Cause of the brake – the bicycle brake is ringing

Cause of the brake - the bicycle brake is ringing

Bicycle brake (brake) is an important part of all bike lines. After a while of operation, we often hear the cries gradually getting smaller and louder. These calls are extremely annoying for the operator. So how can we overcome these cries when using it? With practical car repair experience, Bicycles World would like to state the reason and how to fix it so that everyone can repair and maintain their own vehicle.

1.The cause of the brake beep

There are two main types of brakes used exclusively for bicycles disc brake and brake braces . Brakes act as the brake for the bike’s speed to be used during the ride. Therefore, the brake is often subjected to great friction to overcome the gravity of the bicycle, so it has to suffer great wear during use.

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The brake pads rubbed against the rim, causing a noise

When you hear the sound of the brake, your brake is having problems, otherwise the brake pad rubs against the rim or disc will make a noise. the brake squeaks very annoyed . Whether it is soft or loud, it makes the operator feel difficult in the ride and difficult to control the brakes smoothly as in the beginning. So what are the fixes to prevent it?

2. How to fix it

Currently, there are two main types of brake used for bicycles: disc brake and rim brake. Let’s see how to fix these two types of brakes

2.1 A sound comes from the rim brake

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V-shaped brake with 2 brake pads clamped to the rim

When squeezing the brake (brake), it makes a squeaky noise on the brake clamp. If this is the case, remove the 2 eraser, lightly grind the surface in contact with the braces a bit to stop the noise.

Another way is to use the aluminum cleaning handle to scrub the rim clean, perhaps while moving the car or getting muddy.

Or adjusting the rear eraser to a little more than 1mm from the rim can also make your brakes more stable.

2.2 The sound comes from disc brake

Cause of the brake - the bicycle brake is sounded-2
Disc brakes create great friction

The brake disc is designed in metal in the form of a circular disc and rotated with the wheel. The brake disc is secured by the brake pads as you depress the brake pedal. The surface of the brake disc is smooth and the brake pads are made of metal pieces that touch the brake disc slightly.

Since the brake pads are made with the higher the metal content, the more noise they will cause. Even in a good state, the brake can also make a squeaky noise as usual.

Even disc brakes can often make very slight squeaking noises. Especially after the rain, the mud is attached but cannot remove such signs brake pads are worn , the brake disc surface is no longer smooth or the brake pads, brake assemblies are not tightly fitted … At that time, your car is in an unsafe situation, although it has not broken down immediately, it still makes the journey become uncomfortable.

*Case 1:

Usually around 80-90% the brake is ringing It is not due to wear or bent disc but due to a deviation of oily droppings that the brake pads (father) touch (rub) the brake disc.

– How to fix the quick release shaft to re-align the wheels for the right talon standard without being injustice or distorted compared to the frame. Then remove the hexagon (discharge) 2 screws to catch the oil on the fork (rib) and adjust the brake disc between the two pairs of father. After that, tighten the snail to catch the oil pig again. Normally, the oil pig is caught on the front rib, so when we install the rear wheel, it is often unbalanced and often skewed, so the situation where the brake pads touch the disc rustles.

* Case 2:

Maybe because the father brake (brake pads) is bottle: With the mechanical brake, you remove and take some sandpaper to rub on, with the oil brake you can get some soap to rub on and then wash it off.

* Case 3:

In addition, it is possible that the brake pads or the brake disc are stuck with brake fluid, causing the friction to be reduced when squeezed, resulting in uneven brake force.

Note that when removing the brake, do not squeeze the brake when removing it to avoid the situation that the two brake pads are not able to separate from each other.

With the above sharing, hopefully you will be able to fix it yourself, bicycle brake maintenance I am so good. If still wondering and need words sports bicycle technical consultancy For answers, please refer to more experienced people.

Before making decision buy a sports bike You should also consult and learn carefully about bicycle brakes to be able to choose the right vehicle for your purpose and needs.

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