Guide to adjust the braces brake

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Regularly adjusting your bike brakes can make your bike perform better and ensure a safe ride. There are 2 main things you’ll want to tune into in your bike brake system: the brake pads and brake lines. If the brake pads are too low or too high above the edge, this creates a hazard. Moreover if the brake cord is too loose to make it difficult for you to brake. With the following instructions hopefully you can easily fix this problem simply at home with very simple tools.

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1. Adjust your brake pads

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Rim brake uses the brakes from the pads to the rim to brake, hindering the speed of the bike

-Step 1: Test your brake pads before making any adjustments

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Squeeze the brake handle so that the gasket clamps on the brace and watch

Usually the brake pads are the candy padding on the front tire of your bike when you pull the brake lever. If the brake pads are worn out, you will need to replace them before performing any brake adjustment.

-If the lines on your brake pads are not labeled, they will be marked with grooves on the side of the pad.

-You can also order new brake pads online or buy them at the nearest bike repair shop.

-Step 2: Squeeze the brake lever to see where the gasket touches the rim

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Proceed to observe the degree of clamping of the brake pads to the braces

Both the brake pads should be in contact with the front tire at the same time. They should contact the rim with an equal amount, both above and below the brake lever. If the brake pads hit the edges too high or too low, they may come into contact with the rubber part of the tire.

Bend down for best view while you are squeezing the brake lever.

-Step 3: Use an Allen wrench to loosen the brake bolts in position

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Check if the brake pad is in the correct position

Turn the Allen wrench anticlockwise so that the bolts can be loosened. Do not loosen the bolts or brake pads to come out of the brake compartment.

-Step 4: Perform moving the brake up or down in the brake compartment

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The brake pads must be properly positioned in the brake compartment

They easily move up and down when the bolt is loosened. If the spacers are too low on the rim, move them until they are centered.

-Step 5: Rework the brake screw with an Allen wrench

Continue to rotate the Allen wrench clockwise until the bolt is fully tightened. Conduct checks and make sure the cheeks are centered, and if necessary, correct them.

2. Tighten your brake cord

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Proceed to tighten your brake cord

-Step 1: Check the tightness of the cable by pulling each lever

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Loosen the cable screw on the brake lever

When you pull the brake lever, they should be 3.8cm away from the handlebar. If the levers touch the handlebars while you pull them, the brake lines are too loose and not stretched.

-Step 2: Loosen the controls cable for small brake cable adjustments

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Proceed to adjust the brake lever

If your brake cord is just a little loose, loosening the cable controls can fix this. The cable regulator is located where the brake cord responds to the brake lever.

After loosening the cable adjuster, pull the brake lever to see if it fixes the problem. If the brake cord is still too loose, you need to make adjustments on the line. Leave the cable adjuster not too tight on it.

-Step 3: Remove the bolt holding the brake cord on the bar

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Pull the brake cable to tighten it

The clamp is the main frame of the brake and the brake range is attached. The brake cable is a thin cable that extends out of the tube. Identify the screw holding the brake cord, use an Allen wrench so that you can turn counterclockwise several times until the bolt is slightly loose.

Without removing all screws, use the Allen wrench counterclockwise 2-3 times until the bolt fails.

-Step 4: Pull out the cable brake to tighten it

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Loosen the cable so that the brake cord does not tighten

Now that the bolt is loosened, you should have no problem pulling the cable part. Keep it in one position with your finger, once you’ve stretched it. When you pull the cable, the brakes should be tightened on the margin of the front tire. If you want them to be tight enough to have some resistance when you flip the wheel but not too tight.

If you cannot move the tire, pull the brake cable less so it won’t be tight.

-Step 5: Tighten the bolts holding the brake wire on the line

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Tighten the bolts on the brake handle

Use the Allen wrench and rotate clockwise 2-3 times until it no longer returns. The cable should be securely held in place until the bolt is tightened.

Step 6: Tighten the controls on the handlebars

Turn the cable knob you have loosened clockwise a few times until they are fully secured. Tightening the cable adjuster loosens the brake pads that are clamped to the front tire. Once the adjustment pins are tightened, your brake cables should be set up.

Carry out a re-check of the brake cable by pulling on the brake levers. When you pull the brake levers, there should be a distance of 3.8cm between the lever and handle.

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