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Dietary guide for cyclists -1

Lots of amateurs cyclists may have gotten started with their season and athletes rolled around on event lines. However, for the riders, their nutritional plans are really ineffective. In the following article, we will give you instructions on the right diet for you. can best plan and apply for your ride plan.

1. Crush and burn

We understand how enticing you can try a thorough diet. Instead, you won’t have to take the pressure off of rapid, heavy weight loss that never swells your stomach. The good news is that it should be careful with calories as well as energy output. Remember that although the goal is not punishment, it is more sustainable weight loss.

Dietary guide for cyclists -1
Bicyclists should have a well-balanced diet to ensure good energy while cycling

There are several unique and unannounced weight loss regimes that are unique to cyclists. With advice from a professional nutritionist will be able to help you make extremely wise choices.

2. Drink beer

Requirements: drinking a cold beer on a specific month will help you stay awake, lose weight, and become healthier.

A guide to the diet for cyclists -2
Drinking beer is a great way to lose weight

If alcohol is one of your weaknesses, this shouldn’t be the case. Up to 7kcal per gram of wine and a little beer or a glass of wine can hold up to 200kcal as much as a piece of cake. Stopping heavy alcohol is a theoretical simple way to reduce your intake by a thousand calories per week.

Switching from everyday wine and water to mineral water and tea may not be easy. Discipline will be required and exercised overall and exercised regularly. It might be a wiser end to possibly get to a sustained degree of moderation for the rest.

Nutritionists also agree that drinking with you is absolutely a great way to help you lose weight, and maintaining regular non-alcoholic days of the year is also the best way to rest your liver. alcohol for a month is not an unsafe solution. It is best to commit to a healthier one.

Lots of varieties like biscuits and snacks are advertised as being purely healthy as low in fat, but still stuffed and best avoided.

3.The 5: 2 diet

It is possible to lose weight quickly by limiting your calories for two days (intermittently per week, when you only have 25% of your usual total (5000kcal for women, 6000cal for men) for the rest of the day you can eat normally.

In fact, reducing 75% of calories in daily meals, vegetarian foods also means you will reduce down to 3,000-4,000 kcal. One pound of fat contains about 3,500kcal – so providing a consistent level of activity and calories on “normal” days will also help provide your activity level and your calorie intake on days. ‘normal’ remains consistent, you’ll lose around 1lb per week.

But is this diet suitable for cyclists? It is possible but only if you are very cautious and careful to schedule two fasting days to coincide with holidays. If you are trying to exercise on fasting days then the depletion of glycogen, fatigue and low performance, possibly fainting is inevitable.

A dietary guide for cyclists -3
Should eat more green vegetables, fruits to supplement the body vitamins

For most cyclists, you are more likely to lose weight sustainably and continue to build fitness by reducing your calorie intake in moderation while maintaining or slightly increasing your workouts. .

According to sports nutritionist Julia Mainstone ( “As long as a sensible diet is followed on non-fasting days, this diet can work well for promote calorie deficit. For active people, it can be difficult to combine the vegetarian days with a program of heavy physical activity. Also, some people don’t lose weight because, even though they stick to fasting days, they have excess calories on other days. “

If you have a two-day weekend, going vegetarian on these days can be an effective way to lose weight quickly. Just keep in mind the calorie deficit you will accumulate, train hard on fasting days to have a detrimental effect.

4.Dukan Diet

Requirements: By abruptly cutting out carbohydrates, before gradually returning to a more normal diet, you can lose weight more quickly, but more sustainably, with less fatigue.

Reality: Developed by French doctor Pierre Dukan, this diet is quite complex. There are four stages: attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilization. During the first 7 to 10 days of the attack phase you should eat only foods high in protein and carbon free while introducing 28 selected vegetables, which have a reinforcement stage. go back to dairy and starchy foods like two unlimited celebrations per week. In the end the stabilization period is a return to relatively normal but worth it to stick to, eat and drink.

For cyclists this is not really realistic, the attack phase hinders training, glycogen stores will likely be severely depleted after the first day. Besides, even if you manage the initial fasting time, the real challenges start with reintroducing fats and carbs according to the rules and not overly indulging yourself. It is easier and more practical to demonstrate a long term strategy under which you simply cut down on cakes, chips and beer while starting a training program.

