Get acquainted with a sports bike for Newbie

Bike with 1 fork or 2 forks - Which one is for you?

New friend buy a sports bike brand new? Want to explore every corner – details of how the car’s parts work to satisfy curiosity? But first to satisfy your curiosity and discovery please read the shares below for an overview. More about sports bikes? Sports bicycles are made up of detailed parts and how to edit … The following article will solve all the problems that a newbie needs to answer.

Get familiar with the newbie sports bike
A sports bike is a vehicle that many people love because of the possibilities it can bring

1. Get familiar with the Groupset

Group set what ? What ingredients are they included?

Get familiar with the newbie-2 sports bike
Groupset plays an important role in the configuration of the bike

Normally, in the current purchase and sale in Vietnam, the regulation of 1 groupe (group) is that there are 8 items in which the same brand, same life, 8 items must be required, including:

  1. Roll + plate + axle: this is different from the old one that the axis is always attached to the roll and is counted as 1, not the separate plate of the pot like the old one.
  2. Axle cup (BB cup).
  3. Hand Shake: left + right, overseas selling including string, in Vietnam, there is a separate place, take an additional 300k for 1 set of wire (shell + gut).
  4. Tie win: before + after.
  5. Previous topic: also called plate.
  6. Post topic: also called … leprosy !!!

Tip: includes separate and closed plates, note that only the teeth are not the core (body hub), campy and shimano are different in the core, when buying, pay attention

Get familiar with the newbie-3 sports bike
Tweezers consist of many small saucepans stacked

-Sen (chaine), chain

Get familiar with the newbie-4 sports bike
Bicycle slug

In the specifications of overseas sales, it is not required that 1 groupe must be 8 items, 4 groupe is still available, 10 groupe is also available.

Rim, crown, pedals, clock are in the groupe

2. How to transfer to a reasonable disc

Get familiar with the newbie-5 sports bike
Depending on the terrain, use a combination of different plates and chips

-Disc 1 => Lips 1, 2, 3 => Suitable for going uphill, difficult road, lightly pedal.

-Disc 2 => Lips 4, 5, 6 => Suitable for most normal needs, normal travel.

-Disc 3 => Lips 7, 8, 9 => Suitable for acceleration, nice road, heavy pedal, also suitable for practice.

Inside :

+ Disc 1 is the smallest, innermost disc with few teeth.

+ Lip 1 is the largest, innermost pair, many teeth.

3. Braking system

Brake Currently, there are 2 main types of brake: disc brake and rim brake. In disc brakes, the two quick divisions are the mechanical disc brake and the oil disc brake.

Sports bicycle disc brake

With oil disc brakes, the price is 2 3 times more expensive than mechanical brakes, because the oil brake works more stably, the pressure on the brake disc is more even because there are two brake pads pressed against the disc. When the mechanical brake is squeezed on one side of the brake pad on the outside, it will press the disc close to the inner brake pad, so it is easy to wear the disc and the durability of the disc is not high.

Note: When replacing the brake, people often replace the brake unit, not individually, for example, brake pads or brake discs.

4. Suspensions

Also known as the indentation depending on each person, but there is a different way of calling. There are 2 types of forks: Coil fork and Air fork.

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sports bike
There are two main types of forks: mechanical forks and air forks

Literally this is the shock absorber for the bicycle. With conventional sports bicycles, only front forks, only terrain bikes have rear shock absorbers, or Shocks.

With the front fork, you should test it before using it to see how much for your fork to fit. Avoid stiffness that causes fatigue or too soft to cause loss of driving pleasure.

Conclude :

Above are 4 groups of components that you can customize, play with or modify to understand how it works at the beginning of the game. Gradually, when you get used to them, you can learn more about the types of components you can replace the car, buy components yourself to assemble for the car as you like. Happy cycling!

The above are the basic knowledge before experiencing the newbie should master to be able to experience and explore by himself. If there is anything difficult, you can refer to these knowledge about sports bicycles and learn from experience from longtime car drivers to be able to accumulate and have better experiences.

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