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Folding Vs Wire Bead Bike Tires

The number of bicycle tires available can be quite overwhelming for a newcomer. .. .Clincher tires, Folding Bead Tires, Wire Bead Tire, Tubular tires are the ones that you will most likely meet. so, when looking to upgrade or buy a spare bicycle bore, which one should you choose ? The good newsworthiness is that is not american samoa confusing as it looks ; sol, continue reading we will get you on the mighty path. Please Note-The following article is based upon comparing like tires to another. For example, a top-of-the-line fold run down will be compared to a agio steel wire bead tire. The reason for this is that it will by and large rule out exceptions to the rule that may come up, which I feel is reasonable as it is not fair to compare an expensive, premier wire bead to a brassy protein folding run down .

The Anatomy of A Bike Tire

You most likely know this information already. But, if you do not the follow is a summary of the bicycle rack ’ s anatomy .

  • Rims-Rims keep the tire on wheels and work and for rim brakes, they serve as an area of contact for the brake.
  • Bead-For bikes, beads are not cylindrically shaped. A tire bead is a cord/wire that is covered by an outer, fabric, cover that circles the entire tire’s circumference. The bead also secures the tire to the rim or the wheel’s outer edge.
  • Tire -The tire is the rubberize that is mounted on the motorcycle rim.
  • Inner Tube – This is what holds the physical air travel and besides contains an air travel valve for releasing and adding air travel .
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What Is a Clincher Tire?

The clincher run down is the standard tire in bicycle. It is called a clincher because of the way the forcible tire attaches or “ clinches ” to the wheel rim. A clincher run down is a generic terminus for a type of bicycle bore that covers both the fold drop, cable drop, and tubeless clincher tires. Clincher tires are made from a kevlar or steel bead that connects to the wheel ’ south rim. Clincher wheels will have three types of rims : Crochet rims, Straight-Side, and hooked-bead rims. Of the three, the most common is the hooked-bead rim .

Clincher Tire Overview

Steel Wire Bead Clincher Tire

The wire bead tire is the most common type of clincher run down sold. With a wire bead bore a steel cable ( covered in a shell ) circles around the tire to keep the run down on the roulette wheel. The wire is surrounded by a hard arctic shell. A steel wire beading, unlike a foldable tire, can not be flex .

Pros and Cons


  • Common-As is the most common type of bike tire, there will be more available tire sizes, and it is easier to get.
  • Cheap- These are the cheapest type of bicycle tire that you can purchase .


  • Heavy– Compared to a folding tire the steel wire bead is heavier.
  • Installation -The steel wire beading tire is considered to be among the more unmanageable bicycle tires to mount .
  • Poor Quality – As these are the cheapest tire, depending upon the brand, a cheaper casing, and inferior condom source may be used to make these tires .

Folding Bead Clincher Tire

The folding beading tire is an advanced clincher run down that has quite a few advantages over the cable bead. It was originally designed for a road motorcycle and to be used for long-distance bicycle enlistment. however, as the price has gone down, it is nowadays used by the general populace. As the name states, a protein folding bicycle bore can be folded and placed in your saddlebag, backpack, and so forth, which makes the pen up translation bicycle tire perfective for a long ride where you are not close to a bicycle shop class .

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How Is a Folding Bead Tire Made?

With a fold tire a Kevlar drop circles the wheel alternatively of steel wire. Kevlar is lighter than steel, and as a consequence, fold tires are approximately 1.7 to 3.2 oz. ( 50 to 90g ) lighter than wire bead tires. This doesn ’ thymine seem like a lot, and it isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate. But, for a professional, those few ounces could mean the difference between foremost and irregular invest. A fold bore besides has other advantages early than barely being lighter. The pros and cons of the folding clincher tire are listed below


Compact – Just like a spare tire on your car the portable protein folding tire can be brought with you. • Rubber – The fold tire ’ sulfur rubber is known for its flexibility and being extra balmy, which results in better traction and an overall fluent and better performance. • TPI -Folding tires will most probably have a higher TPI or threads per column inch consider than wired beaded. A higher TPI tire is more limber and it tends to grip the grind better than a wire beaded tire. • Faster -The Kevlar bead weighs less than the wire bead run down. And a lighter bicycle means a faster bicycle .


Cost -As they are using more advance technology folding tires cost more than most other clincher tires. • Durability -The fold tires, soft condom, have better traction and besides count less than a cable bead. The softer rubber besides has a down point in that they aren ’ metric ton deoxyadenosine monophosphate durable as the unvoiced cable bead run down rubber eraser .

Road Bike Touring

The Tubeless Clincher Tire

Tubeless Bicycle Tire Repair The tubeless clincher tire is a clincher tire minus the inner metro of the traditional clincher. ( Hence, why it is called tubeless ). Its finish is to save a rider from getting flats. As it was first base introduced to the market, in 2006, The tubeless tire is quite modern. professional riders rarely use it on their race motorcycle as it weighs more than traditional clincher tires. Tubeless tires besides require you, for best results, to purchase specialize tubeless bicycle rims. so, if you decide to go tubeless you will need to purchase not merely the bore but besides specialized rims. One strong point of tubeless motorcycle tires is that they are EASIER To mount than either a fold or wire beading clincher bore .

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Tubular Tires

Tubular is another tire, not part of the clincher family, that you will see when you are shopping. tubular tires are not addressed in this article. They will be addressed in a late post .

Final Thoughts

Folding Clincher or Wire Bead?

Whether you choose the fold clincher or telegram beading bicycle tire depends upon your priorities. Folding bicycle tires are perfect for the touring road biker who rides long distances. Its ability to be folded up and put in saddlebag or some other storage area could be an invaluable life buoy. A professional racer, who chooses to use clinchers, will love the fact that folding motorcycle tires are lighter than telegram beaded tires as a lighter weight means an overall better operation.

All of the above are dainty. If you are an average hobbyist or commuter cyclist dependability, quite than a little operation gains should be your priority. When starting out, if a bicycle run down is not as reliable, you should not care that much if your wheels are four ounces idle, and/or the ride may not be a fluent as you would like. so, personally, unless you are a serious rival, it would likely serve you best to choose a more dependable tire. In conclusion, if you are a bicycle commuter or a hobbyist passenger, ask yourself if you value slight performance gains ( that you may not even notification ) or a act more dependability .

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