Groupset for Sram bikes

Groupset for Sram bikes

Sram Group of America is the world’s leading famous brand in the production of Groupset for sport bicycle, Mountain bike. Founded in 1987, the group today also owns many famous bicycle brands such as Avid, Rockshox, Truvati and Zipp. The word SRAM is the name of the three founders: Scott, Ray, and Sam. Here are the product lines Groupset of SRAM are divided in order.

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1.Affordable entertainment line (RECREATIONAL)

Groupset for Sram-1 bikes
Sram level 1- X3

This is incomplete grouping and has only 7 speeds. The clutches, slugs and sausages are sold separately and are not included in this series.

Groupset for Sram-2 bikes
Sram level 2-X4

X4 is the next line of X3. This is also a groupet with not enough components, what you see of X4 is just the hand and the thread (to move) later. Other ingredients are added from other brands. Compared with the X3, the X4 is only marginally better in terms of stability.

Groupset for Sram-3 bikes
Sram level 2-X5

The X5 is the first groupet in the entry-level family to feature a full range of transmission components with 2 x 10-speed forks. X5 appears in many hardtail vehicles with medium configuration of the company. However, this is not a good choice for heavy and long-distance offroad rider.

2.XC / TRAIL / ENDURO series

Groupset for Sram-4 bikes
Sram level 2-X7

It seems that what the new-crafted SRAM really starts from the X7, these are groupets that are reasonably priced and of stable quality. X7 is also equipped with many new technologies from the high line, for stability and durable operation.

Groupset for Sram-5 bicycles
Sram level 2-X9

X9 is considered to be at the same level as rival Shimano SLX. X9 is finished at high precision, stable performance, but not high quality material, so the weight of X9 is not really light.

Groupset for bicycle Sram-6
Sram NX
Groupset for bicycle Sram-7
Sram GX

With full features of the high-end group X1 and X0, but NX and GX are not as high-end materials as the X1, but these 2 product lines are very well rated in the segment and price range for the 1 × 11 Enduro option.

Groupset for bicycle Sram-8
Sram X1

X1 is the drive groupet with only 1 front plate, the same features as the X01 and XX1 seniors. But finished mostly in aluminum, so the weight is heavier and of course cheaper with the 2 upperclassmen.

Another innovation of the X1 is the EX1, which is optimized for the E-MTB series, with only 8 speeds (1 × 8) of the cradle. And the front forks with only 3 options 14T, 16T, 18T enhance maximum support for E-MTB (MTB car with integrated electric drive).

Groupset for bicycle Sram-9
Sram X0

Starting with the high-end line in the groupset set of Sram, X0 for smooth, stable operation. Although considered to be on par with rival Shimano XT, but X0 is better priced and lighter than the XT.

Groupset for bicycle Sram-10
Sram X01

The versatility and durability of the X01 is truly a perfect choice for the most demanding rider. The quality of X01 is comparable to that of XX1.

The latest version of the X01 is the X01 Eagle Series with the first 1 x 12 innovation in the Groupset family to spread the transmission into the widest range of options available today.

Groupset for bicycle Sram-11
Sram XX

A product on par with the Shimano XTR Race, the XX is the optimal choice for racing lightweight groupsets, finished in carbon and lightweight aluminum. The price of this group line is very expensive.

Groupset for bicycle Sram-12
Sram XX1

Sram’s most premium product line in this category. Responding to Enduro and long-haul offroad demand well. SRAM XX1 was the first MTB groupset to adopt the revolutionary single-ring (1 plate first). Completed in ultra-light premium carbon, these groupsets are for riders looking for ultimate perfection and have a real finances.

Version XX1 – Eagle offers a speed range of 1 x 12 and is completely finished in Sram’s highest quality materials.


Groupset for bicycle Sram-13
Sram X01-DH

X01 -H are groupsets exclusively used for downhill races. X01-DH uses a lot of Sram’s single-plate technology, but at lower numbers. There are 2 options 7-speed and 10-speed.

Above are the Sram Groupset overview if you are planning to upgrade and improve your movement, you can refer to bicycle technical instructions from professionals or professional players for detailed instructions on how to choose to buy and assemble the sram groupset Exactly!


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