Helpless and in Pain: Abandoned, Hungry, Sick, and Suffering Dog Endures an Exposed Bone Wound, Desperately Begging for Aid.

Poor Dog Endures Painful Wound with Exposed Bone

A dog with a severely injured leg and exposed bone has been undergoing treatment at a hospital for three days now. Thankfully, the maggots in its body have almost been cleared, but the doctor has refused to stitch the wound, leaving the dog’s muscle still swollen.

Despite its emaciated state, the dog has been putting up a fight and slowly showing signs of improvement. The veterinarian advised against stitching the wound due to the dog’s frail state and suggested waiting for the wound to heal naturally.

The dog is not eating much, and the doctor had to feed it two different types of cans to entice it to eat. Unfortunately, it still didn’t eat much. The dog’s legs were so badly deformed that it’s difficult to put them aside. The dog is in pain and uncomfortable, but it’s still holding on, hoping to get better soon.

The veterinarian recommended continuing to feed the dog medicine and taking anti-inflammatories to help with its skin issues. If the wound does not start to heal soon, they may need to consider stitching it up. The rescue team is committed to doing everything they can to save the poor dog’s life.

It’s heartbreaking to see an animal in so much pain and discomfort, but the rescue team’s philosophy is to never give up on an animal in need. They will continue to provide care and support to the dog until it’s fully healed and ready to be adopted by a loving family.

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