You will lose weight rapidly in the first place, thanks to the restriction on everything except protein rich foods. But a lack of carbohydrates can make it difficult to breathe and lack energy while low fiber levels can cause constipation. If you are active then the first phase will be hard work as a severe deficit of caloric will reduce your recovery and adapt to training.

If you want to lose a few pounds quickly this could be for you, try to preserve your diet.

5.Fat Supplements

Over-the-counter weight loss medications can contain uncontrolled substances that can also cause unpleasant effects.

Dietary guide for cyclists -4
Eating foods such as lean meats and legumes can help you lose weight science

Foods with this diet allow for natural foods that are nuts, fruits, vegetables, legumes, milk as well as vegetable oils to eat on a low carbohydrate and saturated fat diet. Lean foods as it can help you lose weight. Also eat lean protein rich meats that are good for weight loss.

For cyclists, Carbohydrate foods The main source of ingredients for cyclists in foods such as porridge, bread, and pasta gives you a good source of energy. In addition, dairy foods, whole grains and legumes are all rich in nutrients.

Consuming the high protein and fat content will make you feel full at all times. However, a relative carbohydrate deficiency can be detrimental to endurance sports on cycling. Also, it is definitely not suitable for vegetarians.


Foods such as vegetarian, water have the function of eliminating toxins and purifying the body. Do not eat foods that contain additives, preservatives, or canned foods.

Dietary guide for cyclists -5
Using detox foods helps you to purify the body, eliminate harmful chemicals

However, it is more important than ever to get the basic nutritional ingredients by eating a balanced diet. This keeps your liver function better maintained at optimal levels. The liver is thought to be our internal chemical factory, in which the lungs, kidneys, skin and lymphatic systems and intestines play the role. an important role in eliminating harmful waste systems.

Eat foods rich in antioxidants, including succulent berries, brightly colored fruits and vegetables. However, the best solution is to avoid eating bad foods like caffeine so limit your muscle’s need for miraculous repair. Always aim to eat fresh, organic seasonal foods, control the use of stimulants like caffeine and alcohol, and avoid processed foods that contain additives and preservatives. “

7.Help treatment

You can completely get rid of the hangover and can help your body recover more quickly from special drinks as well as electrolytes.

Taking time to rest is also the only effective hangover cure. After drinking, liver and kidneys are in a state of trying to process chemicals, so drink plenty of water as well as vitamin C for the best metabolism. When you wake up, drink more water and fruits such as ginger tea to recover. Foods you should include include slow-release carbohydrates to balance your blood sugar. Eggs can help, as they contain cysteine, which helps support the liver’s metabolic activity, but frying can irritate your stomach making you sick.

8.Treating thirst

Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to reduce hunger and purify the body. Your body is an incredibly complex device when it comes to controlling thirst and feelings of fullness. Never forget that to eat well, thirst will remind you of any circumstances. It is a miracle but also a desire, sensitive and up to 100% correct.

Dietary guide for cyclists -6
Hydrate the body when thirsty

No one is asking how much you can drink, but the thirst is so cold that it is the mechanism for maintaining fluids and electrolytes in the body. If you lose a few kilograms after exercising it doesn’t mean you have become dangerously dehydrated. When you drink, optimize your water intake.

Summary :

New diets will be an effective way to make your body more stubborn than an overbearing child, but they will also reduce your energy levels and destroy your cycling. Eating healthy year round will help keep your weight under control.

A few little notes:

Avoid saturated fats

-Avoid processed foods such as pasta, white bread, rice.

Reduce sugar by eating less sweets

Limiting your use of caffeine, salt, and alcohol as well as stimulants can put your liver under stress.

-With foods with a low glycemic load can slow down the carbohydrate rate and help keep blood sugar levels steady.

– Eat seasonal foods, organic and fresh foods for maximum nutritional content.

Use lean white meats, fish, nuts, and vegetarian proteins like beans

With the above extremely useful sharing, you can definitely make your own meal plan. Experiment and find the right menu for yourself.

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