Encounter the Splendor of the Carmine Bee-eater: Admire its Dazzling Plumage and Captivating Colors

26/05/2023 |

The members of this species, regardless of gender, have a striking resemblance to each other. However, there are instances where their eyes exhibit varying hues.

The Northern carmine bee-eater stands out as the most stunning bird of its kind, boasting a large size and brilliantly vibrant colors.

The northern carmine bee-eater, a type of African bird in the Meropidae family of bee-eaters, boasts vibrant and eye-catching plumage that makes them stand out. Their unique coloring is predominantly carmine, with a head and throat that are green-blue, along with a black mask. These birds have slender bodies, pointed black beaks, red eyes, and sharp claws that enable them to perch on vertical surfaces. The scientific name for this species is Merops nubicus or M. n. nubicus.

The carmine bee-eater belonging to the Northern variety is naturally found in various parts of central and northern African countries like Cameroon, Benin, and the Central African Republic.

It’s not a shocker that bees are a major source of food for Northern carmine bee-eaters, but they also consume other flying insects like ants, grasshoppers, and locusts. These birds typically catch their prey by sitting on a branch, scanning the area for any flying insect, and then catching it mid-air.

Because of the broad geographic distribution of this avian species, there is currently no imminent concern regarding a reduction in its population.

Take a look at the bird featured in the video down below: