How to prevent and treat ulcers on the saddle

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Saddle sores are one of the annoying side effects of cyclists that most painful hands feel uncomfortable at one point or another. They cause them discomfort and discomfort. And the worst part is that they keep you completely away from the bike.

To put it more simply, with an ulcer in the saddle is actually an irritation that occurs in the area where you come into contact with the saddle caused by rubbing and sweating in that area along with the factors. other . Cyclists are often affected more because their skin is not used for construction and the friction involves sitting on the saddle for many hours.

Many experienced riders are less sensitive but that doesn’t mean they never meet them. Sean Kelly, the Irish cycling legend, was forced to pull out of his 1987 Vuelta a Espana while leading the race with just two days to go, because he was in so much pain that he couldn’t sit still in the saddle. car can be more.

1.What factors cause ulcers on the saddle

Any discomfort of the body tells you that something is not right and can quickly develop into visible and painful conditions known collectively as an ulcer.

How to prevent and prevent ulcers in the saddle -1
The coccyx and pelvis have a great impact when sitting on the saddle

Any discomfort is your body telling you that something is not right and can quickly develop into visible and painful conditions collectively known as sores sores.

The coccyx and perineal bone are places where you can put a lot of pressure when you go with your pubic base (the area between your anus and genitals) are the main pain points.

Usually the inner thigh is affected due to the constant friction on the saddle leading to extremely painful scratches, and women cycling more often than men.

How to prevent and prevent ulcers in the saddle -4
The points impact on the saddle while riding on the bike
  • Folliculitis and pimples

Folliculitis is also an infiltration and infection of the hair follicle area, while pimples are also responsible for long-lasting pain and ulcers. Folliculitis is usually quite painful and tends to clear itself, but if not treated in time, it can cause terrible pain and scarring of the sores and make you chuckle when riding a bike for long periods of time.

Even the tiniest of wounds can cause ulcers. With your outer skin instantly disappear, bacteria can penetrate deeper layers where they thrive in warm and humid environments. If not treated in time, the ulcer will most likely develop and lead to more serious skin infections.

2.How to avoid sores on the saddle?

Here are also things to consider when you have an ulcer.

  • Choose your saddle wisely

This is the most obvious to you to consider, but not necessarily the simplest. Just like every other part of the anatomical field, being in contact with vehicles with different shapes from person to person is therefore the simplest of the tests required.

How to prevent and prevent ulcers while sitting in the saddle -2
Choosing the wrong saddle is like a weapon that destroys your butt

Don’t just go for the lightest and most fashionable saddle, as this is usually not the most comfortable. If you look at a lot of professional road cyclists, they often favor a larger and more powerful saddle with the lightest, most compact design. When they are sitting continuously for up to 7 hours a day on the saddle and these obstacles can be easily offset by the comfort that the saddle is carefully chosen.

However, do not assume that a larger seat cushion will give a better position. The shape of the saddle also affects a lot and this is where you do your own experiments, saddle height is also quite important and this is where you will have to do your own experiments. If the saddle is too high, you can pedal with the hip swinging position while the saddle is too low will make it harder for you to put extra weight in that area.

  • Check out your location

A suitable bike, especially the seat height, can make a real difference and minimize parallel movement on the saddle.

  • Use good shorts
How to prevent and prevent ulcers in the saddle -3
Choosing the right shorts helps you get comfortable during your trip

Just as important on your saddle is the choice of bike shorts, as these are the points of contact with your skin. Again a rider may not be suitable for another but generally with a fairly expensive type of shorts often uses better quality materials and has a lot of thought into the design with the best shape. matching saddle point. Pants often have little or no seams to avoid friction with the skin. Furthermore, they are cushioned softly to help minimize friction for smooth long distances.

Lubricant has a lot of advantages, it can work in two ways. First, it can kill skin-damaging bacteria and secondly it acts as a lubricant that can reduce friction between skin and shorts.

Do not use shorts for two days in a row even if you are going for a comfortable easy ride in dry weather. Get dressed for your bike ride right away and take a shower right away, making sure you dry yourself out before dressing yourself up.

3. Treatments for pituitary ulcers

The sores can completely cause pain after a ride a few days, if it is really painful you can rest and allow your body to have the best time to recover. You should stop allowing yourself to rest to avoid getting worse.

It is advisable to keep the sores clean by disinfecting them with a dilute saline solution and applying topical medications to help them dry and heal. Avoid wearing tight pants to keep the wound clear and dry faster.

Above are extremely useful shares, if you are new sports bike training you will inevitably suffer from these conditions not once but at least several times in your life cycling. That’s why you should prepare yourself well to ride to avoid these things.

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