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Groupset for Sram bikes

Sram Group of America is the world’s leading famous brand in the production of Groupset for sport bicycle, Mountain bike. Founded in 1987, the group today also owns many famous bicycle brands such as Avid, Rockshox, Truvati and Zipp. The word SRAM is the name of the three founders: Scott, Ray, and Sam. Here are […]

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Top 5 cheap steel-frame sports bikes

You have around 3 million a little and want to find one sport bicycle To exercise, go to school, go to work or roam sightseeing, 7 steel-frame sports bikes under the wire will help you satisfy that passion. 1. Bicycle Catani ATX 550 – Price: 2.850.000 VND This is the line cheap off-road bikes With […]

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Top 5 cheap aluminum-frame sports bikes

You are looking for a cheap aluminum-frame bicycle about 3 to 4 million but do not know which model to choose. Here are 5 models that are loved and chosen by many of Bicycles World customers. 1. Trinx M136 sports bike – Price: 3,699,000 VND Terrain vehicles The Trinx M136 is designed with a sporty […]

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What is Narrow Wide on disk?

The narrow wide concept is no stranger to players sport bicycle using single ring (1 x 10/11) in the world, yesterday some people asked about what is Narrow wide? how is it different from the normal one? So today, please take the liberty to share a little knowledge about this technology for you. The layout […]

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Get acquainted with a sports bike for Newbie

New friend buy a sports bike brand new? Want to explore every corner – details of how the car’s parts work to satisfy curiosity? But first to satisfy your curiosity and discovery please read the shares below for an overview. More about sports bikes? Sports bicycles are made up of detailed parts and how to […]

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What is a bicycle chain?

Chains is a very familiar part of the bicycle. The most important part of the bike’s movement. But have you understood anything about this detail, or simply think it is a simple constituent part of any car as well as any car? Here are some questions as well as ways to better understand bicycle chains: […]

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