Explore the Colorful World of Wetland Birds with the American Purple Gallinule: A True Beauty of the Marshes!

This striking bird likes to hide in the cover of reeds and aquatic vegetation around swamps, lagoons, ponds and freshwater marshes along the coasts of the Southeastern United States and Central America.

Colorful bird with candy corn beak Porphyrio martinicus)
The purple gallinule is an eye-catching bird with its iridescent violet plumage, shimmering green wings, blue head, and a red beak.

Adding to this colorfulness are the bird’s long yellow legs and long toes that enable it to walk on floating water plants.

You can spot this colorful bird during the day when it’s feeding on plants, insects, frogs, worms, and snails.

Purple gallinules can swim but prefer to stay out of open water away from predators like alligators.

These monogamous birds are highly territorial during breeding season as they guard and incubate their floating nest of 2 to 10 eggs.