Consulting to buy quality sports bicycles under 3 million

Tư vấn xe đạp thể thao giá dưới 3 triệu -5

Walking through a number of groups and forums large and small, we encountered the concerns of first-time sports bicyclists in choosing a bicycle. For beginners, the demand is not much, they also do not have much knowledge about sports bicycles so just buy cheap bicycles and upgrade over time to their liking.

Buying demand sports bicycles cost about 3 million and more . Because this price is not only suitable for students, but also for everyone wishing to travel simple and sports. But choosing a sports bike under 3 million with guaranteed quality is not easy when the bicycle market is increasingly diverse, many floating items of unknown origin are displayed. sale spread throughout the market. Buying poor quality products is not only costly to the consumer, but also poses a danger in the ride. It is from these reasons that Bicycles World will give suggestions and advice so that you can choose for yourself the best quality sports bicycles with reasonable prices.

1. Fujisan sports bike

Fujisan sports bikes are the line cheap sports bicycles under 3 million Japanese brand is produced on advanced modern technology line and has significant improvements in high quality frame making technology. Although made entirely of steel frame, but it possesses extremely light weight.

Consulting sports bicycles priced under 3 million -1
Fujisan White Red sports bike

Essentially a hard fork, the car is equipped with a mechanical fork capable of absorbing the best shock from the terrain, reducing vibration to the steering wheel as much as possible.

Other accessories such as steering wheel, stem, pedals, saddle are all made of steel. Therefore, when using, it is advisable to limit the effects from the environment such as water, avoid moisture because the environment in the air, these accessories can be easily oxidized, leading to rust.

The car uses a 24-speed converter, so that you can completely experience the terrain in the best, most comfortable way without getting tired.

The combination of the 24/34 / 42T disc thighs delivers superb movement, smooth coordination and more precise gear shifting.

The car uses super durable Kenda tires, the tire provides robustness even when traveling on the trail.

2. Nakxus ML23 sports bike

This is a prominent car in the low-cost Nakxus range. The ML23 version has improved designs compared to previous Nakxus models like the MT20A, or ML24.

Consulting sports bicycles priced under 3 million -2
Nakxus ML23 sports bike

The first thing that can be noticed is an improved lightweight aluminum alloy frame that is resistant to strong impacts and high deformation. The unique color scheme brings more customization options for the user.

The fork is somewhat improved with a large aluminum shoulder that absorbs large shock, equipped with a well-adjustable cruise lock especially when traveling on different terrains with more suitable customization.

Consulting sports bicycles for under 3 million -3
Aluminum frame Nakxus ML23 strong

-No more worry when components such as stubs, pedals, saddle piles are made of aluminum alloy with better rust resistance than the cheap MT20 hemisphere.

Equipped with SHIMING EF65-8 handshift, Sunrun TX-35 title offers more flexible, varied speeds, plus additional support of Sunrun TZ30 springs and reinforced steel disc thighs The powerful force provides smooth, precise movement when shifting gears.

Consulting sports bicycles priced under 3 million -4
The 24sp Sunrun theme is strong

The car uses genuine YINGXING mechanical disc brakes, so you can go in different weather conditions such as rain, muddy roads.

This Nakxus ML23 model is for people with a height of 1.3m and above, very suitable for students’ ages.

3.Vaenger sports bicycle

Vaenger is the popular low-cost off-road bicycle in the US market. Although it has just entered the Vietnamese market not long ago, it has quickly become a favorite product in the segment of low-cost sports bicycles.

During the sales process and received feedback from customers for this model, we have received a lot of good feedback from users.

First of all, there are compliments for the strong steel frame, this is a frame made of reinforced steel with strong strength and ruggedness with good impact resistance. Strong mechanical forks, good resistance to magnetic impulses The car feels firmer, quieter, comfortable feeling even for long distances on trails.

Consulting sports bicycles priced under 3 million -5
Vaenger sports bicycle Gray-Red version

Although the accessories are made of steel, this steel is made by Vaenger himself with extremely high strength, super light, very resistant to oxidizing agents.

The movement system has the outstanding advantage of owning a 21-speed Shimano from the famous Japanese company Shimano that provides more powerful movement. The brakes for Vaenger are mechanical brakes, this brake is firm and secure Even when riding in slippery conditions.

There are 2 options are 24inh cakes for people from 1.3m to 1.5m and 26 inches for people over 1.6m. The wheel is equipped with a tire with comfortable spikes with a high anti-slip ability.

Above are 3 units sports bicycles cost about 3 million best selling and best reviews. The bike is on display at the Bicycles showrooms in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. For advice and more information please call the hotline: 0979.83.9922 | 024.6686.9919 Please!

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