Centurion Siege Crawler

Centurion Siege Crawler

Epic Unit


Sovicon.png Chinaicon.png China
Russiaicon.png Russia ( campaign alone )




  • 420mm cannon
  • “Yin-Yang” missiles



Tech level



Hit points

  • Invulnerable in Thread of Dread and Machinehead
  • 3600 in Earthrise


Armor type


Transport slots



  • 2 in Machinehead
  • 4 in Earthrise

Turn rate

  • 2 (unit)
  • 3 (turret)

Sight radius




  • $5000 in Earthrise


Estimated build time

  • 5:00 (base 3:00) in Earthrise

3:00 (base 1:48)

Build time multiplier(s)

1.67 (all epic units)

Built at

Soviet War Factory






Ground modifiers

  • 250% vs. Defensive Structure and Lightning Rods
  • 200% vs. (Very) Big Defensive Structure
  • 120% vs. all vehicle armor types
  • 110% vs. (Big) Light Structure and (Big) Heavy Structure
  • 100% vs. Drone
  • 35% vs. all infantry armor types


40-20 * 2 (80-40 total)

Air modifiers

  • 100% vs. Rocketeers, Norio, Gyrocopters, Cosmonauts, Scout Ravens and Uragan
  • 90% vs. Light Aircraft
  • 80% vs. Medium Aircraft
  • 70% vs. Heavy Aircraft


  • 180 frames (12 in-game seconds) (cannon)
  • 15 frames (1 in-game second) (missiles)


  • 18, minimum 3, radius 2 (cannon)
  • 10, radius 0.5 (missiles)



  • Transported infantry can fire from the Centurion Siege Crawler
  • Reduced EMP duration by 75%

Veteran bonus

+40% armor

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Elite bonus

  • +40% firepower
  • +25% speed


  • Limited to one for each player
  • Build time is unaffected by multiple War Factories
  • Self-repair
  • Can crush infantry and vehicles
  • Uncrushable
  • Immune to radiation, poison and confusion rays
  • Cannot be attacked by Desolators/Eradicators and Syckles
  • Cannot be cloaked by Shadow Ring
  • Cannot be mind-controlled, hijacked, depiloted, abducted, transported and chronoshifted
  • Unaffected by Blasticade
  • Level 3/high passenger survivability rate (rookie 90%, veteran 95%, elite 100%)




The Centurion Siege Crawler is the epic unit of China chiefly meant for siege and supporting their behind but mighty army .

official description

Costing untold amounts of money and with a development period spanning several decades and multiple secret research facilities, the Centurion Siege Crawler is without a doubt the ultimate siege engine. This unit has been built as an artillery with almost none of the flaws of one, sporting some of the heaviest armor of any Soviet unit ever created. Controlled by a simple, but efficient AI, which controls locomotion and targeting, as well as loading and firing the weapons, the walker is utterly loyal to its Chinese generals. The entire chassis is built around a massive 420mm cannon, firing huge shells at obscene ranges which can decimate buildings with only a few shots and quick-firing missile launchers, which take all sorts of aircraft down with ease. To further increase its already immense firepower and versatility, the Centurion can seat three infantry, with Yunru being one that spends time inside of it the most. Although it is a nigh impregnable moving fortress, the Centurion on its own can still be swarmed by quick, light units. Coupled with it’s absolutely prodigal building costs, the standard war factories on the battlefield are incapable of producing more than one copy at a time on the battlefield, making the Centurion an invaluable asset that should not be wasted. Additionally, none of the largest transports is capable of moving a Centurion over water, so the location of its construction requires some thought as well. [ 1 ]


