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I ‘ve farseeing been a sports fan of scandal drop style handlebars. My buddy Kevin and I were distinctive mountain bike riders of the early on 90 ‘s in BC. Our bikes had extremely narrow directly bars to enable us to ride between trees on the narrow single track trails of the area. A motorcycle shop owner in Whistler, who had all the cool parts from the US that we ‘d entirely seen in magazines, convinced us to try drop bars. The bars were a hoot to use. On flowy one track, they felt more precise than traditional flat bars. The crap drops besides gave my bicycle an improper look, that helped it stand out in a sea of bikes in BC. I do n’t think we saw anyone else with them in years of riding in BC and the westerly US. I used them on my Brodie for off road riding, permute, and touring for over a twelve years .
Original WTB Dirt Drops - Dirt Drop Setup - Velo Orange
fast forward to now and you ‘ll see a proliferation of drop bars with erupt being used for all sorts of motorcycle builds. indeed you ‘ve seen them on builds on sites like The Radavist or Cycle Exif and you ‘ve gone and bought a set of. now, how do you set these up ? well, let ‘s oeuvre on that shall we.

Dajia Far Bars Top Down - Dirt Drop Setup - Velo Orange
The basic tenant of using crap drops is that unlike traditional fell bars, you want the brake hoods to be at least the lapp height as the saddle, preferably higher. The idea is that you can ride with your hands on the hoods for comfort and you can get into the drops for “ rocky stuff ” and hush maintain command. You ‘ll see that many dirt drop bars have a fair come of flare, compared to road drop bars, and this extra leverage gives you more command in those situations where delicacy is needed- threading the needle on unmarried track trails or trying to get through a mud pit on a outside gravel road in westerly PA .
Piolet - Dirt Drop Setup - Velo Orange
So you should look at your current cockpit set up. If you are running a threadless set up, you might need to get a new shank. Something like the would help to move your new drop bars up into a higher situation. If you are running a thread headset, using a

lets you use the Cigne root or you could use a

removeable face plate quill stem

to move the bars up higher.

Dirt Drops and Cigne Stem - Velo Orange
What else to think of when switching to dirt drops ? Shifters would be the other thing. You can set up shifting in three different ways. You can use traditional. The Dia Compe ones we sell ferment bang-up for up to a 9 rush set up. You can do with “ brifters ” like Igor did on his Piolet construct. Or you could be more singular and go with the and put them up by the handlebar clamp area and shift with your thumbs on the flat section of the drop bars .

Dirt Drop Shredding - Velo Orange

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