How to avoid 5 mistakes when fixing your bike

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Bicycles for a long time will no longer be flexible and smooth, at which point failure problems will begin to appear, causing headaches. Even fundamental failure judgments can be misleading. Here are the mistakes you might make. Make sure of these mistakes so you can avoid them and have better skills to be able to make better fixes for better experiences.

We recommend a lot of practice with disassembly and repair, maybe you won’t do it perfectly like a pro cyclist but it’s worth testing and equipping yourself. necessary knowledge. Over time you will discover errors and next time you can avoid or know how to better fix them.

1. Don’t trust common sense

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Once the mechanical movements do not vibrate as well as they usually do, you will think that the cabling and the thread as well as the limit screws can do it. But not only this, it has many other obstacles. While riding the chain, your chain will fall out of the rear sprocket and touch the spokes at this time, if you step on the sprocket, you will accidentally damage the rear gear system. more .

The following problems can also break and damage parts around you. Therefore, you need to have early detection to avoid future damage to the frame. Especially when derailleur tails are bent, they can be the direct culprits.

In order to overcome these things you need to switch to a disc in the back, then continue to get off the bus to perform the tests. Perform a jump off the bike for the test. If you feel that your Derailleur tail can be flattened, compare the position of the pulley wheel to see if they are aligned with the gears on which the chain is located. If you cannot re-flatten, you must replace Derailleur with a new one.

To avoid this, it is best to stay away from cross-chain when it is not advisable to combine the largest plate with the largest chain or the smallest plate with the smallest chain to avoid the cross-chain. the stresses can cause gears to wear out and the chain to slip back.

2. Lazy care of the bicycle chain

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Many people since them buy a sports bike they do not lubricate the chain which causes your chain to dry out, in many cases this causes the gears on both your front and rear discs to corrode during in many cases, the failure is not worth it. This costs you a lot of money. Do the maintenance yourself on your chain. Use specialized tools to be able to clean the chain before grease lubrication. Should soak in special solutions intended for better cleaning chains. Avoid corrosive solutions that make the chain more susceptible to wear and break the structure, causing undue damage.

A chain that is not well cared for and often affects performance when you cycle. Clean it periodically after cycling at intervals about once a month. This will also bring a lot of obstacles, and old dirt and grease are sucked out of the chain to make your chain cleaner. Now use special chain oils to lubricate them.

With proper care, you can extend their age to the chain and go longer and longer distances than women.

3. Do not replace the cable

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The brake cable replacement occurs about once a year

The complexity of this department is often confusing for new players. Usually your cable sheath is made of plastic which can help the inner cable to move smoothly. The final sheath has a good frictional component to shrink dust collection, create friction and hinder performance.

You can’t replace your cable at home, so take it to a professional bike repair shop so that they can assist and help. Instead of trying to explain, the bike shop will We recommend that you replace a new cable.

Cable replacement is recommended once a year especially for offroad riders. So whenever you feel the feeling, replace the cable for your car once a year.

4. The operation of replacing the tire is not mature

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Use the tire hook to remove the tire from the wheel

An ordinary person thinks that he can change the tire on his own from his left nut side. The left tire rim is quickly removed by the support of the tire hook. Quickly use hand or cotton so you can remove any remaining objects. like pieces of iron or glass fragments that hit the inside of a tire. By removing the tire completely, use your hands to run along the rim so that small objects can be detected.

5. Do not keep the bike clean

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Use special tools to clean the cork

A lot of people have used the hose with great pressure to be able to spray the bicycle. But they didn’t know that would do a lot of damage to their parts. A lot of people, after dismantling their bearings, completely leak from the inside of the bearing system.

Use only high-pressure water jets to remove dirt and dust from difficult-to-clean sensitive parts such as tires. If you are a beginner should master these things, it makes your bike cleaner and newer.

Use low-pressure flow nozzles to wet the entire vehicle. In addition, use a bucket of pre-mixed soap to be able to clean more parts.

The above are necessary shares for you to keep your car running and running smoothly. Helps maintain their lifespan can be longer.

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