Guide to choosing a mountain bike handle

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Whether your bike is for recreational, competitive riding, the grip can affect the comfort and performance of riders. Hand holding mountain bike The handlebars are made in a variety of styles, materials and colors and a number of pairs can be found to suit any rider.

Start shopping for handles by identifying the type of vehicle they are using. A suitable product was found, considering the materials used. There are many different materials used to create the grip, and they can vary considerably in terms of durability, price and performance. Also consider how you hold your hand above the handle. For example some handsets have features that are difficult to provide more stability with the use of adhesives.

The handle can now be purchased from bicycle repair shops. Buyers can choose the right grip for the best performance.

1.Determine the type of bicycle to choose the handle for the MTB

Bicycle handles are usually designed for a particular type of bike although it is not uncommon for products to fit in a variety of categories. See the most detailed descriptions to be able to grasp and identify the right bike. well suited . The table below will give a brief description of the types of braces available for popular bicycle styles.

Bike type

Description of the steering wheel is available


These are rubber handles that are commonly found by many users to choose from an aluminum pop-up lock or alloy rod in the center for increased stability.

Mountain bike

Includes rubber feet and universal buckle


Handles are usually made with thickness and comfort. They can use rubber, gel, leather, ..

Town Bike

You can use any kind of handle, and pedestrians should choose the most comfortable and attractive one.
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2.Materials for mountain bike handlebars

The materials that make up the steering wheel have an impact on their comfort, their durability as well as their price. Choose from conventional materials such as rubber, gels and alloys and consider all alternative materials such as cork and leather for an alternative look.

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Rubber bicycle handle

Basic bicycle handles are made from a rubber compound. These jibs are inexpensive, easy to replace and come in a large array of colors. However, rubber bracelets tend to get numb quickly and relatively quickly, not as comfortable as gel handles.

Many modern bikes are sold with gel handlebars. Usually a gel liner is used for the center between the clamp and covered with lightweight rubber. The gel feet are soft and can be very comfortable to use. They are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of styles. Gel feet fit a wide variety of bikes and riding styles from casual to sport they are also more durable with many rubber handles.

The alloy handle has a metal tube in the middle and is covered with a gel or rubber material for cushioning. They are used for hand-held locks and are among the most durable on the market. Flat handles often lack rubber and gel cushioning.

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Leather handle is beautifully designed and expensive

Buyers often look for a stylish look for their handlebars so they can shop for the handle. This is what is commonly used on bike cruisers as well as city bikes. Although they are attractive and intuitive, leather tends to be more expensive than other materials.

Another material that replaces the handle is a cork, a corked handle that has a distinctive look and can be used to add a unique contact to your car. Like leather, splints and cork are commonly used on cruisers and city bicycles, because cork does not stretch and other materials, adhesives are required to be able to hold them. right in place.

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It is important to determine the size of a product before purchasing the handlebars. Generally the handlebar diameter will be for a standard handle type which should be appropriately labeled. However, if a handle has an inner diameter the buyer can measure the handle to make sure it fits.

The outside diameter of a clamp can vary significantly between products. Users with particularly large or small hands want to look for thicker or thinner products, or respectively. Ultimately the choice of a clamp size depends on the individual driver’s preference. So feel free to experiment with a few different types of handles to find out what comfort. Some products offer diameter measurements on the package. While others simply designate small or large handlebars. However, more often the inner handles are labeled, and the only way to determine their thickness is to handle them directly.

Try visiting a bicycle accessories store to find different sizes. In addition to the standard handle, buyers can choose from specialized products with a variety of features. Three of the most popular features are locking mechanisms, padding, comfort and contours.

The unlock lock is especially common on mountain bikes and the BMX type. Using an aluminum or alloy tube in their center, these products can be tightened so that the handlebar is free of any adhesive. Once in place, the locking controls allow for stability without twisting or loosening.

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Soft textured rubber handlebar grips for comfort

Comfortable plugs are made of rubber, soft gel or cushioned softly. They are suitably decorated for comfort in the palm of the driver’s hand. These hand-held devices are especially popular on regular bikes.

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Some bike handles have contoured designs that match the shape of the rider’s finger. This can reduce the chance of the rider’s hand slipping off the grip and providing a natural feel.

You can purchase the handles from online shopping sites. Just specify the type of bike and handle size to choose. In addition, the shops selling bicycle accessories are also full, you can choose freely.

The above are useful tips when you choose a bicycle handle, if you do not know how to choose, it is best to consult the salesman’s advice!

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