FSA Vision Metron SL wheels show new, stiffer hubs, better braking; plus new seatposts & stem

2017 FSA Vision Metron 55SL disc brake carbon road bike wheels
The new Vision Metron SL Wheels are their the peak floor wheels. The last version was released four years ago, and the new SL uses the same asymmetrical rim visibility with beginning spokes to maximize rack stiffness. They look similar, but the details are drastically different. The rim gets a revised lay-up to save a few grams and an better brake coat with a weave outside layer that ’ s laser treated to remove surface resin and roughen it for better friction. They say with the include SwissStop pads the stopping office is on par with debase rims. We rode a set and they are indeed solid stoppers .
The hub get a new husk and upgrade from standard cartridge bearings to angular reach bearings to reduce side loaded embroil. It goes to a one-piece preload adjustment collar that runs all the means up the side. The driveside flange diameter is tall, besides, to shorten the spokes and improve triangulation. The pawl contact a newly engagement ring with more teeth for quick date, excessively .

Reading: FSA Vision Metron SL wheels show new, stiffer hubs, better braking; plus new seatposts & stem

2017 FSA Vision Metron 40SL disc brake carbon road bike wheels
The newfangled wheels will come in 40, 55 and 81 millimeter depths in tubular and clincher. There ’ ll besides be a disk brake version with the 40mm depth that ’ ll have 12mm thru axle and QR compatibility. Rim widths are 17mm internal/25mm-25.5mm external for the two shallower depths, and the 81mm is 16mm/24.8mm. Tubulars are 24.8mm and 24.3mm, respectively, at the outside of the brake track .
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The hub are entirely newly, with the ocular differences at the buttocks thanks to its improbable driveside flanges. But there ’ s even more hiding under the coat. The blueprint is called PRA ( Preload Reduction Assembly ) and uses a clamping collar that limits the side load you can put on the bearings, so you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate over tighten it and create drag. This raw collar is a larger, one-piece cone shaped thread-on whole, compared to the previous annular one .

The hub trade to angular contact bearings, with larger-than-before bearings on the non-drive side .

Flange diameter grows from 47.9mm to 60mm at the spoke mounts, and they switch to 3x lacing to make the wheels even stiffer.

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last, the talk mounting locations get pushed tied wider, as do the bearings inside the freehub body, which besides aid arrant system severity. The freehub consistency upgrades to independent springs for each of the three pawl ( versus one large give ring for all pawl ), which helps reduce haul. The presence hub ’ randomness shell was reshaped, besides, which they say shaved half a watt of drag in the hoist tunnel, and it ’ s 18g light. incremental gains. Rear hub burden is about the like despite growing in diameter where it counts. pricing and weights are :

  • Metron SL 40 Rim Brake Clincher: 2056.99 – 1490g
  • Metron SL 40 Rim Brake Tubular $2056.99 – 1330g
  • Metron SL 40 Disc Brake Clincher: 1999.99 – 1580g
  • Metron SL 40 Disc Brake Tubular: $1999.99 – 1420g
  • Metron SL 55 Clincher: $2068.99 – 1540g
  • Metron SL 55 Tubular: $2068.99 – 1430g
  • Metron SL 55 Disc Brake Clincher: $TBD – 1630g
  • Metron SL 55 Disc Brake Tubular: $TBD – 1520g
  • Metron SL 81Clincher: $2108.99 – 1820g
  • Metron SL 81 Tubular: $2108.99 – 1460g

Rim bracken models ship with the black pads for dry weather, but they recommend the jaundiced pads for besotted upwind .

The new Metron Carbon Stem is a full monocoque carbon part…which is about identical to the FSA bow of the lapp level, so here ’ s the softwood. imagination is aimed at the elite road racer with parts that are more aerodynamically concerned. Case in point, the new Vision bow gets a Metron level that uses a different faceplate to differentiate it from the more open FSA K-Force model. As for hierarchy, here ’ s how the two lines break down : vision has Metron ( top ), then Trimax, then Team ( penetrate ). FSA has K-Force, SL-K, etc. Think of those like Dura-Ace Di2, then DA/Ult Di2, then Ultegra, and on down. In general, the Vision sword is moving more toward being their primary coil branding/naming for high goal road, triathlon and clock time trial, and more focused on the accessories and cockpit parts. The FSA sword will be primarily used for drivetrain parts across all types of bikes, and the mountain bicycle cockpit stuff .
This stem comes with ti hardware, a 1-1/4″ helmsman clamp opening and an adapter to size down to the more common 1-1/8″. Claimed weight is 150g for 100mm, besides available in 110/120/130 lengths, all with a -6º surface .

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New Vision Metron seatpost gets 0mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm reverse options that uses a wholly newfangled plan with an aero shaped exploiter section. The head plan is called CAB, for Carbon Arc Body, and allows the clamp section to rotate along the arch arch of the heading. The Di2 barrage slip in is now formative rather than alloy to shave grams. They come in 400mm lengths and 27.2/31.6 diameters. Weights around 220g-228g depending on size .
Want more ? Check out their new super compact Adventure Cranks for road and our first impressions of the WE electronic shifting group .

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