How to avoid the most common crashes in traffic

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The number of cyclists is increasing, especially in the cities. More and more workers are traveling on two-wheeled bikes. Many people choose to enjoy the fresh air to exercise. So how to safely take part in traffic while walking on the street is something many people are concerned about. To help you ride safer and have fun experiences, here are some of the most helpful shares to check out!

1. Make warning display

When a driver comes across a cyclist the first words from his mouth are definitely “I can’t see her!” Although the effort is to be aware of your surroundings you can take a few simple steps that you are there. This is especially important when traveling in low light, when accidents are most common. The latest statistics show that the most frequent serious accidents are from 6pm to 9pm.

-Use lights

How to avoid common crashes in traffic -1
Use bike lights for easier riding at night

The latest trend among cyclists is to use daytime running lights, white at the front and red at the back like many other motorcycles. Fully charged, portable light that’s strong enough to see you nearly a quarter of a mile away. They are also in a flashing mode that attracts the attention of the traffic conductor. Another study found that the incidence of bicycle accidents with personal injury for riders was 19% lower for drivers using fixed lights.

– Wear reflective clothing

How to avoid common crashes in traffic -2
Reflective clothing is very useful for driving in low light and at night

It’s easy to blend in with your surroundings as you cycle along the curb. Create a reflection by dressing up or using visually visible reflective helmets and gloves. Studies show it can reduce your risk of running with a car by about 40%. Wear reflective accessories for your bike in dim light. When in dim light wear reflective accessories for your bike.

2. Predictable

Follow traffic rules by obeying traffic signs, traffic signals and road markings. Keep the line as much as possible (obviously around obstacles such as potholes or windshields) and avoid entering parked cars. Please carry out the warnings so you can shoot. Need to point out so you can know which direction best.

Most of the accidents happen in intersections. The most common scenario is a car turning right so you can’t seem to see. Other common scenarios include an oncoming vehicle turning left at you when you are going straight or a vehicle simply pulls out of the intersection ahead or at you. To avoid these, you can do the following:

3. Mind on the intersection

Drivers often hug the edge of the road as far as possible. But in traffic especially when you want to move about the same speed at the same speed as the cars it’s safer to move into the lane where you can see completely. It’s also smart to ride in the lane when the road is simply too narrow for a car to pass you a full distance.

When stopping at traffic lights or stopping at signs, avoid stopping on the left side of the vehicle. The drivers will not be able to see you and will be able to turn your way. Stop at the back of the vehicle so you can see. If the driver does not use a flashing light you can see the vehicle turning before it is about to approach you.

Be extra cautious on the right side, when you are on the right side of a special traffic lane, if you are in a bike lane, you will also find driving on the right sometimes especially when traffic is slow. late . Best to avoid passing to the right. But if you do, be extra cautious and watch out for spears, parking lots or other places that might turn (or cross intersections and turn left from the opposite direction) so drivers accidentally turn right in front of you.

When arriving at an intersection with cars coming from both sides, make eye contact with drivers to make sure they can see you before pulling into the intersection. If they don’t show up, wave your hand to get their attention.

4. Stay away from car doors

When passing cars parked on your right, give yourself plenty of space to avoid being worked by someone opening their car door. It helps keep an eye on the side view mirror as you can see occupied cars where someone can step out without looking.

How to avoid common crashes in traffic -3
Stay away from a parked car door
Above are the sharing hopefully will be extremely helpful for you. If you are a novice use a sports bike Please refer to now and have custom settings for yourself to be able to participate in safer traffic.

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