof fabric and travel rapidly. These are n’t bog-standard overshoes .
Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its designed purpose
They keep the rain out far longer than most overshoes. That ‘s what they promise and that ‘s what they deliver .
Tell us what you particularly liked about the product
The level of waterproofing – and that ‘s credibly worth paying for if you live in the UK .
Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product
I ‘d be hard pressed to find any negatives in terms of the performance .
Did you enjoy using the product? yes
Would you consider buying the product? yes
Would you recommend the product to a friend? yes
overall rat : 8/10

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