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Cramerotti Maverick M-3
Components: Campagnolo Super Record 11
Wheels: Fast Forward F6R
Sizes: Fully custom (46 cm and up)

Reading: Review: Euro Road Bikes: Cramerotti Maverick M-3 – Canadian Cycling Magazine

MSRP: $7,900
A Ferrari-red race bicycle clad in Campagnolo Super Record 11 parts and matching loss bobby pin tape and tires. Style like this can only come from one identify : Italy .
They may have a canadian head function, but Cramerotti Custom Racing bicycles are a italian as they come. With a history dating back to the 1920s, Cramerotti has been around for a while, but the bikes they make are both modern and authentically italian .
The caller has a full image of custom road, time trial, cyclocross, track and touring bikes available in carbon, steel and aluminum. All are custom-built to your size and geometry requests in Italy.

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party laminitis Tullio Cramerotti was a friend and casual race adversary of Tullio Campagnolo. In 1945, Cramerotti opened his own shop in Rovereto, Italy and finally he handed the reign over to his son, Guiseppe. This second-generation bicycle builder moved to Canada in 1984, and now runs the company with his son, Will, but the bikes are still being wholly hand built and painted in Veneto, Italy .
The motorcycle we tested was a 2010 Cramerotti Maverick M-3, which is one of the prettiest bikes we ’ ve tested and however rode vitamin a well as it looked. The bicycle was superintendent potent at the bottom bracket and performed flawlessly under heavy accelerations and climbing. Handling was crisp and predictable, specially at speed, which is where the Maverick seemed most comfortable. The Selle SMP Forme saddle doesn ’ thymine look particularly comfortable, but it was surprisingly docile on the important parts, even after hours on the road .
appropriately, the Cramerotti was equipped with Campagnolo ’ s top-end Super Record group, which gorgeous both in human body and routine. Having an 11-speed drivetrain entail there constantly seemed to be a correct gearing to be in and the organization worked both restfully and without issues. other components included a Deda induct post, handlebar and root, which is a beautiful bicycle component on its own.

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One complaint was the add Fast Forward F6R wheels, which were wrapped in Vredestein tires. Yes the F6R wheels looked big and matched the motorcycle ’ s color outline well, but for a bicycle of this level, they may not have been the best choice. At 1,830 grams, these 58mm deep wheels were besides heavy to be a good match. They performed wheel, particularly on solo efforts, but when build this bicycle we would recommend either upping the ante and going with full carbon paper deep-dish tubulars, or with one of Fast Forward ’ s light and shallower clincher options. To their credit, Cramerotti said typically this bicycle would be specification ’ erectile dysfunction with lighter-weight tubulars. tied with the F6Rs, the bicycle came in at an impressive barely over seven kilograms ( 15.5 pounds ) .
Price-wise, before knowing the MSRP, we guessed this bicycle came in at between $ 10,000 and $ 11,000. To our surprise, it was a importantly better value than we could have imagined, particularly for a fully-custom ride with Campy ’ s top-end road group .
The Cramerotti Maverick M-3 is a true italian masterpiece. And like a Ferrari, it goes fast and looks bang-up in bolshevik .

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