The mighty Centurion Siege Crawler, China ‘s epic unit, is undoubtedly one of the most significant elements of a chinese offensive power. While the Eastern Dragon lacks a give artillery unit of measurement that can be aggregate produced, the Centurion can easily make up for that failing with its presence alone. Armed with a massive 420mm Cannon, this mobile bastion can singlehandedly lay waste to integral bases on its own, and very few floor defenses ( such as the Plasmerizer ) can hope to fire back in retaliation due to the enormous distances the cannon is able to deliver its artillery at. What the Nuwa Cannon ca n’t crack if defense mechanism lines are far excessively clayey, this gigantic war machine surely will. The weapon is besides relatively effective against vehicles and infantry, but faster ones can evade the incoming shots to avoid the wide brunt of the damage inflicted. While one would expect an artillery unit to be a sitting duck to air assaults, this is absolutely not the shell. The Centurion is besides armed with “ Yin-Yang ” Missiles, giving it the ability to quickly take down any airborne threat within range. To finally top off all this firepower are three passenger seats on this walker – a three of infantry units being transported will be able to lead support fire from the Centurion itself. Most chinese generals prefer Yunru and two Eradicators as the ideal combination as it grants the Centurion the ability to disable any vehicle trying to mount an offensive on it while providing it with substantial defense against infantry and lightly-armored vehicles. While its firepower potential is already terrify, the Centurion is easily one of the heaviest units in the game protection-wise. As an epic and robotic unit, the Centurion is immune to about all known battlefield hazards : poison, radiation, confusion rays, mind control, hijacking, chrono-based attacks, and tied the Foehn Blasticade. however, PsiCorps ‘s armory of magnetic weapons can still immobilize the Centurion. It is crucial for chinese generals to remember that while having one on the battlefield for them can be a potential battlefield record changer, China ‘s epic poem unit is by far no means invincible. The Centurion has an astronomic technical school necessity and cost, and it is not meant to be sent into the battlefield on its own. While identical heavily armored, it can and will fall to solid amounts of anti-armor weapons – in fact, basic independent battle tanks can overwhelm it with enough numbers. Being ponderously slowly, it will not be able to retreat efficiently while under heavy attack. The “ Yin-Yang ” Missiles it carries for anti-air defense does not render it untouchable to aerial dangers, and they are nowhere near arsenic potent as a Sentinel ‘s phosphorous antiaircraft cannons. Due to its huge size, they can not be transported in a Zubr Transport or even teleported by the Chronosphere ( if the chinese cosmopolitan is somehow able to have entree to one, whether through stolen Allied structure technical school or have an ally that has built one ) so careful consideration must be taken anterior to building it on a water and/or islands-focused battlefield. It is about guaranteed that once a Centurion makes its entrance, opposing commanders/rogue generals/proselytes will absolutely make it a priority target to destroy before it encroaches onto their bases, so it is necessary to prepare early chinese units and have a robust economy ahead in case it falls from struggle .

AI behavior

Centurion Siege Crawlers controlled by the AI have the keep up attack patterns :


  • 1x targeting structures


  • 1x loaded with Yunru and 2 Eradicators targeting structures
    • Occasionally the AI will use Invulnerability and Irradiation Gamma on this strike force
    • If available, Rage and Shadow Ring will also be applied
    • This task force will usually be accompanied by 1 Dragonfly


Good job, the Centurion project we’ve acquired from the Shanghai base is now a reality. Send 3 soldiers inside the Siege Crawler to increase its firepower and combat potential.
—Soviet intel during Operation: Earthrise after the Centurion is built

Act Two

  • The Centurion first appears at the start of Thread of Dread in the Foehn Home base alongside Yunru who immediately enters it; the Soviet General is tasked to destroy the Centurion and kill Yunru. The Centurion’s movement can be heard on shrouded areas within the research facility’s perimeter, but they are actually played by loudspeakers scattered throughout the battlefield; it turns out that the Centurion along with Yunru have escaped long before the detonation of the MIDAS warhead that obliterates the Home base along with the Confederation, Chinese and Epsilon forces at the end of the mission (see Thread of Dread trivia).
  • Continuing from Thread of Dread, the very same Centurion appears in Machinehead as the target of an Epsilon taskforce. Initially the Proselyte was tasked to destroy it with 16 Foxtrots, but this attempt fails when an Iron Curtain Device is used on it. After the Iron Curtain Device is destroyed however, the Centurion is revealed to have its own Iron Curtain generator that makes it permanently invulnerable, forcing the Proselyte to destroy it with Libra’s gravity field.
  • By the time of Earthrise, the Russians have perfected the design of the Centurion that they stole from China. In this mission, the Centurion can be built from the Soviet War Factory, requiring a Palace.
    • In this mission, the Centurion plays a unique sound when it is created. This sound was originally intended as a default global announcement to all players that a Centurion Siege Crawler under the same circumstances.
  • In Death’s Hand, the Centurion Siege Crawler is unlocked by any Soviet Tier 3 acess structure after a certain amount of time.


  • Siege weapon deals heavy damage to structures and vehicles from a very long range.
  • Can also attack air units.
  • Very heavily armored.
  • With Yunru and Eradicators loaded inside the Centurion, it can potentially become an unstoppable weapon.
  • Can be even more powerful if Tanya, Volkov or Rahn loaded inside.
  • Immune to Blasticade, poison and radiation.
  • Can crush infantry and units.
  • Can self-repair.
  • Immune to mind control, hijacking, confusion rays and omnicrush.
  • The duration of EMP effect on this unit is reduced by half.
  • Only one may be built at a time.
  • Cannot be transported or chronoshifted.
  • Very slow-moving crawler.
  • Extremely expensive ($3000), but can be reduced by Industrial Plant so it becomes less expensive ($2250).
  • Can still be overwhelmed and focus fired if not well protected by escorts.

Behind the scenes

  • The Centurion used to have a global announcement when built, but went unused. It was partially restored in 3.3.5 in Earthrise before it was fully restored in 3.3.6.


  • The was originally found in concept art for and , but it never passed the concept stage as such. It was later recycled into the unit in .
  • The Centurion Siege Crawler uses the voiceset of the from Red Alert 3.
  • The Centurion’s main gun shares its firing sound with the Chinese nuke cannon fron Generals Zero Hour.

See besides

  • Black Centurion Siege Crawler – a special variant appearing in the Ironwall Challenge


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