Cheap Giant ATX perfect choice for new car beginners

Giant ATX giá rẻ sự lựa chọn hoàn hảo cho người mới chơi xe-5

Located in the mid-range price, possessing a pretty good configuration, especially the price that ATX offers is completely suitable for the majority of customers who play cars. Giant ATX bike quickly becomes quite the perfect choice for today’s beginners.

Let’s explore the Giant ATX sports bike which is loved by many Vietnamese people with Bicycles!

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1.The design is suitable to the physique and needs of Vietnamese people

The majority of sports bicycles are now used for commuting in urban areas where major cities are located. Many of them use their sports bicycles for exercise and move around the living area more flexibly.

Cheap Giant ATX perfect choice for new car beginners
Giant ATX is a cheap and mid-range car that has been loved by many people for nearly 10 years

The overall strong design of the car with an aluminum frame certainly looks Giant compared to other models with the same low-cost segment, seeing immediately the difference. If the Trinx and Galaxy lines focus on the beautiful form with unique designs and color schemes, Giant makes a difference when focusing more on the design of a solid, durable frame structure. Made of ultra-light ALUXX aluminum material, high impact resistance, good deformation resistance is easy to carry because the overall weight of the car is light, making it suitable for almost all ages from students, for to office workers or the elderly.

Current Giant ATX car It features a level handlebars, fitted with large tires with a moderate size of 27 inches. For Vietnamese people, there are 2 main sizes, S, M, creating a fit and comfortable with their stature, making the control easier.

Giant does not release many color versions like Trinx or Galaxy or Twitter but only focuses on giving a few basic colors, but the design is extremely luxurious, elegant and mostly suitable for the preferences and personality of the people. Giant car lover.

2.Configuration quality

2.1 Equipped with terrible Groupset

Cheap Giant ATX perfect choice for new car-2 players
Giant ATX is equipped with genuine motion configurations from famous components manufacturers such as Shimano, Sram

A special thing about Giant ATX in particular and the Giant line in general is its difference and price difference compared to other low-priced models. There is this difference because the Giant models are equipped with a standard, very good configuration. Most groupsets and movements are imported from major components manufacturers in the world such as Shimano or Sram … or are manufactured by Giant, so the configuration is always an advantage for Giant to dislodge the vehicles. cheap price in the same segment.

2.2 Delicious and good forks

Cheap Giant ATX perfect choice for new car-3 players
Hydraulic Giant Fork system with extremely good damping ability

Giant ATX is equipped with a hydraulic suspension system with very good damping capacity. This is a big plus for your car to be able to travel on different terrains whether it is on city streets or on a potholed trail, it can still help you handle the best shock.

2.3 High-end disc brakes

Cheap Giant ATX perfect choice for new car-4 beginners
Tektro high performance oil brake

Giant is often equipped with a genuine disc brake system Giant manufactured or manufactured by Tektro, with a large braking power to bring high efficiency when braking is suitable for all conditions such as rain, wet roads, mountainous terrain. dangerous objects, easy to replace and maintain.

2.4 Tires

Giant ATX’s tires are not as aggressive as the specialized MTB lines or are smoothly designed like the road bikes that specialize in asphalt roads, but it can be customized more flexibly and smoothly, with good friction and speed. completely fast, brings smooth feeling, endurance even when traveling in different technical terrains.

3.The price is affordable to consumers

Cheap Giant ATX perfect choice for beginners-5 vehicles
The sporty, modern and personality design meets the needs of the majority

And the last point that we want to mention is the price of Giant ATX bikes. Compared with a series of other cars with the same segment price, if you are experienced or knowledgeable about Giant, you will definitely not hesitate to spend a larger amount of money on the giant ATX series. With prices ranging from 5-9 million, there are many giant ATX codes that can be the right choice for you such as Giant ATX 600, Gian ATX 610, Giant ATX 618, Space ATX 735 , Giant ATX 700S …

Of course at this price in other lines you can have many more choices, right from 3 million, you can also own a Trinx or Galaxy sports bike for example, but one thing. the idea is “money always goes hand in hand with quality”. Moreover, based on the prestige of the brand as well as the long-standing and world-class manufacturing skills of Giant, no one car can surpass the

Where to buy cheap and reputable Giant ATX bicycles

Currently, Giant has been distributed with extensive networks throughout Asia, America and Europe. In the Vietnamese market in the past few years, the abundance and variety of sports bicycle lines and models responding to the increasing trend offers many choices. But along with that, it is inevitable to choose the wrong quality products, Giant’s fake goods do not guarantee quality and safety for users.

To ensure that you can buy these Giant ATX bike genuine We recommend that you go to Giant’s nearest genuine bicycle dealers and distributors to choose the best bike for yourself.

Along with the growth of Giant, Bicycles World is proud to be one of the distributors of genuine Giant bicycles. When buying any of Giant’s bicycles at the showroom, you can immediately receive Giant’s 5-year warranty and enjoy 2 years of free maintenance and many other valuable gifts.

If you are a newbie and are wondering which bike to choose, please visit the Gioi Bicycles showroom Sports bike selection advice and experience the latest models here.

For more information, please contact the hotline: 0979.83.9922 or 024.6686.9919.

Showroom: 9 Lane 214 Nguyen Xien, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

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