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Had excellent service from Rayette and Christina.yes, they are always busy but took the clock time to help me reach the assorted tires I had screened on channel from Tire Rack and others. Rayette worked through the respective features and benefits of the tires. I wanted to know the issue of repairs, recalls, complaints or problems with the popular tires they were selling and she was most helpful. She took the time to explain all the questions I had careless of how busy they were.

Well done Rayette ! Keep up the big customer service. Cheers, Dennis
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Honestly, I am quite defeated with Costco tire concentrate. Got my tire initiation appointment at 5 : 15pm and got my car back entirely at 7 : 15pm. They don ’ t have proper a waiting sphere or where you can sit and wait so I had to walk around with my haul full of groceries outside for about an hour.they have just one metallic element branch but it was taken by other people. I don ’ triiodothyronine think I ever use this tire center again, it was a waste of time and quite atrocious experience .
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good deal on tires and staff are friendly and helpful. Since we bought our tires here, when we have a bland the repairs are free. Waits can be a sting long then book appointment first and go shop at the memory while you wait .
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Az Tector

even with an appointment, expect to wait up to 20 minutes in a occupation for person to show up at the front man desk. badly short-handed and/or ineffective. And they charge $ 55 to switch over your tires – $ 110 per year – which eats up any advantage or savings of bribe tires through Costco .
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So I ca n’t decide if one ‘m more jumble or broken. then I booked an appointment for a “ run down repair. “ I had discovered a smash in my tire but it did n’t appear to be leaking. I showed up and told the lady at the counter that the issue was a nail down in the rear drivers-side tire. I was told one ‘d get a call when the car was cook for pick-up. I get a call that my car is ready but im unable to pick it up until after they close, no consequence on their part.

I show up belated to pick up my car and am super confused. My car is there but the spare run down is installed on the rear drivers side. Huh ? Why would n’t they put the repaired tire back on ? I could have put the spare run down on myself, the bore was n’t flat. I am very confused and slightly annoyed.

I then get my car home I looked at the bore they removed. The nail is still in it ! ? ! ? ! Huh ? ! I have indeed many questions ? I booked an appointee and paid for “ run down repair ” and rather got a spare part run down install ? Why would anyone think this was fair ? Why would they think person would want to drive away from a tire center with a spare part run down on ? I ‘m just struggling with the think serve ( or lack there of ) here.

sol now in the middle of the weekend I have a car at home with the spare run down installed and the tire with the breeze through in it in the torso.

I ‘ll take the cable car back soley for the reason to try to understand, why ? But I think from now on I ‘ll just go to OK Tire or something .
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Na Young Bae

The ladies working at the movement counter on Tuesday April 23rd from 11am to 3pm are the crude staff I have always seen.
I left my daughter to take manage of things as I had to leave for ferment and apparently they were planning on leaving her wait for about 4 hours when a tire refilling would have taken a half hour ( they got to it only after she waited 2.5 hours and said she has to leave in a half hour ) – they besides said they do n’t provide a timeframe for walk-ins, and the they did n’t flush bring the car into the shop class after 2.5 hours, which means she could have waited even longer had she not said anything.
They besides did n’t explain to her anything regarding the procedure, such as not returning the replaced tire since it was covered 63 % by guarantee to replace it.
This resulted in my having to make an supernumerary and unnecessary trip there.
not only did they lose commercial enterprise ( as I was planning on replacing a run down set adjacent fourth dimension but I surely wo n’t come to this shop ), I will besides be filing a complaint for their miss of professionalism and downright contempt for younger customers .
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Walked in to replace a ( ONE ) tire, was told by James it ‘ll be about “ one, two hours, possibly three. “
I had 3 hours to spare so I waited, and after 2.5 hours I asked the counter staff how it was going.
apparently my car had n’t even been brought into the denounce ( i.e, still parked outside ) and it ‘ll be another hour.
The rejoinder staff proceeds to tell me that “ we do n’t provide a timeframe if it ‘s a walk-in. “
indeed. James, did you mean “ one, two hours, possibly three.or forever ” ?
I tell them I only have a half hour so I ‘ll precisely take the car and leave.
entirely then do they come back and say “ Ok it ‘s gone in, you said you have to leave in a one-half hour ? The coach ‘s taking care of it so it ‘ll be done by then. “
I ‘m speechless because God only knows how long I would have had to wait if I did n’t say anything.
Will not be using this shop in the future .
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I am an executive Costco Card Member and Costco Credit Card holder. This was my third time coming to the Tire Center in 4 months since tires were purchased brand modern. Tires were good Year factory replacements for my 2016 Ram that is besides still factory with 70,000kms. Tires were bought at another placement. Costco installed and balanced the tires for what I thought was a great hand of $ 15 each. I notice a week late that at 75 kms per hour Im getting alot of vibration. I take the hand truck back to Costco and the technician tells me that 2 of the tires are way off in slant and that he has now added more. About a calendar month later I am taking a road trip with family up to Whistler and at roughly 105 km per hour I feel that like vibration. So I make another appointment to have the poise adjusted as the final technician said if there was further problem to ask that the tire be turned on the rim and then rebalanced.

Upon arrival the movement anticipate person was quick, cheery, and helpful ! a soon as my truck is pulled into the alcove I see a technician come to the front and scold her about how “ this truck was here 6 months ago for the install and Im not doing a rebalance ”. He then goes back to the bay area and yells to the front “ Im going to call the owner, we arent doing this ”. I get up from the waiting area a north dakota produce my way past the early customers towards the bay as my earphone rings and the technician repeats what he just told the counter person.

I approach the technician and as he sees me he hangs up. I produce all of my receipts for the first install and poise, the first rebalancing, and now 3rd rebalancing. I explain that it has been 4 months since the install and this is my third gear trip back to this Costco. That the balance was way off the first gear clock time and I just want it corrected the way that the previous technician stated that it should be if there was however an issue.

Another technician ( possibly an assiatant tire workshop director ) joined the discussion and I was told that I would have to pay for another 4 Tire Installation if I wanted to have the tires rebalanced correctly.

Why would I pay to have tires reinstalled when they werent balanced by rights when they were installed in the first set ? Im just trying to have the poise corrected properly ?

I was n’t going to pay $ 100 for the rebalancing that should have been done correctly in the first target.
I spent 2 hours each clock for a total of 6 hours and still did not get the job done correctly, and that is good wait time, not travelling to and from the Tire Shop .
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I ended up with a flat tire on the way to work, and the closest natural gas station to me was Costco so I ended up at their tire workshop. I was in a panic and needed a solution adenine immediate as possible so I could get to work, and the staff were capital. The woman at the front ( Ray, possibly ? ) was excellent. She let me know all of my options and was a bang-up affair with the crew to get my car in right aside. The run down was besides damaged to fill, so they put my spare bore on alternatively. In half an hour and for less than $ 13, I was on my way again .
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