Encounter a starved and emaciated dog found on the street, making a miraculous recovery with the help of caring individuals

In a heartwarming story of resilience and recovery, a starved and emaciated lurcher was found on the streets of Blythe, Northumberland, left for dead. The poor pup, named Tiggy, was nothing but skin and bones, with almost no hair and an easily-visible ribcage, weighing only 24 lbs, half of what she should weigh.

Tiggy was taken straight to the vet, and with their treatment and the love and care of those around her, she slowly began to recover. Day by day, Tiggy gained weight, and her hair started to grow back. Day 17 marked her first walk at the beach, where she was cautious but eventually started to enjoy all the different smells. And on day 30, Tiggy had almost doubled her weight and met her potential new owners.

Now, a year later, Tiggy is a happy and playful dog, with a new forever home and a loving family. Her miraculous recovery from near-death to a life full of joy and love is truly inspiring. Tiggy’s story is a reminder of the resilience of animals and the power of love and care in bringing about remarkable transformations. We can all take inspiration from Tiggy’s journey and learn to never give up hope.

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