Cycling Accessories- A Beginners Guide

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In fact these accessories for cycling are not essential, but when riding in adverse weather conditions or unsafe places it will make you happier and more comfortable, making you always feel more excited for my trip. Below will be these accessories for cycling necessary you should consult and consider equipping yourself!

1.A lock

If you leave your bike on the street you need to lock it. This is what you will have to worry about as good locks are usually not cheap but it will keep thieves out of and take your bike ride.

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Bicycle lock

It is also not possible to be sure that such a lock is good by looking at it. What we see is that the best protection comes from the D-shaped padlock with hard armor protection mechanism around. The U lock of this padlock should be connected at all ends and the key should be flat should not be a cylinder key as it is easy to strike.

With the higher value locks, the better the quality of protection. Budget can range from 100-300k. There are many options for you to protect your vehicle.

2. Baggage

There are many ways to carry things on your bike, you can use a backpack to be able to carry all the necessary accessories. As for walking around the city. If you want to be lighter, look for a compact bag with compression straps to keep the luggage more stable to avoid impact.

Accessories necessary for cycling -2
Cycling backpack

The body bag may have an easier advantage when you get off the bike, but there are some disadvantages when you exercise. For many people the combination of a backpack and a drop handle isn’t simply comfortable.

If your trip is longer, then it is best to use a rear row pass, such as a touring car, that will give you a lot of energy needed to comfortably go shopping. If you don’t need a lot of carrying capacity, look at the storage pockets and saddle pockets for small items.

If you are going off-road, you should use a backpack to go. There are many options for almost all including water clams ..

3.Waterproof jacket

To keep your inner layers waterproof when traveling in frosty, wet and rainy conditions, windbreakers are absolutely indispensable. The specific fabrics for these models are usually made of special waterproof material, so you can rest assured that you will not be absorbed in cold water.

Accessories necessary for cycling -3
Waterproof jacket

Please choose a good coat in the color you love best to be able to equip your perfect trip.

4. Mud guard

This is a very important ingredient in preventing mud and dirty water from splashing on your car and clothing. Many cases of back drench from dirty splashes. Most of the road, whether mountain or city, should install fenders for their vehicle to provide adequate and complete coverage to get the best protection.

Accessories for cycling -4
Mud fenders on the bike

It won’t be of much use on sunny days, but on rainy days you can rest assured even if you have to go through a large puddle they have very little chance of destroying you.

5.Front and rear lights

In dark conditions or walking in low-light conditions that limit your view and cannot see your surroundings, you need the help of your little buddy, the front light and after .

Accessories for cycling -5
Cycling Flashlight

Front lights are usually flashlights with strong illumination, you can use a rechargeable light or a flashlight to be able to provide a light source. For rear taillights it is possible to use LEDs, turn signals to ensure it is safe to signal to other vehicles.

6.Bump, spare parts and tools

Bring more gear for your bike as an essential multipurpose bike repair kit that contains all the things like ”screwdriver, wrench, hexagon kit, tube patch, swingarm seven layers, mini pump ”

Accessories for cycling -6
Mini pump

These tools will help you in the necessary cases, even if you are new to sports bicycles, you should also equip yourself with basic sports bike repair knowledge, simply know how to use. These tools are proficient to self-repair your car in the most urgent time without anyone to help!

7. Insurance helmet

A helmet is essential for you to ensure safety in any case. Because when in traffic is very complicated, the chances of having an accident happen with a very high frequency. That is why it is preferred to design helmets with the necessary features to protect your head no matter what level of accident on the road.

Accessories for cycling -7

Especially for adventure bicycles like mountain bicycles, hats can also help you avoid minor injuries when falling. Race bike helmets are designed with the best dynamics in mind to enable buyers to find the best fit and take advantage of the best speed.

8. Bicycle clothing

Specialized cycling clothing can look very weird, especially for non-athletes and they have a bit of a fat body but it’s comfortable and especially for long trips.

Accessories for cycling -8
Specialized cycling suits

If you are really passionate, you should buy yourself specialized sports cycling clothes to have the best experience. Clothes are highly stretchy, better able to move around, and you can breathe better without sweating.

9. Pedal without disc

Accessories for cycling -9
Bicycle pedal

As skill improves, the pedal fastened to the bike definitely deserves a consideration for cycling and ends extremely with mountain biking.

10.Gay cycling

Choose specific cycling shoes with hard soles so that your feet won’t get sore while on the pedal. There are shoes with flat threads but most have the threads that can be firmly screwed onto the strip bar.

Accessories necessary for cycling -10
Specialized cycling shoes

11.Electronic watch

If you want to know how fast you go and how far are you going. How your heart rate measures even outbound route maps. The GPS-connected digital watches or mini-computers cost between VND 500-2 million will be able to provide you with a lot of data while riding.

Accessories for cycling -11
Electronic clock displayed on the bike


This is almost always a necessity and very special for summer outings as the ultraviolet rays from the sun can make your eyes tired and glare.

Accessories for cycling -12
Bicycle eyeglasses

Choose glasses that cover the eye area as much as possible and look for interchangeable glasses that are good for bright, day-and-night conditions. You can choose glasses with prices from 700k or more.

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