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Hướng dẫn phân biệt xe đạp Giant chính hãng và Fake-4

Giant bicycle is a car with good quality and popular in the Vietnamese market. Also because of the prestige and strength of the No. 1 growing brand name today, many profiteers produce fake and poor quality goods to blend into the product line and sell at a price lower than or equal to Giant. . Sophisticated in the manufacturing process, the poor quality Giant bicycles look no different from the genuine Giant bicycles. If you do not pay attention, it will be difficult to detect, only when in the process of going for a while will the diaper car deteriorate or faulty to realize the true quality.

Job choose to buy Giant bicycles Quality is not everyone’s knowledge.To help first-time buyers of Giant bicycles choose the best quality, durable and safe sports bicycles over time, Pedaling The World would like to share experiences Distinguish genuine and Fake sports bikes Giant With all of you hope will be useful to everyone.

1. Origin, xcountry of origin

Taiwan genuine Giant bicycle Both are produced in three main countries and the three locations where Giant’s factory is located, namely Taiwan, China and Neitherland (Netherlands) in which low-cost and mid-range bicycles are usually made at home. The machine is located in China. That is the reason why when going to buy Giant bicycles you can see the stickers originating as Made in China or Made in Taiwan.

If you go to buy a car without the origin if it is not in the above 3 countries, you should not buy.

Giant cars in the Vietnamese market are mainly CBU imported vehicles. There are also self-assembled vehicles depending on the player’s preferences (can buy materials, components and chassis to assemble separately and build up depending on your liking)

2.Tem, serial

Guide to distinguish genuine and Fake-2 bicycles
Stamp and serial location

On each imported car in a complete case, there is usually a serial number attached to the wallet under the frame or on the trunk. The barcodes printed on this serial are engraved in great detail and detail by electronic machine. If you encounter a car with a smudged stamp, uneven numbers or no barcode printed on the stamp, it is definitely not a genuine Giant car.

Guide to distinguish genuine and Fake-3 bicycles
Stamps are printed sharply

One point to note is that the details and configuration of the vehicle must be the same as the one on the web (but sometimes there are still some details between the export version and the web version with better configuration. image on the web)

For the frame sold separately, the color of the frame may be different from that of the whole car and not clearly marked, but only the series number like ATX-7 ..

Logo is also an important factor that not only helps customers identify the brand but also helps you to avoid buying poor quality goods.

Giant often uses two main logos to distinguish popular sports bicycles and high-end sports bicycles.

Guide to distinguish genuine and Fake-1 bicycles
Blue logo is used for common cars, gray logo on high-end models

The 4-dimensional barcode on the chassis can also help consumers distinguish genuine vehicles

At first glance at the appearance of fake and fake sports bicycles, Giant often has the same name and logo as Giant, which can easily deceive newcomers who are new to playing or not buying a car for the first time. Or they just heard about this brand, but do not have to learn thoroughly so it is difficult to recognize.

– Genuine Giant sports bicycles are often printed with logos with sharp, bold colors and correct spelling.

– Fake bikes often have logos in pale color, patchy and bold features, and in some cases, misspellings.

Currently, with the development of technology and technology, the Giant bicycle products are more and more sophisticatedly forged, to realize that it is necessary to have specialized knowledge about bicycles. So it is best for you to choose reputable agents to be able to choose from genuine Giant bicycles. This not only helps the safety of users, but also ensures the interests of consumers themselves.

4. Bike quality

With increasingly sophisticated manufacturing technology, whether stamps or serials or logos can be forged up to 99% completely indistinguishable, consumers need knowledge about configuration and parts. components so the vehicle can distinguish poor quality goods from genuine goods.

Normally, the appearance of fake Giant bicycles can be 95% similar to genuine products, it is difficult to distinguish the real fake. The model of the vehicle that can be copied can be seen in the eyes of the customer. If the quality is not guaranteed, it will not be safe to use in traffic. That is why we will help you note some points to distinguish if observing some of the following parts:

4.1 Chassis

The frame is an important part that is also the backbone of a vehicle. The genuine frames, before being assembled, had to go through experimental processes to test the hardness, impact, and quality before being assembled into a finished product.

Guide to distinguish genuine and Fake-4 bicycles
Genuine chassis is usually made of material with good impact resistance, high durability

As for poor quality fake cars, it has not passed any quality inspection, the production frame contains many impurities so the quality is poor.

+ The welds on the frame are sloppy and not delicate and beautiful.

Heavy, unstable frames easily warp and the creaking feeling is easy to break when impacted and can cause dangers during use and not guarantee safety (due to no prior inspection in assembly process)

4.2 Vehicle color

Each year Giant only produces some x echo color per certain code. If you see that the car’s color is different from the one on the web, it’s probably a fake. Or if you look at colors that are pale or darker than the images on the web, you should also pay attention

4.3 Configuration

Another way is to carefully check the configuration and important parts of the car such as the cymbals, the starter gear, the fork brake … If the car is of poor quality, these parts usually do not have the manufacturer’s label, the details. not sharp and delicate (note the screws, the sprocket and the disc teeth).

Guide to distinguish genuine and Fake-5 bicycles
Configuration is equipped with components from big brands such as Sram or Shimano

Giant bicycles are now popular and affirmed with the No. 1 position in the world by advanced manufacturing technology. Not only that, with the craftsmanship of experienced skilled workers, the car is highly rated for durability. In addition, the accessories that come equipped with the car are from major brands in the world such as Shimano , SRAM, KMC, … or genuine Giant produced. That is why you can detect counterfeit car models only from these parts.

With very simple distinguishing tips, you only need a little attention to be easily recognizable and can more accurately choose quality cars, ensuring high safety and durability throughout the process. process to use.

5. Where to buy Giant bicycles nowadays

To be able to buy the products Giant genuine sports bike , you should look to the nearest reputable stores or genuine Giant distributors.

Guide to distinguish genuine and Fake-6 bicycles
Buy at Giant’s genuine distributors to enjoy optimal benefits

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