How to choose a sports bike for middle-aged people

Xe đạp thể thao cho người trung tuổi

At the beginning of middle age, many people choose to practice cycling and exercise to improve their health. Cycling can help middle-aged people prevent and reverse dangerous illnesses such as high blood pressure, disc herniation or cardiovascular disease. sports bike for middle-aged people It is not easy that there are so many choices on the bicycle market today.

That is why Bicycles World will synthesize and give the best suggestions to help you choose to buy good quality and reputable products for your family and loved ones.

1.The selection criteria of sports bicycles for middle-aged people

Middle-aged people have the mentality of buying durable, long-lasting goods. With a stable income, they often prioritize to buy products of good quality, genuine such as imported branded products such as Twitter from Germany, Giant of Taiwan …

  • High configuration, save energy

Middle-aged, old people often have a lot of health declines compared to young people, so cycling seems very difficult for many people when traveling long distances. Therefore, manufacturers often prioritize and release designs with higher and safer life configurations. These bicycles not only help them exercise, but also help reduce energy and create a sense of comfort.

Of the sport bicycle for the elderly generally compact, easy to maneuver and extremely robust are certainly traits that make these cars a means of transportation and fitness for middle-aged people.

Sports bicycle for middle-aged people
Sports bicycles for middle-aged people are very popular for health training and traffic

2.Good quality sports bike for Middle Ages

  • Twitter TW3300 sports bicycle price 4,999,000 VND
Sports bike for middle aged Twitter TW3300
Twitter TW3300 middle aged sports bike White – Red

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Twitter TW3300 sports bicycle with unique powder coated aluminum frame design, sporty and modern paint brings health so you can exercise comfortably without fear of losing a lot of strength. The aluminum fork has a locking function that makes it easier for the operator to follow the journey. Sports leather saddle with premium felt to help comfort your butt pain when going long distances. The movement includes a powerful ProWheel 42 – 34 24 T front disc with YBN-8S Chain and Shimano EF 65 – 24 Speed ​​shift shifter with Shimano TX50 front shifters and Shimano TX35 rear shift levers The smoothness provides up to 24 speeds for the operator to freely experience multi-speed without much effort.

Twitter TW3300 sports bike is a MTB bike chosen by many people who love bicycles. Strong appearance, solid feeling but no less “smooth” when riding on rough roads thanks to flexible and responsive fork.

  • Twitter TW3700 XC sports bike priced at 6,999,000 VND
Sports bike for middle aged Twitter TW3700XC
Twitter TW3700XC Twitter Sport Bike Black – Orange

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At a higher price of Twitter’s mid-range car, TW3700XC brings a new breakthrough in design as well as superior configuration. The ultra-light premium aluminum-alloy sports frame is easy to move and can engage in sports games with toughness and durability. The welded aluminum frame is submerged with a strong rough paint. The steering system, and accessories are all made of high-grade alloys that resist rust and high oxidizing agents. More specifically, the movement with the powerful disc thigh PROWHEEL 44-32-22T combined with the YBN -9S chain offers flexibility and precision in every movement rhythm.

The Shimano genuine 24-speed manual is the combination of the SHIMANO M310-24S speed shift handle, the SHIMANO TX50 front shift lever, the SHIMANO TX35 rear shift lever that allows the car to experience on many terrains, the driver also enjoy the maximum experience and of course not feel tired no matter what terrain. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with Tektro oil brakes that are extremely quiet and safe.

  • Twitter Tw3900 XC sports bike priced at 7,999,000 VND
Sports bike for middle-aged Twitter TW3900
TW3900 Twitter TW3900 Black – Red Sport Bike for Middle Ages

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Also in the mid-range car, with a cap price than the Twitter TW3700XC, in addition to the different design of the Twitter TW3900, the movement of the Twitter TW3900 is upgraded with the title SHIMANO M370-27S, the speed of experience can say no. The speed limit brings a lot of fun and adventure with challenging terrain. M355 oil brake provides smoothness and safety on the journey.

  • Giant ATX 610-2017 sports bike priced at 4,999,000 VND
Sports bicycle for middle-aged people Giant ATX 610 White - Blue
Sports bicycle for middle-aged people Giant ATX 610 White – Blue

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Giant has long been known for its extremely durable design, the introduction of the Giant ATX 610 which makes it a perfect fit for middle-aged people. Extremely lightweight Alluxx Grade aluminum chassis design. Giant fork, stem, saddle pile, handlebar with Giant score with the user. In addition, the theme is also remarkable with the SHIMANO TX35 handpiece that combines the SHIMANO TD-TY10 front and the SHIMANO RD-TZ21 rear thread with the flexible, precise and gentle 24/34 / 42T disc thigh.

In addition, the Giant Aluminum rim has a standard design to tear the wind to make the bike lighter and bear large loads.

  • Giant ATX 618-2017 sports bike priced at 6,200,000 VND
Sports bike for middle-aged people Giant ATX 618 Green
Sports bike for middle-aged people Giant ATX 618 Green

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Another option with Giant is the Giant ATX 618, which is also a lot of people love with its sporty design. Equipped with hand handle SHIMANO ST-EF61 21SP combining front and rear axle SHIMANO SL-M310 to help pedal smoothly without losing much effort even for long journey. The Shimano HD-M285 oil brake is smooth, safe when riding in rainy conditions, on slippery roads. Shimano MFTZ21 tweezers with 24/34 / 42T disc thighs coordinate precisely in each beat to bring high efficiency when shifting gears.

With the above suggestions hopefully smart consumers can choose and buy the best products.

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If you still have many doubts when choosing a sports bike for your loved one or yourself. Please refer to these immediately Bike selection advice from experienced experts. Wish you can choose the right car.

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