Cheap Japanese sports bikes for beginners

Xe đạp thể thao Fujisan phiên bản màu Đen- Xanh dương

For those with eyes starting to play sports bicycles, of course, no one dares to risk choosing an expensive bike in the first place that they will choose cheap sports bikes To practice walking, then more enthusiasts will start upgrading to a more qualifying configuration.

But choosing a car is not quite as simple as you think, this choice also determines the quality of their trip. Therefore, you should have the right considerations to choose the best quality cars. Many people love products from Japan, not except for Japanese sports bikes. Almost Japanese sports bicycles All are produced on modern technological lines, elaborated with meticulous attention to technique. Because of this, it makes the bike have a great quality and of course compared to other low-cost bicycles, Japanese sports bicycles are always prioritized and dominant in the market.

Let’s learn about the current low-cost bicycles in Japan to find a suitable sports bike!

1.Jisan Japanese brand all-terrain sport bike

You need to choose a simple sports bike to travel or exercise but your budget is quite tight, don’t worry because you already have cheap Fujisan bikes for everyone .

Although Fujisan has just entered the Vietnamese market not long ago, but Fujisan has been very popular and sold to the market with a large sales volume. 000 is a pretty good price for any car enthusiast.

Fujisan Sport Bike Black and Blue version
Fujisan Sport Bike Black and Blue version

Fujisan sports bicycles are loved by many students because of their strong design, large sports frame.

Although the frame is made of steel, the weight of the car is extremely light due to being thinned but made to make the chassis strong and sturdy.

The suspension is equipped with a lock-free mechanical forks but the ability to absorb shock is always appreciated, the best pulse reduction is transmitted to the hand.

-The vehicle is equipped with a 24-speed movement that gives you more options on all roads. The driver has the opportunity to experience more at the best maximum speed.

The mechanical disc brake equipped for the vehicle also provides maximum braking performance, providing external safety even in the most slippery rain conditions.

The transmission system has the combination of 24/34 / 42T disc thigh system combined with 8-stage rattles providing a strong transmission ratio, helping to shift gears accurately to every detail.

Strong aluminum foil is produced on advanced Japanese technology line and has a larger payload capacity.

With many eye-catching paint colors and the most recent is the upgraded version 007s with a bold paint color outstanding personality is the best choice for users. Owning a quite reasonable price. The car is suitable for travel needs as well as health training.

2.Hachiko HA-01 sport folding bicycle Japanese brand

Hachiko HA-01 Produced by Japan’s AKITA, the car is loved by many people because of its sporty design, is the best choice for you to bring for travel.

Cheap Japanese sports bicycles -2
Hachio HA-01 folding bike

-The bike frame is made of aluminum on automatic robot welding technology with completely strong fish scale welds, making the frame more solid and durable than ever.

The extended 7-speed rear clamp gives you maximum flexibility for flexible and smooth shifting.

-The movement part equipped with the following theme is the Shimano Index TX50 with 7 speeds giving users the ultimate experience on all different terrains so you have the opportunity to experience more.

Behind the 7-speed Shimano Index Tx50 for users to experience with maximum speed on any type of terrain.

The vehicle uses high-performance mechanical disc brakes that provide safety, smoothness when riding in different inert terrain conditions.

-The horizontal body lock is designed with good technical capabilities to bring your safety.

If you have to move in areas such as train stations, buses or traveling, a folding bike will give you the convenience of space and flexibility to be able to move.

The 48-tooth Hotwheel disc thigh combined with 7-speed ratchet gives you a greater transmission ratio, helping the bike go as fast as the speed of a normal sports bike.

-While designed with 20inch cakes, it feels like the cake is too small to go fast, but they are really light and glide combined with powerful movements to give you the highest speed possible.

Cheap Japanese sports bike -3
The Hachiko HA-01 folding bike easily folds in 10 seconds

The Hachiko HA-01 folding bike easily folds in 10 seconds, giving you the flexibility to fold, especially those who have to move on the train or car. Save living space for your family. Hachiko also offers 3 basic color options: Black, White, Orange, giving you the choice depending on your taste.

3 Hachiko HA-04 sport folding bike

This is a newer version of the Hachiko HA-01, which no longer features a rainbow-curved frame, a newer design with a straight frame for healthier and sportier. Total weight of Hachiko HA-04 folding bike reaches 12kg and has a payload capacity of up to 120kg, can fully carry the vehicle extremely easily.

Cheap Japanese sports bike -4
Hachiko HA-04 folding bike

The straight frame design is made of aluminum alloy with good impact resistance, good load and high durability. The chassis is coated with electrostatic powder coating that is more resistant to scratches than oxidizing effects from the environment. Elegant chassis, new sporty design 2 versions painted Black and White.

– The folding bolt on the car body is made of a good 2-layer material that can withstand strong impacts while ensuring the safety of the chassis.

-The movement fitted to the car is high-end Japanese brand Shimano Tourney 7sp. The power that the theme provides makes it possible to save maximum energy and experience high speed when traveling the city.

Front disc part combined with movement provides a transmission factor greater than 52/14, making rotation possible up to 6.4m.

The vehicle uses a disc brake system with high braking ability, providing good friction against slippery when traveling in unfavorable weather conditions such as muddy roads, gravel or slippery roads due to ice. Unexpected situations it seems to ensure safety and give you a more comfortable feeling.

Sports car design with custom aerodynamics provides the operator with a comfortable position and can reduce the risk of knee pain for you

-Other accessories are usually made of powder coated aluminum for high durability, capable of withstanding large loads. The adjustable saddle can be easily lowered and raised to match the steering wheel and sitting position for a comfortable feeling.

– The rim is designed like a 451 size 20 inch racing rim, so the car slides and goes fast no less than the racing bikes.

Cheap Japanese sports bike -5
Folding the Hachiko HA-04 is also very easy

-It takes less than 10 seconds to fold the Hachiko HA-04 folding bike completely and quickly. Efficient folding efficiency helps folding space volume significantly save your family living space.

Above are the ones Japanese brand sports bikes are loved and favored in the market. If you are new to cycling, you can refer to these bikes and consider choosing a suitable bike!

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