How to maintain off-road bikes

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Off-road bicycles are affected by a lot of trauma, making them no longer intact as when they first bought, but become damaged or their parts do not function smoothly over time. To ensure the durability of the vehicle, we must regularly maintain and repair them. Bicycles and other machines that take a while must also be repaired and maintained. How to maintain the bicycle below will hopefully help you to maintain the bike yourself without any mechanical skills.

1. Saddle and handlebar for off-road bikes

For one topographic bike , in order to bring comfort and precise control, the two important positions to consider first are their height and position, whether or not they are suitable for the operator.

  • For the saddle part:

+ If the saddle is too high, the rider will always have to pedal with, humpbacked back makes pedaling more difficult

+ The saddle is too low, making the driver’s knee always sagging and causing you to suffer from some typical bone and joint diseases, especially knee pain.

Off-road bike and maintenance
A well positioned off-road bicycle saddle is comfortable

There are a few basic step-by-step saddle measurements that we covered in sports advice. But the simplest way is to sit on your bra and check your fitness by stepping on a few rounds and adjusting yourself. If the saddle is suitable for the height then just check to see how secure the saddle is, whether the screws tighten the seat are secure or not, use space to screw in to be sure.

  • For handlebars

+ Check the compatibility of the handlebar with the saddle position to see if it is comfortable to control the bar or not. If it is appropriate, you should check the link between the neckline and the body of the vehicle to see if they are sure, the position of the brake lever, the handlebar is compared with the handlebar is flat. If the balance is not required, the display will be adjusted so that they are in the appropriate position for the controller.

Off-road bike and maintenance-2
Measure the appropriate position of the handlebars and saddle

Finally, check if the handlebar is balanced by looking so that the front wheel is perpendicular to the handlebar while tightening the control screw.

Check the vehicle brake and motion system

Braking plays a very important role for Mountain bike . We often use the brake to be able to jump over obstacles, handling sudden situations, the brake is required to brake quickly, smoothly and well. That is why the brake is often noticed and checked first. Problems with the brake can be the brake being close or the brake pad doesn’t eat. The most integrated brake adjustment range is 2mm.

Next, check the chain to see if these chains are identical, whether there are dust or objects blocking the chain. If you accidentally skip this important check, accidentally the consequences you may receive may be slug cut off, slip off and wear or damaged gear. After periodic cleaning of the chain, the oil should be re-oiled to make the clutching chain smoother.

How to maintain off-road bikes
The movement system is thoroughly tested

Take a trip to test all the gears, try doing the transitions to see if they work smoothly in transition. Gear plays an important role in the movement system, so just having a change such as gear breakage, gear wear can easily lead to chain slip and break.

Checking the pedal is also an important step, in that through the main point of contact of the body with the car, this part is often ignored mercilessly. Make sure you stay clean no matter what you don’t get stuck with dirt or gravel. With the durable setpoint of the pedal you get the best transmission performance possible.

3.Check and tweak other parts

During use, due to the impact of the shock caused by the terrain, some off-road bicycle parts can absorb the shock depending on more or less making small details like screws. Loose bolts may fall off. Or under the action of rain and mud causing them to rust.

Many people ignore these parts and cause these parts to fall, damage leads to less damage to other parts Check and detect tightening errors or replace bolts to make sure safer for the next trip.

In the process of using the car’s parts are also easy to rust or wear, you need to carefully check each bolt, screw is loose or rust, it needs to be replaced immediately. Careful inspection is required for immediate replacement repairs to ensure safety when we use off-road bikes.

How to maintain off-road bikes- 3
Adjust parts such as screws, bolts and pedals

Spokes are also quite important, poor performance of the spokes, affecting the quality of the rim, the wheel causes the car to turn around, damage the tires and can lead to distortion and curvature of the rim when passing. small throttle A damaged spindle can pull all other spokes off center of gravity, causing the shaft to lose center of gravity and distort the rim. If detecting that the spokes are coincident, adjust the balance by re-weighing. If the spokes are broken, they should be replaced immediately.

Vehicle maintenance should be performed on average every time before or at the end of a trip. To off-road bicycle maintenance need tools and Items needed for MTB for easier maintenance.

If you do not have mechanical repair skills, you should consult in-depth consultation on terrain bicycles to be able to maintain good maintenance for your MTB.

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