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Norco Range 1BYBetween SRAM XX1 and X01 groups, direct mount cranksets, and extended range cogs, there are plenty of options to convert your bike to a 1BY mountain machine.

last year, SRAM shook up the MTB component setting when XX1 hit the market. Rather than the latest-and-greatest drivetrain getting more complicate, they ditched the battlefront derailleur all-together in party favor of the simplicity of a single-ring setup. It was a rotatory motivate and one that has since influenced all corners of batch bicycle ; from cross-country race, to all-mountain and enduro – even spilling over to freeride and downhill .

First, what’s 1BY?

1BY, or 1×10 and 1×11, refers to a single-ring drivetrain where lone one chain ring is connected to your crank, and a 10- or 11-speed cassette in the back of your motorcycle. This differs from the traditional apparatus where you have 2- or 3-chainrings up front and a derailleur to change gears .

So what’s all the hype about?

1BY setups have been around for a while in the cross-country race scenery, but few mortals were able to take advantage of the single front ring setup with a ceremonious 11-32 or 11-34 tooth cassette ( and still pedal comfortably ). When SRAM released XX1 the 1BY drift became a viable option for “ average ” riders.

But the 1BY fib is about more than barely a single gang front crank – it ’ s a system. By expanding the gear ratios in the rear cassette ( 10-42T ), your everyday rider can now run a single ring up front and get the same gearing as a standard 10×2 or 9×3 setup .

Why make the move to 1BY?

Three main benefits : single-ring drivetrains are light system of weights, offer better anchor clearance, and are more reliable than a traditional 2- or 3-ring setup .
A 1BY drivetrain means there ’ mho no front man derailleur to fiddle with, and that means fewer headaches on the drag and less maintenance overall. Shifting is simplified, and that ’ s something that riders of all abilities will appreciate ; from novices good getting the hand of their gearing, to racers looking for dependable shift when every moment counts .
An add plus, no front gearshift besides means more real-estate on your bars for that dropper post pry, or suspension lockout. If you run a narrow broad front band, in most cases you can besides chuck your chain template and forget about drop chains .
Below are three options to convert your mountain bicycle to 1BY, starting with the smallest investment and moving ahead and up from there .

Option 1: Convert your existing cranks to 1BY (narrow-wide) and modify your 10 speed cassette

Kick your grandma gear to the curb and swap out your middle surround for a Blackspire 30 tooth MonoVeloce Narrow Wide chainring for fewer drop chains. then install one of e13 ’ second Extended Range ( EX ) cogs to expand your cassette to 40T or 42T. Remove your front man derailleur, cable and gearshift, and rejoice !
option 1 estimated MSRP : $ 152 CAD.

Option 2: Replace your front crank to a dedicated 1BY crank and modify your 10 speed cassette.

There are a few new 1BY cranks hitting the market designed for optimum performance with large range rear cassettes. E13 ’ s TRSr cranks feature a dedicate 1BY chainring with narrow wide-eyed tooth profiles, plus spill weight by going to a steer spiderless chainring interface .
copulate this crank with E13 ’ s raise EX cog and your adjust to hit the mountain in style and performance .
choice 2 estimated MSRP : $ 569 CAD .

Option 3: Replace your complete 10-speed drivetrain over to SRAM XX1 or X01.

If you want the best-of-the-best, then converting your dispatch drivetrain over to 1BY is the way to go. Forget 1×10 setups, and crank it to 11 for the broad feel .
Why 11-speed ? Besides extra weight savings, the real number answer is in the expanded gear scope. Due to the interface of traditional 10 speed freewheels, you can only go down to an 11T cog. By converting your motorcycle over to 11 accelerate ( with a XD freehub body ) your buttocks cassette can nowadays start at a 10T, giving you the largest rear cassette on the market nowadays ( 10-42T ). By having a larger bunch in the back, you get more options when paired with a single front chainring .
But converting to 1×11 does have its costs. In order to convert, you need to purchase a dedicate crank, cassette, chain, derailleur, and sceneshifter along with a new XD freehub body or rear wheel ( if your current buttocks hub is not convertible to XD ). On the bright side, you don ’ t need a front derailleur or front sceneshifter.

SRAM offers two complete drivetrains for 1×11 : XX1 and X01*. XX1 caters to the elect passenger with optimum slant saving and stiffness, while the X01 choice provides the same ride characteristics in a more low-cost package .
choice 3 estimated MSRP : $ 1,500 – 2,000 CAD .
*Update : SRAM is presently in development of a new X1 platform which is targeted hit a lower price-point of $ 1000 MSRP CAD .

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