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Sports bicycle is not only a means of transportation but also a means to help you express your personality or style, especially young people. Young people always want to show their individuality, express themselves and their own ego. Stems from the actual needs of choice personality sports bike Of the young people who have come to buy at our showroom, Bicycles World would recommend the most suitable for you to help you choose the right bike according to your personality!

1.Why should you choose a sporty bike?

Normally, each person’s personality is never expressed through words, but it is implicitly expressed through their actions, costumes as well as the sports bike they ride … An outfit or bicycle they choose. has partly made it possible for the other person to feel the personalities of the owners. You are a gentle person, you are a calm person, or an active person …

Proactively choosing a personality car that suits your own preferences can bring you more excitement and excitement for the driver, of course because they have chosen the right car. If you have to choose a bike that you don’t like make sure you focus only on the dislikes of the bike, always not be confident in riding and certainly will not deliver performance. High as well as bring boredom to your trip.

2.Bicycle sports and character of the player

2.1 Strong personality

Most people with a strong personality tend to want to show their abilities to the outside world. They are always confident in their actions. These people often choose sports bicycles with complex configurations and complex handling capabilities so that they can ride with good technology on their own. The intensity of their vehicle use most of the time.

Choosing the right sports bike for your taste-1
Mountain bike for people with a strong personality

For people with strong personalities, they will often choose sports bikes with a wide range such as mountain bicycles to conquer challenges and difficulties.

2.2 Dynamic personality

This type of person often likes to show himself in crowded places, is always active in all situations, and has the ability to handle quickly and flexibly. That is why these people often like neatness, simplicity and especially flexibility.

Choosing the right sports bike for your taste-2
Fixed Gear bicycle with a simple design is loved by many young people

The line of cars these people choose is usually not too complicated, but simplified as detailed as the car without brakes or a folding bike that can fold quickly. Bike colors for active people are usually hot and prominent colors such as red, orange, yellow or blue.

2.3 People calm personality

Those are quiet people, tend to be more introverted, they use the car for commuting or for nourishing, sightseeing (retirees, middle and elderly).

Choose the right sports bike for your taste-3
Middle-aged people choose sports bikes for exercise

These are the usual sports bikes that can be one Mountain bike hard fork, a city bike or a light Roadbike with elegant colors like black, purple, charcoal or gray …

2.4 She is gentle

Feminine girls often like gentle, gentle and subtle things. Of course, a car is not too heavy to be moved more easily to be able to move more easily because girls are basically weaker than boys, so they prioritize important cars. light weight.

Choose the right sports bike for your taste-3
Giant Ineed 1500 is chosen by many girls to walk the streets

Females often focus more on the outside rather than on vehicle configuration. Rather than car configuration, they always prioritize fashion, how to match the fashion trends and especially the car to show femininity.

Bicycles for girly girls often have soft curves, in addition to cute and eye-catching colors such as cream pink, purple, cream white, cream yellow …

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2.5 People love to experience

Those are people who love to experience, discover new things in new lands with long distance trips. There is nothing more appropriate than touring cars equipped with racks for hanging things. Besides a touring car with steering wheel with resting function, They are not more concerned about the color but more about the usability as well as the load capacity of the car more.

Choose the right sports bike for your taste-3
Normally strong touring vehicles can carry heavy loads well

Color gamut for these cars is usually deep colors such as purple blue, black, see …

2.6 People like to conquer

The personality of these people is usually the toughness, like to deal with dangerous challenges. They are always looking for the most dangerous situations to conquer, who dare to think and dare to do. Dangerous situations can be rock canyons, deep pools, or trails in dangerous mountains, or simply conquer obstacles on the streets, stairs, roofs …

Choose the right sports bike for your taste-4
BMX bicycles are often used for demonstration

The downhill or freeride, allmountain vehicles are designed with suspension and shock absorbers suitable for the challenges in the mountainous area. To experience street obstacles, you should choose the BMX with a simple design, big, spiky tires ..

If you are intending buy personality sports bicycle You should consider your needs and preferences in order to choose the right sports bike for you.To be able to buy quality sports bicycles, with the best price and reasonable advice. Please come to our bicycle showroom at: 9, Lane 214 Nguyen Xien, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.

Bicycles World is proud to be a distributor of a wide range of sports bicycles with a wide range of colors and brand designs. Premium promises to bring you the most wonderful moments of experience.

Buy bicycles at the World Bicycle showroom to be the most discerning customer.

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