Compare off-road bikes and road bikes

Compare off-road bikes and road bikes

Bicycles in the coming years are not only a new trend that is loved by young people, but also indispensable products for cycling enthusiasts. Two very outstanding vehicles are the cars Mountain bike and long-distance cars also known as Roadbike.

Off-road vehicle is a great choice for adventure enthusiasts who love to conquer and travel to the mountains. As for those who are passionate about speed and like to experience long distances, Roadbike speed warriors are indispensable. To help new players with the overview and most honest we have come up with one Comparison between off-road bikes and Road bikes the most detailed below:


MTB bicycle rewarding with extremely aggressive styling, not elegant and compact like Road cars. But with such a design, it is impossible to evaluate the car’s features, but also to rely on the whole with the harmonious combination of the components that make up the car’s power.

A car that is appreciated for its comfort and convenience gives the user a complete satisfaction when climbing. Off-roaders consider these to be sensational bikes Safety when climbing by stability and performance when overcoming difficult terrain. Meanwhile, Roadbikes bring more lightness and speed.

topographic bike
Mountain bike

The reasons for the road bike the desired high speed can be achieved as it is designed for optimum speed. When the details are minimized, reduce the contact area with the road surface and minimize wind avoidance. Road vehicles are very picky roads, suitable only for good quality roads with no potholes or elephant potholes. But braking isn’t as safe as the terrain. If the road surface is slippery or more sandy, it is easy to slip due to poor flexibility than MTB.

The first reason for that big difference is the tire structure for each vehicle to better suit the terrain. Usually, common, normal MTB off-road vehicle often passing places with steep slopes, dangerous terrain, bad roads such as trails, mountain roads, so it requires a great contact of the tire with the surface, the terrain tire is spiky to have more friction.

The Road vehicle is designed with thinner tires to make the contact with the road surface smaller to create maximum glide. Road tires are larger in size, resulting in a larger wheel rotation than off-road bikes, so their speed is significantly less.

Due to the fact that off-road bikes have to operate in complex terrain, often subjected to shock and shock, the designs are largely focused on weight and pedals. These parts are designed with materials that are tough, tough and are impact resistant.

Comparison between off-road bikes and road bikes-1
MTB frame is designed thick, big, while Road frame towards slimmer

As for the frame Road car On the other hand, due to the beautiful off-road terrain, these cars are designed with lighter, thinner weight frames to achieve the fastest speeds. Road frame materials are lightweight materials with a very high bearing capacity.

2. Spare parts

Compare differences between off-road bikes and road bikes-3
MTB tires are larger, more spiked and free, Road tires are thin, narrow and smooth without spikes

Road vehicles prioritize speed, so use tires that are larger than MTB tires, see the French road tire symbol 700C corresponding to the tire diameter of 28 “, the maximum width is 23 mm, and the MTB tire has a 26 ”diameter and 1.9+ common width, especially narrow tires smaller or equal to 1.5” to improve off-road vehicles

  • Steering wheel and balance:
Comparison between off-road vehicle and road vehicle -4
The handlebar is designed to better suit the terrain

off-road bicycle rider due to bad or mountain road activities, has a larger width of handlebars with aim to maintain balance, control the vehicle with various techniques, and handle road due to love speed bridge should narrow the steering wheel to the maximum to avoid “wind resistance”.

Compare off-road and off-road vehicles - 6
Off-road brakes have a more complex and safer structure

Because traveling on dangerous roads, in many cases on the mountainside, off-road bikes need a brake with a large braking force, which can immediately lock the wheel, at the beginning this vehicle used the brake. V, later because of higher driving requirements should be changed to the mechanical disc brake and the most advanced is the oil pressure brake. The road brake is still focused on speed and light weight, which is not uncommon because when the car is moving at high speed, the driver is too sudden to cause the tire to suffer. loss of friction, causing slippage on the road and losing brake effect.

Comparison of off-road and road bikes -7
The fork has a complex configuration to handle shock and absorb shock well

The fore of off-road vehicle is a vital part of off-road vehicle. For someone with experience in vehicle performance evaluation, just looking at this part can accurately assess up to 80% of the real value of the car. The more the MTB car contains a lot of high technology and technology, is a combination of bearing strong impact force, reducing shock to the steering wheel and saddle but at the same time being light, while on road bikes, the more before only It is simply a part of the car and many types of frames go together the front in a unit.

weight of off-road bikes and tuoring are extremely important when playing, off-road bikes can weigh up to 12.5kg but road bikes can never exceed 10.5kg, even equipment and accessories and even the cyclist’s body weight was squeezed to be lighter. Because the heavier the weight of the vehicle, the more force the cyclist loses, consumes more energy and gets down faster.

3.The difference in features and use

Off-road bikes used in complex environments such as alpine, offroad and bad roads with many obstacles and potholes, do not focus on high speeds, withstand extreme weather and environmental circumstances, even withstand the impact and breakdown during movement.

Road sport bicycle (road) suitable only in the right environment, with emphasis on high-speed travel and long-distance travel, so people call it a long-distance vehicle.

4.Overall evaluation

These two types of vehicles also differ in wind resistance and cycling posture. The higher the speed, the more power the rider consumes, this loss has little to do with the friction between the wheel and the road surface, nor to the friction between the parts, axles, and bearings. There is a lot to do with wind resistance, the higher the speed, the greater the wind resistance, the off-road bike is not a speed-designed vehicle, so there’s no need to talk about it, unless you want to renovate. Mountain bike the side of the road vehicle with a pair of narrow 1.5 ”bare tires and additional road steering.

As for road vehicles, the higher the speed, the more reasonable the wind resistance due to the cyclist’s posture and vehicle design combined, the athletes can maintain movement on the road at a speed of 60 km. / h, it is important to carefully assess the road because just a small negligence or encounter a rock or sand can cause a dangerous accident.

Compare off-road bikes and road bikes
MTB and Road are 2 hottest models in the current sports bike line

In addition, with the final difference between the number of gears on the front disc and the sprocket and the chain, the road sprocket has a lower number of teeth than the track of the off-road vehicle to better utilize the pedal force converted to speed, this combination calculated by the manufacturers to combine carefully and synchronously to achieve the highest efficiency and highest performance, while the number of treads of terrain bikes has more teeth to increase the force of climbing, chain. off-road vehicle is also thicker to better withstand traction.

If you still have any questions, you can ask the top experts advice on MTB cycling skills for the easiest and most overview.


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