How to choose the right bicycle stem length

Một thanh stem phù hợp sẽ giúp cho bạn thoải mái hơn

How can I know exactly stem length for you and the car. I will start with the best suggestion for you to be able to find the answer to that question is how to fit a professional bike into a reputable store. offers the right vehicles for a variety of types from simple to premium and many consider it part of the buying process so you don’t need to pay extra for new bikes.

To put it more simply, if you want a good, dynamic position with dynamics a longer stem will create a longer riding position that makes a top priority, if stem length. The shorter will bring the controls closer to the saddle and leave you in an upright position with less tension.

Bicycle stem length is considered part of the larger picture of frame size, saddle height, saddle front adjustment and the size shape of the drop handle. Stem selection is very important for professional sports bicyclists.

1.The stem length influences handling

Changing stem length not only affects your fit and comfort, it also affects the handling dynamics of a road bike. A shorter stem length makes driving faster, a longer stem makes you drive slower Adjusting the length of the stem can also adjust the handling, which is why. Why do cyclocross races use shorter trunks, and long-distance cyclists choose a longer stem.

Body length determines handling
Body length determines handling

2. Approach stem accurately

Stem length change the reach of the steering wheel. Reach is a measurement from the center side of the head tube to an imaginary line drawn across the lower frame. All new bikes are supplied with measurements with accessibility and help buy a new bike. A longer stem will change this reach but it does alter the efficient reach of the bike.

If you’ve been riding your bike for a while even though you’re satisfied with the overall fit, a good indication of the stem length on your bike is exactly simpler to go. Do you feel back strain when reaching the hood position or do you feel your position is correct simply getting into your senses. Feeling cramped, neck and lower back pain can be just clear indicators of a healthier body with a shorter or longer stem.

3.Optimal location

What you aim for is a position that ensures you have a slight bend in the elbow that can allow your arms to bend as easily as the front wheel tracks the road surface. If you do not want your arms to be locked straight then that is a sign that the stem is too long. It’s hard to judge on your own when driving through a shop window is a good piece of advice, but even better, as I mentioned earlier, getting a bike is more professional. .

A good rule to choose exact stem length is sitting on a bicycle with your hands on top of the hood and looking down at the center front. If the stem length is correct plus the handlebar is positioned correctly in the center. You can see that the hub is in front of the handlebars, the stem is too short.

4.Test with stem length

Don’t be afraid to experiment, making small changes can bring significant improvements in comfort or aerodynamic performance depending on what you try to achieve.

Check the fit of the handlebar for the entire length of the vehicle
Check the fit of the handlebar for the entire length of the vehicle

If you are familiar with the local bicycle store you may be able to supply a few extra stems, they will lend you one so you can try a bike with your body. .

Start with a 10 mm or shorter stem depending on whether you want to extend or reduce your reach on the handlebars. If you feel better. It is best to do a ride of the right stem length so that you can see how changing stem length impacts your ride comfort.

However, if you do make radical changes, a stem 70mm long on a frame about 58cm or a stem 140mm on a 52cm frame is a clear indication that you can be ridden with wrong frame size.

5.Original length of specific size

Most bicycle manufacturers vary in length across the entire size range, so a shorter stem on smaller frames and longer stem on larger ones. This size-specific approach makes it possible to set the correct stem length so that you can choose the right frame size (suitable for ride).

Generally speaking , bicycle stem length Streets typically vary from 80mm up to 140mm, with 100mm to 110mm having the most common sizes. There will be shorter and longer stems if you are short or very tall and have the lowest frame size ride.

Original length

Another factor to consider when choosing a stem length is the increase in the stem length. If you want a lower position choose zero for a car stem with a negative stem increase reducing the handlebar’s height relative to the ground. If you aspire to have a more upright position with a stem with a positive rise it will give you a more comfortable fit that seems to be all personal preference.

-Do not learn according to the indicators of professional riders

A suitable stem will make you more comfortable
A suitable stem will make you more comfortable

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of amateurs just take their stem length decision from what experts are using. But a word of warning is that professional cyclists can spend up to 30,000km on the saddle. Plus, they do a lot of core work during the winter that can give them the strength, the flexibility to be able to maintain that position.

However, there are many advantages that ignore suitable suggestions for bicycles and create their own path, and preferring smaller-sized and fixed-reach frame rides with an ultra-long stem are common in peloton professional. That’s why 130 and 140mm are popular stem lengths, and we’ve even seen the 150mm custom show up on some bikes.

So based on that, I wouldn’t be in favor of copying any size from professional drivers to your torso length. You can try out a few stem that are suitable for you before you buy them.

6. There’s an app for that

There are a number of applications that allow you to adjust the stem length and allow your bike to fit and position to ride more comfortably on the handlebar. It’s the Bike Fast Fit (external link) app, which uses the phone’s video camera to record the rider’s motions so that all measurements can be analyzed including body length. stem and considered part of the frame, forearm.

Hopefully with the above helpful tips you can use and set the correct length of the stem plus consult with professional car players to help you make a better choice. !

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