Hachiko HA-01 Japanese folding bike

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In the past few years, the ones Japanese folding bike has been introduced into the Vietnamese market and has become a hot media trend of young people. With the right price, nowadays anyone can easily own stylish folding bikes with youthful and modern colors. The car is suitable for all ages from students, students to office workers or the elderly ..

AKITA is one of the manufacturers Japanese folding bike has just officially released Hachiko HA-01 on shelves and introduced it to all customers. This Hachiko – HA01 folding bike is both incredibly lightweight. Although new to the Vietnamese market not long ago, cars have quickly knocked down fans of folding bikes in particular. Let’s see Hachiko – HA01 What are the highlights?

1 Hachiko HA -01 Japanese folding bike review

Judging from the original sense for the Hachikoo HA-01 folding bicycle, it is modern, fresh with a youthful style. The car is designed not only for young people but also leaves a very good impression in the selected eyes of office people, lactating mothers or the elderly.

Go to a more detailed review of each part to see how powerful Hachiko’s charms are!

Frame: This is probably the first part to consider when choosing any type of bike. The distinctive rainbow-shaped frame design brings sophistication and softness. The frame is extremely light because it is made of an ultra-light 6061 alloy material, a material commonly used in aircraft technology. Although the initial feel of this frame is quite large, but in fact it is very light and the cumbersome sub-frames have been removed so the frame is strong, you can completely carry it very easily.

Hachiko HA-01-1 Japanese folding bike
The Hachiko HA-01 folding bike has a modern, youthful design for all ages

Parts such as the handlebars, boosters and pedals are all made of a highly rust-resistant, ultra-light aluminum alloy that helps reduce vehicle weight significantly.

Hachiko HA-01-2 Japanese folding bike
7-storey rear tweezers offer a flexible combination

You may wonder that folding bicycles often have to pedal many laps, causing leg fatigue and slow speed. Don’t worry, Hachiko HA-01 cleverly designed with the combination of transmission and movement up to 7 speeds (7-speed chute, 7-speed thread). The 7-story chuck and the 48-tooth Hotwheel disc thigh set for the car can achieve high speeds and more flexible shifts. The large transmission factor results in higher efficiency.

The back of the Hachiko HA-01 folding bike
Bicycle rear threads offer more levels for a better experience

Usually folding cars have small rim sizes of about 16 inches and 20 inches. The car is also equipped with 20-inch rims with WandaKing 1.35 smooth tires that reduce friction and increase the speed of the car.

-The disc brake makes the car safe in all cases, the braking response is quite good

Hachiko HA-01 folding bike brake
Mechanical disc brakes are smooth, safe for good handling in slippery conditions

– Fashion car with smooth felt. In addition, the dynamic design helps those sitting in the car to feel smooth and comfortable when pedaling.

Bicycle saddle Hachiko HA-01
The saddle of the sports bicycle is designed to be smooth, resistant to shock

The small, spiky wheels help the car glide faster, but it is very safe during the rainy season and the road is slippery. /H . This speed is quite stable and brings a feeling of smoothness, extremely comfortable for the user.

The car is provided with up to 3 color options that are youthful and highly aesthetically pleasing with 3 colors: White, Orange, Black, suitable to the taste of each age.

2. Where to buy the Hachiko HA-01 Bicycle from Japan?

Surely for those who are also wondering about the question for the first time Where to buy folding bikes good and quality. Because not everyone knows this, currently on the market there are countless types of folding bicycles with low quality counterfeits floating a lot.

Bicycles World is proud to be the distributor of this product line in Vietnam market. With many years of experience in the field of sports bicycles, along with a team of experienced consultants and technicians, you will surely not only buy a good bike but also enjoy good services. most when you buy.

Hachiko HA-01-4 Japanese folding bike
Consultation and selection of suitable vehicles at Bicycles World
Hachiko HA-01-5 Japanese folding bike
Experience the car directly before buying

At Bicycles World, when customers will enjoy 5 years car warranty with 2 years free maintenance. In addition, we would like to send to our customers countless valuable promotions. Order now and get the right Hachiko HA-01!

If you still have a lot of concerns when buying a bicycle, please consult these Consultant to buy folding bicycle useful from consultants and counselors in stores selling folding bikes to choose a car like the best!

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